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Kumho 834 Road Venture MT Sidewalls


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Has anyone had any problems with the sidewalls of these tyres?. I have only had them fitted five weeks and have received some serious slashes in the sidewalls of two of them. Some from a play day and some from a day laning on Salisbury. Just wondering whether anyone has had similar problems or am i just unlucky. Cheers

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They are soft but IMHO don't seem any worse than many other similar tyres e.g. General Grabbers, BFGs etc. I used to run a set of 31x11.50R15's on the 90 (only sold them because I changed to 16" alloys and at that time there wasn't a size to suit)

It may be down to the ground you are driving on?

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I have a set of the MT Khomos and yes i have slashes and cuts in teh side walls as well as on onther parts fo teh tread but as Bogmontser says for my disco its down to the terrain you drive.

I mainly drive in chalk/flint or slate which tears then apart.When im on the local sand/peat type soil i dont normaly get any damage.

The side walls arnt the toughest asi found in N Wales when i poped a 6" slash in one but that was a nice peice of slate that decided to have a pop.

Used to have a set of grizleys and they faired a lot wose as chuncks used to fall off.Remeber its a road baised tyre.But this makes them nice and grippy on rock.

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Close to me then Woody.

So far the only trouble i have had is a sliced wall on slate but it was sharp enough to take off a leg and a very long point.

Also didnt help that i was in a V gulley with the full weight of the disco on the side wall.Lucky i was running lockers or i wouldnt even of gotten that far up the gulley.

There realy wasnt any weight on the tyres on the high side.Thats how much it took to rip out the sidewall.

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Where abouts Dave I'm near Reading.

The worst gash is on the front about 6mm through the White Wall, they r all on the same side so would suggest it is the terrain, Got the dreaded MOT next week so i am having to replace them wed. one is punctured anyway through the SW, so it has to go. But just cannot help thinking that would this have happend to a BFG Tyre.

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Im in Alton just down the road from you.Sose living in Reading you know Mr Cheese ? if you see him say Wavey says hi .If you dont well i have just made a wally of my self again .Some nice lanes abouts here.

Yea damage to carcus will be a fail but if its just a deep scratch you should be ok in the side wall.

I doubt a BFG will be any tougher TBH they are just as flexable and i doubt that they have any more rubber in teh side wall although they are one of the best tyres out there but then you pays your money.......

I was glad i didnt kill a BFG in Wales last winter as the Kuhmo was half the price cost a BFG.Come to think of it they are cheeper than many remolds.

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