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on the trip back from Malvern my £500 discovery 200tdi 1991 passed the 200,000 mile mark, I have done about 6 to 7 thousand of them in the last 4 months and the thing has been outstanding.

Repair bill so far has been:

1 clutch bearing (old one shagged and whining when i bought it)

new slave and master clutch, though not needed, the clutch had seized onto the flywheel while I had it open doing the bearing - just took a good rag around the block to sort in the end

1 brake pressure reducing valve which was leaking

1 service

1 new rear wiper

Jobs to do:

Pre-Mot before Feb - will fail on sills, rear floor maybe and possibly inner wings

Another service

Cam belt (probably be going to the Les since I pass through Swindon)

Change (actually, probably just fill) gearbox oils and others

Optional extras if it passes though Mot with little fuss:

New stereo and speakers

new seats (drivers is v scruffy)

goddam rear load cover finally

fog lamps and some brighter headlamp bulbs

Great car - when this dies think I'll buy another disco :D

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£500 disco's are excellent aren't they :D :D

Mine had already failed the MoT on Sills, but the boot floor isn't MoT'able (as it isn't structural. Still I replaced both sills and boot floor and one inner wing. Check your rear body crossmember and mounting points too...

Still, superb value if you can find them!



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My £500 Disco is in for the MOT this week. I bought it as a failure of a mate. List of things as long as your arm but nothing major. Worst was leaking steering box. £50 for a good one off a scrapper! Sills fine, donw the boot floor and one inner wing. and a miriad of little jobs so should be fit to go. Fingers crossed. Oh and she has been resprayed a couple of years back and my mate had a slight bump on the front so new bumper and headlamps so looks real tidy for age.

Best bit is my current Disco which will form the basis of a 100" project will be donating all those little bits that seem to break or wear out on the interior.

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