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Northeast galvanising reccomendations


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I've got a series 3 88" that me and my dad are restoring, we're looking for reccomendations of people in the County Durham area to galvanise out chassis and bulkhead, both a pretty solid as is so going to sand blast and weld where required and then get then galvanised for longevity.



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Just do your homework first! I say this as a galvanising victim, having had two bulkheads and chassis done in the past by knuckle-dragging idiots. They like either denting the thin metal that bulkheads are made of, or dipping a chassis in at the wrong angle and without enough holes drilled into the box sections so that some areas are filled with zinc that couldn't drain out, while other areas aren't covered at all because the air inside couldn't escape. I have a chassis with rust inside one crossmember because of this.

Also, any tapped holes will fill up with zinc and if you try and avoid that by putting bolts in, they'll be seized in there, so I filled them up with silicone - though some places don't like that.

At any rate, make sure you can speak with the actual foreman in the plant before you go ahead, just to see if they are capable of something unusual like this.

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