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  1. landyawd

    New Work bench advice

    Thanks as always. Looks like I’m going down the diy route again. I have had a good look on second hand benches but nothing is quite right πŸ€” just a quick thought as a preference would you build out of timber or metal? My last one was metal 50mm box as the frame but but it sued to bounce around a little when beating the hell of something. was thinking timber frame and metal top to take out some of the vibration.....
  2. landyawd

    New Work bench advice

    Glad you mentioned the machine mart version that’s the one I was looking at will keep looking πŸ‘
  3. landyawd

    New Work bench advice

    Hi all Need a new work bench for the new workshop/garage i want to keep it as small as possible but will need vice and bench grinder mounted on. Maybe 600mm deep by 1200mm or 1600mm wide i would make one like I have before however time is lacking and I have to many projects on so a shop bought one will have to suffice for now. Any recommendations? Or are they all weak and useless πŸ˜‚
  4. landyawd

    Clutch pedal not returning

    Hi all the off road project (200tdi disco running gear) has been stood for around a year now while we have been building the workshop. Anyways.... jumped in it today and the clutch pedal is ridiculously heavy to push down and once down will not return..... if you manually pull the pedal up we still have drive and vehicle moves freely. Checked the simple things like return springs etc no issue there. Any idea on a quick fix to look for just so we can move it about and get it the workshop a little easier πŸ˜‚
  5. Hi Has anyone used a gojak on their landy before? Looking at vehicle skates to move the landrover around the garage, luckily the floor is nice and smooth just wondered if anyone has used a gojak or something similar? cheers
  6. landyawd

    Garage floor coating

    The original paint I used was simple that a paint, I think I will go with the epoxy based type as you all mention above. after looking in more detail at the floor tiles I think it's best to give them a miss, it seems there are issues with them deforming under load (such as jacking or axle stands....) thanks for or the info as always, i will be placing an order shortly ?
  7. landyawd

    Garage floor coating

    Hi all, finally getting my new garage built! Exciting times to say the least it's been a long time coming. the designs are finished however I am unsure on the flooring options. my old garage had a painted floor which worked well however did start to peel after about a year. has anyone tried using the garage rubber floor tiles I keep seeing on the internet, one company was duramat......... Just not sure how good these floors types are not only parking but jacking a vehicle, small oil spills etc.... My only problem is the Landy will be in there along with a car, the car is not likely to be moved much hence the paint peeled in the last garage, I think the tyres stuck themselves to the floor ? What would you guys go for paint or rubber tiles?
  8. Fridge freezer what can I say that's brilliant I will go through this and get the ball rolling. Your build looks superb certainly given me a few ideas to consider. i had a look at the local planning office details and they hold a fortnightly "drop in service" similar to the one you mentioned. So time to put pen to paper and get some outlined plans for them to look over. That's should keep me busy for a while! thanks again for the info will keep you posted on progress as and when it starts moving along.
  9. landyawd

    New Garage/Workshop Build

    Thanks for the info all. Fridge freezer and Qwakers there is some really useful info there I cannot thank you both enough. i will keep you posted on progress once I get some plans put together. looking at what you have all said I will be going down the planning permission route at least there won't be as many compromises with height and general size of the workshop.
  10. landyawd

    New Garage/Workshop Build

    FridgeFreezer, That looks fanatstic, im going sit down with a cup of tea and read through your thread later tonight. Just had a flick through and the door is fantastic looks really smart. Probably a much better option for me as it will keep the weight down, i know some of the roller doors are heavy, yet your sectional dooor looks a lot better! I have dropped you a PM. Thanks again
  11. landyawd

    New Garage/Workshop Build

    Thanks Dave i thought this might be the case, I am no builder i can do cars and offroaders but not constructing buildings. So thank you for the advice it kind of confirms my fears that planning consent in one for or another might be required to get a decent height.
  12. landyawd

    New Garage/Workshop Build

    Another option would be to drop the floor height? But im unsure of the rules on that. Luckily its on a hill so drainage should not be an issue
  13. landyawd

    New Garage/Workshop Build

    Hi Bowie, thats what i thought but because im within 1m of the boundary the maximum overall height has too be under 2.5m. Crazy but i guess the rules are there for a reason. If i could place it further from the boundary i would be ok but thats not an option at the moment....
  14. Hello all, After a little advice...... I am about to embark on a a new garage build to house my offroader and my 90. The Plan: 5m wide by 6m deep. Single large door (most likely a roller door). Concrete block construction with tiled pitched roof. Here is the possible problem. To avoid the dreded planning permission (i say dreded as it confuses the hell out of me and looks expensive), i need to keep the overall heiight under 2.5m. With a pitched roof the ridge height will be around 2.1m, its going to be a really shallow pitch to the roof but doable i think. So my question, what kind of internal height do your workshops have? Has anyone recently got planning permission for a similar build with a taller roof? If so can you recommend an architect to take care of the drawings im based i the south east(UK)? do you think 5m wide is big enough to sit 2 90's side by side and have enough room to park get out etc....? Any internal/external pictures of your garages and workshops would be great I need some inspiration! Thanks in advance peoples.
  15. landyawd

    300tdi rebuild

    Thanks Western that's briliant and a great help too

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