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    Mountain bikes and generally playing about with breaking/fixing everything.
  1. Tom, the last snow we had was 1 week ago Everyone round here wants it to just go away but i've got the "Snow bug" now and love it! MORE SNOW PLEASE!!!!!!
  2. Twas a fun day in the snow! After an hour of digging anyway!
  3. Thanks again Western. Went for a longer drive today and i ended up with no free play whatsoever so looks like it needs adjusting back a bit now anyhow! Cheers and merry Christmas! Paul
  4. Thanks Western. I had set the clutch up using this diagram but I did wonder what the maximum adjustment would be? My clutch doesn't slip, in fact it feels spot on. But, as I can feel the master cylinder start to bottom out at the end of the pedal stroke, does anyone think i might damage it? My OP probably didn't explain this too well!
  5. Seasons greetings all! After having only an inch or so of clutch left (the rest of travel was free play) i decided i should sort it. I bought a new master and slave cylinder but before fitting i thought id see what adjustment i could get. I have taken the end washer off and just got a thread or so holding the outer nut on and so its maxxed out! This is now working great although i can feel the master cylinder is bottoming out at the end of the pedal stroke. So, is this going to cause me problems?? i.e. should i expect the clutch to fail if it only is working at this adjustment?? I should
  6. This is starting to get really confusing!! Glad I checked out my doc's for the 90 and its way under!
  7. Yeah you should be fine then as another way of looking at it; The mount bolted directly to the chassis on my 2.5 petrol stayed on. The replacement gearbox (LT85) side of things was just a flat plate with the rubber directly bolted to it. So if you have bits bolted to both boxes and your original chassis mounts still in place you should be fine!
  8. Well, when I removed my 2.5 petrol and LT77 and fitted a 3.5 V8 with a santana (LT85), I just used the same mounts that were original. I did however have to use the mount attached to the LT77 so that both fixing points on the LT85 used the plate that directly has the rubber underneath rather than the plate that offsets the mount. If that makes any sense?? Can take some piccys tomorrow if you like.
  9. yeah Medway Galvanizing are good but have a min fee of £60. Got my roll bar done and they dont do any cash jobs etc any more. A mate told me after i had got it done there is a small place down towards Romney marsh that does small stuff for a good price still. I'l see him friday and see if he has any details.
  10. Got to say that I'd take my 90 out any day in this weather. Just getting out of our shared drive (Thats now polished up like glass!) my 90 on ATs in low with diffs locked i dont really slide about all that much while all the neighbours cars slide about everywhere and take a good 20 mins to get out! If you want the reliability to get somewhere take the defender, if your planning on driving like an idiot, dont bother!
  11. Done too and happy to help!
  12. Well I'm thinking the best thing to do is try and remove the suspect resistor and as advised get my mate at work to point me in the right direction. Thanks all for the help anyways! Cheers, Paul
  13. Thanks for the replies. Could I potentially be causing a problem by skipping the resistor with a piece of cable? Keep wanting to try it but my fear of electrics is stopping me!
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