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Disco2 starting problems


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Lately my Disco when it has been driven for more than +/- 10km will not start after the engine has been stopped for more than 15 minutes. If I let it stand for about 2 hours it sometimes might start but with a lot of tuning over and my foot flat on the floor. Some days it starts on the first turn as if nothing is wrong. Other times the engine turns over as it should but on second or third attempt it turns as if the battery is flat. Also the fuel and temp gauges drop to zero after the second / third attempt which is normally a sign of bad battery but this has been replaced recently. Normally when this happens and I tow the vehicle to start it it will start in a matter of a few meters of towing and if the engine is then switched off it will start again on the first turn with no sign of any low battery or dropping gauges.



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