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Missing 14CUX wires

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Hi all,

I've recently bought a Defender 90 that has the 3.9 v8 from a Discovery in it. The wiring was, frankly, a mess - I've removed a whole carrier bag of redundant wiring (most of which goes nowhere) and I've been fixing the wiring on the ECU.

My question is: Should there be wires missing (i.e. empty pin holes) on the 40-pin connector? The following pins are empty:








According to the 14cux page on wikipedia, 21 is for the a/c (which I don't have), 30 and 38 are for fault display data, 31 is a diagnostic plug and 37 is not connected. This leaves 32 and 35. 32 is apparently for the fuel temperature thermistor and 35 is for the MAF sensor. Surely these two should be connected? Definitely the MAF, at least?



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Does the ecu go with the engine?

Does fuel rail have the fuel temp sensor? (Used I believe for fuel density correction, bit OTT imho, but hey ho).

With regards to the maf, I did not think that the 14cux supported alpha-n

(Are you not better megasquirting it? Plus edis?)

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Honestly, I don't know if the ECU goes with the engine. It runs, that's all I can say - it was like this when I bought it.

I am considering going the megasquirt route - I have the 3.5 v8 from a Disco microsquirted in my kit car and that runs pretty well. I just built a cable for hooking up the RoverGauge software to the 14CUX and the MAF sits at a solid 3% (whatever that means - I just had long enough to test it worked before I had to go do my day job!).

I'm pretty sure I paid way too much for this thing, considering how much I'm finding was done poorly and needs redoing (I have already removed a large carrier bag of wires that went nowhere), but even after I drove it once I decided I don't care, it's my new baby and babies are always perfect when they're yours ;)

I still have the old connector that came from my kit car's donor, so I'm going to steal a pin or two from that and hook the MAF up, to see if it makes any difference. I forgot I had it until I was looking for donor pins (from a different connector) to hook up the rovergauge.

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