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  1. LRO

    I think that since the usual internet rubbish is so obviously not tolerated here, it puts off the usual internet types. Keeping that chit-chat down is the best thing about this forum because it discourages that type and leaves the technical stuff up front.
  2. New Series - RR Heavy

    Yes, same here. I've made a few surfboards and thought I knew something about it, but not that much it seems! George, it's great to see you got such a big job done on the Rangie. As a good friend of mine used to say, "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!"
  3. Bloody hell, look at this sensible advice that's just popped up! Am I on the right internet??? And here I am, thinking that galvanising lasts for nearly ever. (Well, it almost does up here where it hardly rains.) So I'd better paint that galvanised chassis I've got, after all. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for that. I was hoping someone would come along and explain it.
  5. I'm not sure about this. The zinc will corrode to the point where the corrosion provides a protective layer and everything underneath is protected. Plenty of things that live outside are galvanised and last for decades. Of course, once you get into salt immersion and really bad conditions then that's another story.
  6. A new rival to the Defender?

    Hmmm, an interesting theory, and I would be happy if it works out that way. I guess we'll know in about ten years!
  7. A new rival to the Defender?

    You've described perfectly anything new and meant for off-road work.
  8. A new rival to the Defender?

    No chance of that. They'll never get around to building it! (Or distributing it, or advertising it, or building a support network . . . okay, I'll stop now.)
  9. Too true. I was wondering why the OP doesn't want to import another one. It couldn't take that long, could it? Over here it's at least two weeks to get anything from the UK, which is a fair while when you're in the middle of something - certainly long enough to forget what you were doing.
  10. Scottish adventure

    Wow! Thanks for posting that!
  11. $128,700 for a NAS 90

    It's just bizarre to see something meant to be used turn into something meant to be collected. I mean, I know it happens with plenty of things, but still . . .
  12. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Ah, but do they play "La Cucaracha"??? But yes, you're certainly on the right track with those.
  13. Do you have a hydraulics shop you could take it to? It's no different than something a lot of heavy machinery would have, just a casting with a tapped hole. Maybe someone could TIG it and redo the thread.
  14. Parts rant!!!

    I can't see anything about GKN Driveline being sold to the Chinese yet, but they certainly have quite the manufacturing base there now: https://www.gkn.com/en/about-gkn/locations/china/ The thing that gets me is that if companies want to make things there, and if the Chinese are so desperate to make everything for everybody, could they just please do a good job of it instead of the mess we're stuck with now?
  15. Guess the switch/vehicle

    And how is Dr. Evil keeping these days???