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  1. Haha ther is some quality machines out ther giving us all a good name :/ Ther Idiots anyone n who buys those must be ill in the head...
  2. Does anyone have general-confusions (Steve) number they could pm me so I could have a word? Thanks
  3. That is exactly what I was wondering, I can see that the adventure series is a set gearing whereas the challenge (pro) series is changeable! I have also seen the kit to mount another motor onto the end of the 1st motor :/ I can obviously see that will be no we're near as good as the twin conversions but... :/ cheers -J-
  4. Hellooo... As the title says just wondered if anyone has got, used or seen in use the gigglepin adventure series top housing? Obviously its not gping to be as good as the challenge series! but If so what's it like? Value for money etc etc... Ya know what I'm getting at thanks in advance -J-
  5. Hello mate. We're bouts are you from? I'm from Penistone Sheffield! Just weighing some options up 07825750680. Thanks -J-
  6. Haha i think i will stay away from that method, sounds a tad dagerous for my workshop Ive shocked a few 12v batterys before with a 24v boost but never batterys that realy cared for and want to live thankyou for your help much appriciated. Cheers -J-
  7. Sorry about that hoSS i had a flick through but must of missed it! Thanks for that smego i will give it a go... Cheers -J-
  8. Hello there guys... Hope someone has some help here, I have 2 optima yellow top batterys they are less than 18 month old but they have been on a challenge truck that hasnt been touched for rufly a year, ive tried to charge them with a tricle charger but im not getting much change in either, Does anyone know of a way that will revive them? Eg. • fit on truck a start and see if alternator boosts them? • put on a big powerfull fast charge. • put 24 volts threw them and hope for the best :/ • is there a special charger out there? • etc etc... Hope someone can help. Any help much appriciated. Thanks -J-
  9. Have any of you ever made a lowline winch bumper fit an 8274? So Pics of low line winch bumpers that you guys have converted to suit please. All appriciated thanks...
  10. ok thankyou for that mate i shal have a look.
  11. Hello guys... Can anyone help me with how to reset the xyz switch on a manual discovery 3. Any help towards this is much appriciated. Thanks J
  12. This is most likly to be an abs fault, when just 2 lights come on you can turn the ignition of and back on and it will clear the lights until it faults again, then eventualy it will fault bringing 3 lights on (the lights you have mensioned) and then it becomes a hard fault and the lights will stay on until you have the code read to tell you which abs sensor/hub is faulting, and then cleared, it will still fault until getting the faulty part replaced. Hope this helps...
  13. ive opened my sunroof filled it with silicone and shut it again, end of leaks
  14. Haha i get wat you mean mate will be the way i said it. Ive got ways and means of sorting it, we have just got a 4wheel laser aligner to do the finishing tweeks to get it exact. Cheers...
  15. Because im capable of doin the work just want the pointers into actualy carrying it out, the ins and the outs and as everyone knows theres always some complications! I only ask as this is the place to ask of fellow members that have carried it out or know everything to do with it! Not wanting an argument or anything!
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