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  1. Ta All Yes Fridge, will deffo try to do the drilling off the vehicle.... ta for the reminder. I do have the inspection cover, should have tried it on too actually...doh! I know the 3.5is a bit old school now and agree on performance. I had a 3.5 90 followed by a lightly tweaked 200 tdi 110, the latter was way more grunty. But I want to keep it all relatively period ( the engine I have is from a same year 110 ) and only need the ooomph for occasional towing. And also want the V8 soundtrack! I do agree that the bigger more modern engines would be a more sensible choice....... but sometimes I don't have my sensible head on 😁
  2. I think I am OK now ta, removed a few studs and it does fit. What threw me totally is the clutch master is on the opposite side to my 90, once I ignored that things went better. I may have to drill and tap a few more holes at the bottom, but will wait until installation time. Pretty sure I have the right bits now which is all I needed the bellhousing for, although it caused me a bit of confusion...... not hard tbh.
  3. Many thanks for taking the time to do that Gazzar, much appreciated. I'll compare the bolt/stud locations later but the layout looks the same as mine as does the RV8LR casting mark. I'm wondering if mine had had a few extra studs added that is causing confusion. If mine is a series one that's good as it should fit the LT77.
  4. Many thanks Gazzar, that would be a great help.
  5. Yes I'm pretty sure it is a Series adaptor as it came with other series bits, but I think that should fit a LT77 As long as it's not for a six cyl series 😞
  6. Ah sorry, left out the vital bit 🤔. The adaptor fits the engine fine but about 50% of the bolts/holes on the adaptor ring do not line up with the bellhousing. Apologies again.
  7. Hi All Finally decided to replace the 2.5 n/a with a Rover V8, just a carb 3.5 nothing dramatic. Gearbox and such are all fine so decided to go the adaptor ring and spigot bush route. I have everything but was keen to test it out before the fitting stage so bought a cheap lt77 200 tdi bellhousing just to test fit. But it doesn't fit, have I got the wrong adaptor ring? It says RV8LR which sounds hopeful or is the bellhousing pointing me in the wrong direction. This is the adaptor ring, bought as part of a load of bits, but seemed to compare well with M&D's This is the bellhousing, from a 200tdi Range Rover apparently, surely this should be roughly the same as my lt77?? Any help much appreciated.
  8. Hi All, thought I would do a quick update. Yes, MOT not an issue...extended...yay! Had the last week off so changed diesel filter...element looked ok but there was a bit of silt in the base so probably worth doing. Maybe a tiny bit better after?? Anyhow...for the time being leaving it as it is...it is the best starting Landy I have ever owned ( that's done it now 🙂 ) and actually gets from place to place OK. I think the main difference between this and my old MOD 110 was the transfer box, being lower closed the gears up a bit. Yesterday it did 3 and a half hours of chain harrowing quite happily and driving home did seem a little more peppy. So will just regularly use it and appreciate it. Many thanks for everyone's helpfull suggestions.
  9. Yup most are still open, just HGV testing stations are closed I think.
  10. Thanks Again all, have ordered a filter, so will fit that, check tank venting and gauzes etc then test. I don't think it has a sedimenter like the 110 but will have a look Ironically was going for MOT on tuesday but the guy I use has had to isolate due to a family member with a temperature, so testing may be a little in the future as it expires in a couple of days! Depending on how that works out may do a little advance.
  11. All the service stuff (apart for fuel filter) was done a couple of weeks ago when I did the head gasket swop, but I am drawn to the electric fuel pump anyway, what circuit would you wire it in to Steve? I am intrigued by fuel cap, have had exactly that on a couple of motorbikes...... but doesn't the Landy have a separate vent ? Although I guess that could be blocked a bit too.... an avenue I hadn't considered.
  12. Thanks All, actually I had been wondering about adding an electric pump, seems to be a popular mod over in the USA, although it could be pasting over another problem i guess. I have checked out all the other stuff, new lift pump etc when I did the rebuild 2 years ago ( and not many miles ) Probably should change the fuel filter actually...may have been some stuff in the tank as it had been sitting for a while before I got it going again, but again not been in there for long. Have checked and def getting full throttle..... almost disappointed it checked out ok as it really felt like that was the problem It has the correct oil, but agree, it is just like it is running with thick tar as a lubricant!!...... I am erring towards fuel feed at the moment. All your suggestions are a great help..... even if it confirms I haven't missed anything obvious... please keep them coming... I am flummoxed!
  13. Hi Gazzar It's just a standard 1.41:1, MOD 110's are a bit lower..... I do have one of those in the garage actually! Injector pump is good, compression seems fine, no smoke when running, bores show hone marks and piston ring gaps were fine 2 years and not many miles ago...plus recon head. The 12j and 19j have a belt, and I changed that when the pump went in, again 2 years and not many miles ago.
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