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would a Disco Td5 door mirror fit my 300Tdi?


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i forgot to fold my mirror in last week ,and somebody drove into it, and smashed the ball joint... the glass isn't broken, and the electrics still work, but it just 'flops about'

it doesn't look like i can get it to bits and replace the ball joint, so i think i need a new mirror...

i've seen some Td5 disco mirrors, quite cheap, lots cheaper than tdi ones... will it fit? it looks very similar..


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You can get a bit that goes between the electric motor and the glass, if that is what you need? Its a long time since I've been in to one so can't remember exactly what it looks like...

The Td5 doors are certainly different but mirror may be the same fitting even if different p/no

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thanks steve, the bit thats broken, is the pivot (that the mirror head pivots on when you fold it in) the contents of the mirror head are fine, the head just 'flops about' on the mounting bracket, and it doesn't look like it comes apart.

I know the Td5 mirror is different, but thought its 'footprint' ie, the bit that fits to the door, might be the same......

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