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vc joint


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ok lets start a new one if i'm getting this freelander a 1 ace with help from les my new mate.

onto vc joint took mine off cos it started juddering on tight corners then counter balance outer ring fell apart. has the vc got a life exp?

or new counter bal and bearings work?


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From what I have seen the life expectancy of the viscous coupling on a freelander is that it dies just after you buy your freelander

or just before the person sells it with the tag line "4x4 removed for improved mpg"

always test drive and to be honest expect it to need replacing if you want the amazing drive the freelander should be.

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Depending what you believe, they have both a life time (they need replacing after so many years) but also a mileage limit of about 70-100k.

They're not super expensive to replace, fit new bearings at the same time (Bell engineering will supply recon VCU with bearings pressed on for a nice easy life), and don't use britpart ones.

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