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  1. I feel for you, since one year ago about the same thing happened to me. Bloody hell, those drugs they give you! It took me a couple of days to work out that the insides of my eyelids weren't supposed to have bizarre movies playing on them!
  2. Forgotten something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFoAETEb0QI I was wondering where the next episode was!
  3. Snort snort!
  4. Bloody hell! 2017??? Plans??? I've still got lists of urgent jobs from about five years ago!
  5. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/100955-rangerover-classic-air-suspension-modification-lorry-valve/ Just posting this in case anyone else is looking for it. Good stuff!
  6. It was a few years ago, and just an idea someone was throwing around. In your case, it looks like you are actually doing it! Good on you, I'd love to see how it all goes.
  7. I've heard of someone trying it or at least planning it - somewhere on the internet, which is the best I can remember! It's worth a try if you can make it work. Over here we can get the self-levellers rebuilt, (at least, I hope the company is still doing it), so I had that done. Though the thing then failed only a few years later and I was able to put on a good used one, which has made me think of alternatives. Someone used a Mazda 323 spring, but really any substitute has to have the same adjustability as the Boge.
  8. The big thing with using an aircon compressor for air is lubrication. As per usual, there are a million Google results for this. Generally Sandens are converted to grease, or an inline oiler is used. I used the old York compressor on mine for compressed air, and added a Sanden for the aircon. Great thread!
  9. Of course it's not finished; it's a Land-Rover. Nice work so far.
  10. Not that I have one of these things . . . but you never know. Thanks for figuring that out and putting up the part number and information. Are the new air valves just an on/off thing? Where does the extra air go to?
  11. Re: Esprit prices. Because Australia. It would appear that you could double the price of any car in Britain and add a zero and that would be the price in AUD. It's funny, because Aussies are such tightwads usually. I shall drool over yours. Is it finished yet?
  12. Careful . . . ATF is mighty flammable. I had an old power steering hose go, (my fault, naturally, knowing it was old), and that stuff sprayed under high pressure onto an exhaust manifold has probably killed quite a few cars. I had a look for an Esprit, just out of curiosity. Bloody hell! $69,000 or so! Looks like I'm about twenty years too late, as usual. Your story about the big media campaign sounds exactly like every other story I've come across from the industry. Chuck Jones always insisted they made the Looney Tunes cartoons to suit themselves, and I'll believe it. As you know, you can't force creativity.
  13. Hey, I was only joking about the wimmins. You are obviously not trying to get viewer numbers the easy way, which is good, so please keep it like that. I do like how busy each episode is, and as you say, Youtube videos are infamous for commercial TV-style padding. I think I'll start reading up on the Esprit now - I never did have any use for a "mere" 2WD, but now, geez . . . Your Greek connection: I sort of suspected what your situation was, but I didn't realise where you had your car collection strewn about. It only makes your story more interesting! A bit of background like that, (such as how you got the Esprit, for instance), helps to give the story some depth and to take your viewers along for your adventure. Looking forward to the next episode!
  14. Hoo boy, that's certainly true. Sadly, a new 130 has always been far beyond my resources!