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normal oil pressure

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so iv had an oil pressure gauge fitted for a while now but what it reads concerns me slightly

on a normal day on first morning start up itll read anywhere from 45 to 60psi, on a very cold morning itll be up in the 90s or sometimes if its below freezing itll be over 100psi (the end of the gauge scale)

once the engine is good and  fully warmed (usually settles at  70C) itll hang around less than 20psi on tickover, possibly as low as 10 (the markings become very close together at low psi so i cant tell for sure, also lower than 20psi is in the red area of the gauge)

is something amiss here when it fully warmed or is it normal for a 200tdi to be this low pressured? also im using 10W-40 for reference

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