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  1. Hi Maverik, Like maxweasel i would like a 3d model of a rrc. Would you be able to send me the 3d model if i PM'D you my e-mail address? Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks Western, saves any potential agro at the test centre - worth checking! Paul
  3. This may be a stupid question but i have just checked my RRC V5 and it doesn't state a weight? Is that good or bad?
  4. Thanks for the link, its a 3 hour drive one way so would be a bit of a treak! Very cheap for anyone local to the Seller though. Paul
  5. Thanks for the reply Simon. Depending on the condition of the rubber in the donor truck i may try the correct way and save the rubber as it may be in better condition than my rubber seal. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi all Can anyone advise me on the best way to remove a Front window screen from a RRC without breaking it with the intention of fitting it to my truck as mine has a crack in it! Thanks in advance. Paul
  7. I would be grateful of a copy please Si. Sorry just realised i dont have 20 posts yet! Paul
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. It will be used for the main battery on the vechile. Im unsure of the power of the battery but i know my brother brought it from a local company called Vulcan batterys for his 110 land rover that runs a front winch no problem. The only reason he removed it is because he believed the battery to be knackered but after examination and forking out for the same battery again it was electrical problems on his truck rather than the battery. I believe the cranking power to be quite high so i dont think its a leisure battery used for camping etc, i was just trying to describe the size of the battery! Ill cut the mount off and try tacking it back on the rad in clearance on the battery if there is room. Thanks Paul
  9. Hi Guys, My 1988 RRC 3.5 V8 is currently off the road having a bit of TLC. My old battery is knackered but i have a pretty new leisure sized battery avaliable to me. Unfortunaltey it wont fit without modification. The only part that the battery will fowl on is the radiator mount that attaches to the slam panel. Has anyone cut this mount off and relocated the mount elsewhere? If so post up some pics or suggestions welcome. Ive tried the search button but havent come across anything! Thanks Paul
  10. Its all explained here Brain: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=15317 Be warned its a long read!
  11. Mainly the exhuast as the Y section needs extending to past the x-member before it bends down to the centre section, make new exhaust brackets as its all sitting too low and will be the first thing to get caught and rip off if i take it off road at the moment. On the good side i fitted my home made snorkel today so im hopefully one steep closer to 'being able to drive thro' water without misfires'. Still got atank guard to fix, adjust me toe bar to allow for steeper decent angle and sort out an annoying knock on the front driverside! Drizz Im hoping to convert to megasquirt soon so i should be able to join you in the deep stuff but i wont be polluting the water with nasty chip fat lol
  12. I have fitted the headers, y section and center box, but not yet happy with it as i need to modify/fabricate the transmission cross member. My plan is to remove the centre box and just run the rear silencer which should give a nice rumble (John & Drizz should hear it the most as we cruize past them!!) Sounds better than before so im happy. Hopefully will make bures on the 3rd but not sure as time is short at the moment to work on the truck.
  13. Hi brian, Nice work. We haven't given up on laning! Its just we seem to be available at different times... BTW ive brought a full Rimmer bros stainless exhuast system incl. tubular headers. Its about time you brought some tubular headers etc to get that V8 roar (and we can sound out John and drizz's Oil burners on our next laning trip) Paul
  14. Thanks to this thread i took my qulaifications and some recent reciepts to my local Halfords and got a trade card. Thanks guys.
  15. Looking good Drizz, Break it now then i can buy ur wheels & tyres!??
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