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I Much Prefer........


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The LR4x4 image over the Land Rover Addict.

Several people (including the wife) who have looked over my should whilst surfing have passed comments such as

<Beavis and Butthead>

Snigger, Snigger - you're an addict - snigger, snigger

</Beavis and Butthead>

Well done chaps.

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Careful - you might upset Michelle, and then we wont get our proper graphic! :lol:

The whole theme on this forum, including the header, is makeshift at the moment - I believe Michelle is doing a proper logo (as opposed to the quick hack of the Invision logo that I did...), but we're concentrating most of our efforts on getting moved to somewhere a bit more stable than Canaca's ropy servers.

That said, I don't think we're planning on changing it too much - a lot of people seem to like the clean and 'professional' look of this theme. Mainly because it makes it easy to get away with skiving in the office! :rolleyes:

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