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  1. Ah, so I'm not the only one annoyed by this bizarre situation of inviting customers to send an email, which is then ignored. I do the same as mentioned above: if emails are replied to and everything else is okay, then I will happily hand over my money. (I also start off small before gradually placing bigger orders.) If not, I have a blacklist. Which sounds pretty snotty, seeing that in writing, but I've been very much ripped off over the years. I always picture these hopeless businesses as being run by a Mr. Arkwright. "G-g-g-granville - see to that 'lectronic thingamawhatsit, will you?"
  2. The things you learn - I've never heard of these cars, and after a quick search, I reckon they look pretty good!
  3. She's seven, so yes. You'll have to get into a Mini and drive it, just to prove it isn't propelled by pedals!
  4. I say old man, what a brilliant idea!
  5. Yes, I can see a time when the robots have priority over the rest of us! (At least, they'll probably get their own lanes . . . )
  6. Aha! I thought of that, (of course), but what if our robo-car had changed lanes to avoid, say, an old Land-Rover going too slowly? How does it speed up in time? Or does it wait until the traffic is clear? (If that's possible in some places.) Just how much distance will this robo-truck leave for emergencies? And if it does that, how does that affect the traffic flow? Are these things able to detect the road surface to allow for longer braking time for different weather? Of course people will try to design these things to allow for all of the above, but that's an awful lot at stake for someone in an office to get right before anything actually happens.
  7. I hate to even mention it, but I'm about to throw out a '92 Range Rover body with far less rust than you're dealing with! Good on you for sticking with it, and hopefully knowing we're all out here waiting to see it finished will keep you going. And my eldest daughter saw you with the Mini and asked if it was a toy.
  8. I'm sure if this spooked robot car stopped suddenly on a busy highway in front of a huge robot truck it would be flattened before it had time to think "BSOD!"
  9. Yes, me too (not). Every time I see an article about some new robot meant to save the world I simply have an urge to destroy it in the most violent manner possible. (It: "Hello sir, I am the Helpbot 2000." Me: "Oh good. Please take this hand grenade.") But then I feel that way about drones.
  10. I had a Series Roverdrive before they became Roamerdrives. I had gear oil in it because it just uses the transfer case oil - it doesn't have its own supply. It was fine at 100kmh and under about 35C, but after that and especially over 40C it just couldn't handle the heat and it cooked the 80w-90 that was in it. So they recommended one of those finned sump covers and a fully synthetic gear oil. It still ran painfully hot. I was offered a new and improved casing but never heard from them again. My suspicion is that the design just couldn't handle high ambient temperatures. I'm sure you'll be fine over there on long drives in your cooler weather but for me it was a very, very expensive experiment.
  11. Not to be a pain, because I'm sure you already know this, but I've found that the less angle, the better. It makes a huge difference in how long a UJ lasts.
  12. This is true, and is the very reason I've never owned a diesel. I know people will say that the expensive bits rarely give trouble, but you still have to be financially ready for if they do. Which I'm not.
  13. You may as well get it and try it out. The things really grow on you. It's how fantastic they are to drive that has kept me going through all the complicated and painful jobs my old, worn-out '83 needed to bring it back up to a reliable standard. What year is this one?
  14. So you'd use the correct top swivel pin FTC1371?
  15. I can't think of a single instance where humans, working in very large groups, haven't managed to completely stuff up every good idea humanity has ever had. So I'm not expecting some wonderful green revolution where suddenly we can all do whatever we want without paying for it in pollution or traffic or whatever. Usually we do the smart thing after we've been forced into it by circumstance and I suspect this situation will be the same.