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  1. we were looking ( briefly) to trade in our FL2 for an evoque, they are just too small, anyway when i pointed out there was no spare just the foam, the dealer said i could keep the spare from the FL2!! i think he picked up on the look I gave him and funnily i didnt trust anther word or vehicle from the dealer - he tried a disco sport after that - it was only 3 years old but was in worse condition than our 13 YO FL2 that has 3 times the miles - ahh no thanks... dealers get up to anything - not point any fingers but i wont be back to dundonald to visit a Premium dealership
  2. the irony here is that my spare key fob that only worked with a knock, i stripped it, and I found the same dry joint. I recon these were pre cut too short and didnt get a good hold. I never fancied it before as i seen the mess made by opening them. however when thinking about it - I squeezed mine in a vice to break the seal and it came apart quite well. so i am all up and working again thanks . I ordered a new shell off amazon but it came clicked shut and i cant get it open and actually broke the key retaining tab in trying to do so. the main one is now tired and the idea w
  3. ... and now you have one that doesn't work 😐
  4. the batteries are not replaceable in the FL2 - its a sealed unit which charges when driving. Ours died and i sent it off for a refurb - didn't have to do anything when it came back.
  5. you can swap without a reprogram - but if the correction is too far out it will trip a fault, it needs to be way out but. All mine are wrong as i had the seals done and a couple needed swapped. when i checked it with my reader none of the codes matched up - the FL2 TD4 software runs the cylinder order back to front, ie #1 is where #4 is normally. You need JLR SDD software to reprogram them. let me know if you find the leak as one of mine is still doing this and i just haven't been bothered to sort it lol like you i dont think it is coming from the top as such
  6. if its FL2 TD4 sounds like it could be the throttle body. does it stop with a click and a clunk? coming from center front?
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