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  1. Ooh yeah, I know all about motivation, or the lack of it. After some decades, now I usually treat what I'm doing as a job to get on with, not a hobby. I also don't really enjoy this sort of work, so the actual driving of the car is the carrot on the stick to keep me crawling along. I think for you, your excellent videos should have a similar effect because you know that lots of people are going to enjoy the result of the work you've done. I am in awe of your Range Rover repair work, where you seem to be making stranger and more difficult parts using not much more than a tin opener and a smooth rock. I live in dread of having to make the same repairs on mine. Once again, a very enjoyable episode packed full of an interesting assortment of places, people, and of course, cars.
  2. Those elbows added a couple of horsepower as well.
  3. Yes, K&Ns would be my bet as well. Stupid things.
  4. Thanks for the update. That type of carburettor works really well but once they're worn or dirty then nothing short of a rebuild will help. I live in a very dusty place as well, but don't have a problem with the carbies. How is the filtration on your engine?
  5. This has been going on for years, but this is a bit much. I was just reading about this: http://robisonservice.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/the-future-of-collectible-land-rovers.html and thought the prices were pretty funny. Stupid Americanos will spend anything to get a Defender and various companies have been taking advantage of this. Any American could just take a buying holiday in Europe and import their own car, but from what I've come across over the years the outside world is too scary and so they'd rather pay stupid amounts for something available domestically. When I lived in Canada for a bit, I was very close to starting a Land Rover business shamelessly exploiting catering for this lucrative market. I've always wondered just how many British stolen cars and parts have wound up over there.
  6. Ahem . . . ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtXwKk4Qx8k
  7. So there's no number on the outside front of the RH chassis rail? It sounds very odd. What's the radiator plate look like? Can you post a photo?
  8. I'll assume "IAM" is the ignition module? They are the cause of many a frustration, so try changing it again. Also, don't change more than one thing at at time as it makes it much harder to work out which new part is bad. (And yes, I know this because I've done it a few times.)
  9. The valve lifters are hydraulic, so no clearance checks are needed unless something has magically gone wrong. With these engines it's almost always ignition first, then fuel. Have all the basic ignition checks been done? Have the carbies been rebuilt?
  10. Police spec are NRC4304. I had them and they were too soft! It takes some experimentation to find the right spring. http://www.wwshockabsorbers.com/ have rebuilt Boges for many years, and are worth asking if you're overseas.
  11. I'm in the same boat, not even considering a new or newish Land Rover of any sort, and probably never will. If this is a phase, it seems to have started in the '90s and will sadly keep going for some time.
  12. True, though I suppose they also liked . . . what was that popular car? You know, that one everyone seemed to have and then . . . ah well.
  13. Ah, self-flagellation at JLR; what could be better? It's not just the sheer shopping centre banality of what they make that gets me, it's the way I can't tell what is a Land Rover, or which one is which. Perhaps there is a market for a WWII-style recognition charts?
  14. Wow, that is superb work, and very nice to see.
  15. Thanks for that. The weather looks glorious!