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  1. Thanks Maverick,have put in 82deg for know but will get a 88 later.Never had a prob before replacing radiator hoses to silicon as a update. Will replace my 4 core that got a hole in it with a aluminium one later this year and should be bullet proof.
  2. I have a hawkeye for 97 tdi to find faults on abs and security alarms ,very helpful for air gaps but you would get more out of it on later models but can update when needed. Plug in drivers side with right colour adapter.
  3. Have just removed my air-condition compressor for maintanence and put new hoses on radiator and replaced with new thermostat.This one is 88deg opening and seems to send temps up to 100deg before cooling. I will replace with thermostat that is 82deg opening ,Anybody had these issues when changing over.Thanks to all replies.
  4. Just put a odyssey 34/78 pc1500 in my 97 auto di. It fits okay and has plenty of power.
  5. Thanks body and hangover. Settled
  6. Have recently put a new head on and have put a new 4 row heavy duty radiator in. My question is has any of you changed over to the waterless fill stuff for the radiator .Sound like it would cure the air in the system thing. All replies thank in advance.
  7. Thanks for the replies, been a great help to my nerves. Cheers all.
  8. Thanks for reply Les. I cleaned the block as well as I could. I have a spare metal gasket thats used with the new type head (bigger waterways) and a elring 3 hole original. I was wondering would it be a no hole gasket for the new type head instead of 3 if I change to elring. So far it seems to running okay just tightening the fuel lines down a bit more and checking for leaks. Your a great help and have good xmas.
  9. I have just fitted a new head for the first time and the gasket recommended for this was the multi steel thing. I put new injectors in as well and had the fuel injector pump serviced as it had a leak at the bottom of it . After crossing fingers it started first go to my shock and surprise after fixing the drive belt tensioner stud with a helicoil insert. My question is with a few comments I have followed on this forum there is a question mark about using this type instead of, a ellring type. Should I be worried that it may fail. It took me close to 2 days to fit the bloody thing. My Disco auto tdi300 has 351,000 km and had been running brill with just the usual p gasket leak . What are your thoughts. Safe xmas to all.
  10. Hi, I have just put a new improved head on my 97 disco .It says use the new metal gasket on it instead of the other type. Reading replies to others who have changed theirs and not using the metal type I am a little nervous. Mine blue white smoke last week.I acquired the new head from padocks with new bolts. Its been on for 2 days now and running fine. I have a spare ellring one in case of an issue. Have had the fuel injector pump reconditioned 2 weeks ago and put new injectors on ,with new head. Mine has 351,000 klms on it. Do you think there will be an issue .Merry xmas to all.
  11. Well I put the new servo and master cylinder on and tried the sealy pressure pump.I used 10 psi .I started the car at idle ,loosened the nipple on the rear and it would not drive the fluid out,so I pumped the pedal and jambed a piece of wood to hold the brake pedal down and the fluid moved and expelled the air bubbles ,tightened the nipple released the wood and I now have brakes. The difference between the old servo workings was a shock to me .It makes a real air brake noise now and a lot softer brake pedal when pressed and stops better than before.Still out on the sealy though,could be the method I used,but it did fill the master cylinder though.Now to get the abs lights to go out.Will be changing the pads all round and bearings so I see what can be done with the abs .Thanks all have learnt a lot on this forum.
  12. Thanks all have solved the issue.
  13. Hi ,I will be putting on a new master and servo on my vehicle.97tdi with abs.I have just bought a sealy 1 man bleeder system.It takes 2 ptrs of fluid and pump pressure into it. I would like to know what pressure I should use to force the old fluid out.It says don,t go past 25psi.I got this unit because I can,t get two people [one on the pedal and me under with the bottle]If anyone has had experience with this unit and pressure used would be a great help.Thanks to all replies in advance.
  14. Hi all,I want to up rate the brakes allround my 97 disco auto.At the moment it has solid discs all-round with abs,single brake line into the rotors on each wheel.I read here that you can put the bigger defender rotors on the front but what about the rear.Also what discs- drilled ex, can be used in this set up and are the rotor bolts a different [length, size].At the moment I have orderd a new abs master cylinder and servo.Part numbers for the rotors and discs would help with ordering. Love the forum and thanks for the help .I am slowly getting the disco ready for a cape york trip.
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