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Defender HD Anti-Roll Bars

Kev Baldwin

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Anyone know of anyone else doing heavy-duty antil-roll bars besides Scorpion?

Local mountain rescue team are wanting to beef-up their 110 and have come to us for help. Truck already runs OME HD set-up and standard anti-roll bars (fitted by us), but the team are still worried it rocks around a bit. It's a top-heavy vehicle when loaded with people and kit!

Any suggestions?

Please note this is not some anti-Scorpion crusade; just wondered whether anyone else did them so we shop around for a good deal. It is for 'cherity after all mate' :rolleyes:


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Warwick banks handling still around? if not go with the JE option.

was reading an interview with Warwick Banks the other day in an old landrover mag i found at my folks house, he recomended moving the rear anti roll bar mounts outwards, and towards the rear of the vehicle by an inch or so... moving them outwards stiffens the roll bar and reduces the amount it can flex by, and moving it towards the rear of the vehicle changed the angle that the link sits at... he just used a piece of quarter plate about 6" square, with another set of holes drilled in it...

could be a cheap option to try...would only cost you the time it takes to drill four holes in a piece of scrap steel...

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