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  1. I have made a 3d file for the Dog guard brackets. I have uploaded them to Shapeways for those who dont have a 3d printer https://www.shapeways.com/product/6UHX8P4A8/discovery-2-dog-guard-grab-handle-brackets?optionId=177253047&li=shops Otherwise the files are attached here for anyone to use. Use is entirely at your own risk. Please make sure you use a suitable material. Cheers Matt Discovery 2 dog guard Grab Handle Bracket LEFT.stl Discovery 2 dog guard Grab Handle Bracket RIGHT.stl
  2. So here's my dog solution. Bought a proper dog guard from britpart and then cut up an old universal guard and used a post that came from a Tesco delivery van racking system. A couple of u bolts to clamp it all together and it works well. Simoncsk have you got any links or pictures of your radio install?
  3. Cheers guys. I found this as a radio upgrade option https://gromaudio.co.uk/partfinder/product/list/?make=Landrover&model=Discovery&year=2000-2004 Those dog crate option are quite good, cheers Matt
  4. Ive just been looking at these as well and was about to ask the same question.
  5. So this week my 109 that I have owned since 2002 was packed off to a new owner and I bought a 2004 landmark disco. It's pretty tidy but I'm not going to be able to not tinker. First on the list are new mudguard brackets (Probably yrm). I also want to split the load bay for travelling with dog and luggage. I've seen good systems for D3 but not D2. Any ideas? Also wondering about swapping out the stereo for something more modern. Is this straightforward or not? Anything else I should be considering? Cheers
  6. Cheers guys. It's the first gearbox issue I've had in 16 years so bit worried that other bits might decide to give up once it's messed with. Does the lt77 make a big difference?
  7. My gearbox got stuck in 4th last week. Thankfully not too far from home but it was still recovery truck time. As the day was written off I stripped the cab out to get to the top of the box hoping it was something simple. It wasn't. Local mechanic has advised that it's got to come out to be fixed so the question is what to do? It's a standard 4 speed series box and transfer box with overdrive behind a 200tdi discovery engine in a '79 109. Options seem to be: Fix it £? Replace with recon £700 ish or £1500 ish if I do transfer as well Upgrade to lt77 or r380 usi
  8. Morning everyone. Its been a long time since I posted as house renovation has totally outstripped any landy tinkering, but I cant ignore the battery any longer. Google tells me i should be putting a 069 battery in. Its in a 109 so the battery is under the passenger seat and I have a split charge and second battery in there as well. What do I fit and wheres the cheapest place to get it? Cheers
  9. Thats actually one of the best ones Ive seen. No one seems able to get the headlights correct. Good job. As simonr said with a few specialist bricks it could be excellent; give the wingtops a curved corner, get the hard top fitting nicely and possibly adjust the windscreen a bit. I also love that its a separate chassis. Have you got instructions made up for all of us?
  10. I do live on the south coast. That's how we talk down here.......
  11. I've just had to take mine out to get to the gearbox and have left it out whilst waiting for the part (gear lever gate has disintegrated). My god its noisier in the cab without it! I've got some foam stuck to the panels but nothing else and the difference is amazing. Not sure how I drove it before! Whilst its apart I am thinking of upgrading the foam to dynamat type stuff to make it super quiet....
  12. I'll nip down the road now and buy a load if they're worth that much! Edit: One quick google later http://www.baysidemarine.co.uk/stainless-steel-boat-folding-mast-step-1071-p.asp
  13. We have managed to get age related plates using a Gaydon letter but that was a few months ago. Unfortunately the bulkhead has pretty much fallen off so we're into rebuild territory...
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