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  1. Thanks for the reply, I know they are different so will be different part numbers, but just wondering if they bothe have the same crank shaft hole diameter?
  2. Can any one tell me if a 200tdi crankshaft damper & pully will fit onto a 300tdi crankshaft & timing cover, to save me buying a 200tdi pully & damper to compair with my 300tdi? I am fitting an old 300tdi engine into a series land rover & would like to do away with the belt tensioner, power steering pump & idler wheel. Thank you for any advice.
  3. Not been on here for a while so very sorry for the late reply, Firsty, thank you for the above advice, it always makes a job easier when you know it has been done before, & even easier with a few tips. I do not want to do any welding to the chasis as the only reason I have gone back to Landrover is for the tax & mot excemption & the fact that parts are so cheap & although pigs to work on in the 70's compaired to cars of the time, they are now much simpler & easier to work on than the modern cars, with so much less to go wrong, I have now got the engine & box in the
  4. Thank you, do you know if he will galvanise them, or would you not bother to galvanise?
  5. How young you all are, many many years before my time so I have been told, cars did not rust as bad as they do now, many cars of the 20's, 30's & 40's were parked up just for being out of fashion, cars of the 50's did not normaly show much rust untill the 80's thats 30 years & some early land rover chasis pre 70's were very solid many years after, I won't mention landrover chasis of the 70's, but to be fair many cars of the 70's were rust buckets, maybe the newer cars are solid again, I wouldnt know as I can't afford one & wouldn't know how to repair it if it went wrong, I did have
  6. I am on the lookout for a reparable series 2 or 3 bulkhead, but if I can't find one I was thinking to posibly fit a new galvanised one from padocks, I do not intend ever selling the L Rover & live by the sea so was going to have a repaired one dipped & risk any buckles, my question is have anyone fitted a galvanised bulkhead from Padocks & do they fit ok? do they look ok? & is the metal as thick & strong as the original ones?
  7. Thanks for all the advice, more to making another bulkhead fit than I recond on, will keep looking for a series one. That is a lovely job you did on yours Peaklander, very impressed.
  8. What a lovely find, does anyone know what it sold for?
  9. I know very little about series L Rovers & even less about modern ones & I have some strange questions & sorry if they have been asked before but I can't see it on here. I want to quickly build up an old series 3 that has completly rotted out body wise, including dash, I have a good chasis & want to fit a galvanised bulkhead but can't go to the expense of a new one on a 2nd old L Rover that will have very little use & will not be sold, my main problem is sourcing doors & bulkhead, the rest of the pannels are good, series bulkheads are realy expensive, but the landr
  10. What a great & simple idea, chain grease, my mates used to laugh at me because I used to lubricate my rear chain with a paint brush & gear oil because the chain grease was expensive ( I'm not tight, just carefull ) but think I will get a can ot two now for my L rover springs, they are seized solid & I am awaiting new leaf springs from paddocks, I favour running springs dry but as the L rover is only going to do a couple of hundred miles a year, I was going to strip the springs down & grease them, but I think now I will put what grease I can in with them on there side & give
  11. I used to run an old MOT exempt series 2 only had to pay insurance didn't use it much, parked it up for a couple of years, whent to use it & brake pipe ends rusted through, copper pipes but will have to renew all the brake pipes, no wheel cylinders siezed so of road awaiting new set of brake flexible hoses from Paddocks, I think not having to MOT old vehicals is great, saves money, time taking to MOT station & the hastle of finding a sensible MOT tester as it is all down to the testers opinion, there are many vehicals on the road with curent MOT's that are not safe, I used to be an MOT
  12. I have recently got a landrover again after about 30 years away from them, tls servo is great & I advise any one to do the conversion, I started driving cars, hgv, psv & motorbikes all on drum brakes, a good brake would lock the wheels, it was then down to the nut on the steering wheel in an emergency to either push the brake to nearly locking point & hold it there or lock the wheels & release as fast as posible & it was amazing how fast you could stop even on greasy roads, I have also driven bad brakes ie series land rovers flat out in reverse with very predictable brakes
  13. What a fantastic forum with so much info on replacing engines, I am putting a 300tdi into a series 3 galvanised chasis & would love to see a dimentioned drawing of the fabricated mount, so much time must have gone into checking dimensions to make the first one & it was very kind to share but unfortunatly we can no longer view the dimensions, I would also extend it a bit to give more room to change the filter, would it be posible to show dimensioned drawing again? many thanks for all the advice, Pete.
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