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lt95 transfer clunks


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G'day all

This is my first post here after lurking for a while.

I am hoping for some help at curing the clunks and back lash in the transfer case of an lt95

The box was rebuilt by yours truly about two years ago ( with cyber help ).

I have just installed a tapered roller bearing conversion to the intermediate gears, now I get

large clunks when backing of the throttle and then again when coming back on.

With the centre diff locked the clunks aren't there but the car then shudders at low speed.

Any thoughts and ideas appreciated.



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Welcome to the mad house... :)

Are you sure it is the transfer box and not the...

  • Front diff
  • Front hocky stick bushes
  • Rear diff
  • A-frame ball joint
  • A-frame support bushes
  • Rear radius arm bushes
  • A propshaft U/J or sliding joint

Or even something else? All of these may go away with the center diff locked as the transmission winds-up and eliminates slack/backlash in the system.


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Somthing isn't right.

I'm not helping much...

I had rolles fitted instead of the bushes in the old LT95 transfure box in my truck.

The clunk sounds like a shim has been left out.

The last one I rebuild was about 9 years ago so I'm going to shut up and not confuse you any more.

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Front 2 yr old maxi with 4.11 nice and tight

Rear new4.11 in 4 yr old maxi

A frame ball joint good.

Trailing arm, radius arm bushes good.

I have a theory that I have put too much preload on the centre

diff through the speedo drive housing, that causes most unlocked

drive to through the CD gears but when locked it has to go through the housing.

I had a terrible time installing the intermediate gears, which I did first then

installed the centre diff it's preload is then affected by the intermediate gears

which I wasn't going to remove and start again.

Hope I am making sense.



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