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  1. all, Just wanted to let you know that thanks too your advise and help I fitted the new prop this week and the landy drives great. no more clunks or scary rattles. Many thanks!!!
  2. Great help thanks. I think I was confused as I now have a 200tdi defender engine which replaced the 2,5na. And because I never changed the gearboxes I presumed that the props should be the same.... Just ordered the FTC3245. lets hope that one fits. Thanks for your help (and patience....)
  3. Rechecking the numbers I think I need the FTC3245 as it is a 2,5NA originally. Hope LRdirect will take it back as it is out of the packing allready.
  4. Just fit The nee prop but it looks different. the old ons is shorter. in The shortest position The new one is slightly shorter than The old one in The longest position. I ordered The FRC8389 is it safe to fit this one?
  5. perfect, thanks so much for the help. Just ordered the FRC8389 and a fresh set of bolts.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I just checked the parts numbers. I have a 2.5na stw 110 with the normal lt77 and lt230 (it has a 200tdi but that should not matter right?) Can I use the FRC8389? it says that this is for the 300tdi / td5 models. directly available. the FRC8389 is for the 200tdi but has one 1 delivery time
  7. With a bid of luck I managed to get the last bolts of the UJ on the handbrake drum side. I hammered a 14mm socket on and it worked. I’m fitting the new UJ on the axle side and I noticed the yoke (spelling??) seems to have a fair bit of wear. It shouldn’t look like this right? For now I’m going to fit the new UJ anyway but should it be better to just replace the prop completely?
  8. This is The sound it Made btw. stil seems strange That The uj make this noise IMG_0219.MOV
  9. is the 9/16 different from the prop shaft tool?
  10. Thanks Bowie69. I have the propshaft tool but it slips over the nut. The 14mm doesn't fit but I might be able to hammer it on. Before getting the hammer out I was hoping that a more "gentle" solution would be possible.
  11. Not wanting to be the test dummy of a home made reconstruction of the Myth busters test I have started replacing the worn UJ. Yesterday evening I tried to take out the rear prop. The axle side came undone really wel. The handbrake side did not. The nuts are completely trashed. I think the previous owner tried to undo them with the wrong spanner. The worn UJ is the one on the axle side so i just took the prop apart (marked the position) and took out the UJ. It was in really bad shape. It fel apart when i tried to push it out but the play was still minimal. I'm wondering how this can
  12. Perfect thanks, I hope the rattling stops with this fix.
  13. Could this be it. The uj on The rear looks pretty bad. just drove it 20 minutes and it started vibrating pretty bad. many thanks for Your help
  14. Thanks Western. I checked the mud shields. I think they are fitted correctly. the turn with the prop shaft and I don't see any scratches which may indicate that they are hitting the diff housing. I greased the props (5 pumps of the grease gun). However, the rattle is still there. It's primarily when driving away. If I accelerate faster it seems to stop. Could the rattle come from the prop itself (and/or UJ's)? what else could it be? Many thanks.
  15. Perfect thanks. I’ll look for the 3rd nipple. can you just tap The muf shield back in?
  16. I hope it’s okay to an older tread. I’m currently experiencing a very nasty rattle coming from the transfer box/ prop shaft area. It seems to appear mostly at low speeds and after accelerating/cornering or going over a bump. After reading several treads I suspect the UJ’s are bad. So thanks to the forum I managed to get the front prop of and replaced the front UJ. I did not feel any real play in the UJ but there was no grease in it left. ( I should have greased this more regularly). As my circlip plyers gave up I couldn’t change the other UJ both this also h
  17. Thanks for all the tips. it seems like the manifold/exhaust is leeking. I can feel the air flow by it. Can you "overtighten" the clamp? is their a risk of breaking the manifold?
  18. Does iT? Ill check the bolts. I was afraid iT was the nee turbo...... no idea about the boost yet.
  19. All, its in! The engine is running again. But I think I hear a noise which was not there before. It’s sounds like a rattle. what do you make of iT? I did not drive it yet so the engine is still cols as i filmed iT.
  20. Sorry, no not all the holes line up on the gasket. im not Sure If this would be a problem. Punching the holes is not a problem but Will iT work correctly?
  21. Hi all, the New cartridge is ordered. i also got Some New gaskets but they seem wrong. I cant check iT with the old one because there wasn’t one fitted. is this normal?
  22. Thanks. I would like to buy locally (Netherlands) and I can only find the one with the different number. Are they all different? Is the number I posted the same as yours? thanks again.
  23. Hi, So I'm looking for the right cartridge. Does anybody know if this is the correct one for a 200tdi defender: GARRETT TB02 454113-0002 Cheers,
  24. ITS OUT!!!!! some extra lubrication And light tapping with the hammer did the trick. Thank God mo need for turbocharging the oven of the mrs. For the circlip I trimmed a small pliers which worked well. so what do is smart to change out besides the cartridge? is the waste gate something to check? Any other tips?
  25. The nuts are loose but no movement so far. Going to try again tonight.
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