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need help to put 2.8i from bmw in defender 90

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hello i'm from Bulgaria

i need help to put m52b28 from bmw to my defender 90.My defender now is with 2.0 16v MPI engine.I read Andrew's Defender 90 3.0i Project but have alot of questions.Fist i wont to know what kind of gearbox and from what kind of rover i need my is R380 from 2.0 16v MPI.I read that i need a clutch housing adaptor from p38 2.5 TDS.I copy engine mounts from the other theme.my email is margaritdenchev@gmail.com i need every information about how to get engine and gaerbox together - flywheel, clutch housing adaptor, clutch ect.

i hope user Adam001 to help me pls

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Hi, sorry missed this, got your PM.

Not familiar with the 2.0 MPI but you would need either

A) P38 input shaft in a Defender R380 gearbox with a P38 2.5DSE bellhousing or...

B) Defender R380 gearbox with the specific M52B28 defender bellhousing

Option A is much easier to get hold of but the engine will be inclined by approximately 11 degrees from nominal. Option B is the same as factory fit but that bellhousing is extremely hard to get hold of. Both options take the P38 dual mass flywheel and clutch arrangement. I fitted mine using option A with the gearbox on 200tdi mounts and custom engine brackets onto the factory 200tdi chassis mounts, I did not weld the chassis in any way. If you have a 300tdi/TD5 base chassis then the engine sits slightly further back but I believe is just as straightforward, but the incline with option A may then become a problem. South african cars were based off the 300tdi/TD5 chassis.

In general though a good read of my build thread and Andrews will give you most of the knowledge straight away.

Good luck.

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