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TD5 warning light conversion issue

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Hi all,

I have just finished retrofitting a new Raptor binnacle and td5 warning light set into a 1986 2.5NA (I know old but....), all looking snazzy however there is a slight problem. When the ignition is on the glow plug warning light comes on with the oil pressure and charge lamp. This is when the plugs are off then when I switch the plugs on the light goes out. Now i know that the light is earth switched and i assume that is the problem, unlike the simple warning lights from the 2.5NA this is a bit more involved.

I was thinking to use a relay to earth switch the light, i have some v.small Schneider Electric relays that do both NO and NC, i think these will do the job. Will this work? And if it does/doesn't is there a better way of dealing with this?

As an aside, what happens when a TD5 puts hazards on? does just the hazard lamp come on? or the other menagerie of lights (both L & R indicators and trailer light)? if they all come on then i will use the same small relays to make up an AND set up to power the hazard lamp.

FYI: starter, fuel cut off, ign switcher power, glow etc is all on a starter switch panel, hazard light switch is a contura II switch in a dash console.


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on my Td5 warning panel in my ex TD 1989 110csw, the hazard switch lights the red triangle, both L & R green arrows & the trailer icon.

the glowplug relay should show when ignition is switched on with oil & charge lights, then it should go out after 6 to 8 seconds. If you haven't got the relay fitted, just wire the glowplug light as the original was wired,

some warning lights use 12v to light up or a earth switched to light up

attached is my warning light panel circuit board & a list of which led needs 12v or earth to illuminate



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Ok great to know, I can add that hazard light in then.

I haven't got a timer relay with the glow plugs, it was originally powered off the ignition key but i moved it to a normal relay as it had melted the wiring to the key. I am currently feeding both the relay coil trigger and the warning light off the same feed (12V from a toggle switch), and this means the warning light is on constantly except for when the glow plug relay is triggered. Therefore I guess I need to switch the earth instead for the glow plug light. I'll give it a go using the relay and see what happens.

Thanks Ralph for the pictures.

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The Amber engine management light is top left on the upper line of lights, see my diagram above its marked as winch power on, some of the hand written notes refer to my 110CSW, but most are correct for mine & td5 vehicles, 

Not sure what you mean by - - foot petal light.???? 

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