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  1. Hi All, thought I would do a quick update. Yes, MOT not an issue...extended...yay! Had the last week off so changed diesel filter...element looked ok but there was a bit of silt in the base so probably worth doing. Maybe a tiny bit better after?? Anyhow...for the time being leaving it as it is...it is the best starting Landy I have ever owned ( that's done it now 🙂 ) and actually gets from place to place OK. I think the main difference between this and my old MOD 110 was the transfer box, being lower closed the gears up a bit. Yesterday it did 3 and a half hours of chain harrowing quite happily and driving home did seem a little more peppy. So will just regularly use it and appreciate it. Many thanks for everyone's helpfull suggestions.
  2. Yup most are still open, just HGV testing stations are closed I think.
  3. Thanks Again all, have ordered a filter, so will fit that, check tank venting and gauzes etc then test. I don't think it has a sedimenter like the 110 but will have a look Ironically was going for MOT on tuesday but the guy I use has had to isolate due to a family member with a temperature, so testing may be a little in the future as it expires in a couple of days! Depending on how that works out may do a little advance.
  4. All the service stuff (apart for fuel filter) was done a couple of weeks ago when I did the head gasket swop, but I am drawn to the electric fuel pump anyway, what circuit would you wire it in to Steve? I am intrigued by fuel cap, have had exactly that on a couple of motorbikes...... but doesn't the Landy have a separate vent ? Although I guess that could be blocked a bit too.... an avenue I hadn't considered.
  5. Thanks All, actually I had been wondering about adding an electric pump, seems to be a popular mod over in the USA, although it could be pasting over another problem i guess. I have checked out all the other stuff, new lift pump etc when I did the rebuild 2 years ago ( and not many miles ) Probably should change the fuel filter actually...may have been some stuff in the tank as it had been sitting for a while before I got it going again, but again not been in there for long. Have checked and def getting full throttle..... almost disappointed it checked out ok as it really felt like that was the problem It has the correct oil, but agree, it is just like it is running with thick tar as a lubricant!!...... I am erring towards fuel feed at the moment. All your suggestions are a great help..... even if it confirms I haven't missed anything obvious... please keep them coming... I am flummoxed!
  6. Hi Gazzar It's just a standard 1.41:1, MOD 110's are a bit lower..... I do have one of those in the garage actually! Injector pump is good, compression seems fine, no smoke when running, bores show hone marks and piston ring gaps were fine 2 years and not many miles ago...plus recon head. The 12j and 19j have a belt, and I changed that when the pump went in, again 2 years and not many miles ago.
  7. Hi All Have a 12j in a 90..... I am realistic...it's slow...but bear with me. I used to have a 12j in an xMod 110, and that was nippier than this one.... admittedly that would have had a lower ratio transfer box. The 90 behaves well, starts first time, no smoke.....now after changing the head gasket... Thought the head gasket may have been the issue...it did need changing....but now seems to have lost more performance! Had the diesel pump reconditioned by Automarine a couple of years back, replaced cam belt and lift pump etc Uses no water and the oils stays pretty clean...for a Landy Diesel ! Performance..... given time it gets up to about 60 on a dual carriageway...happy with that....... but on normal road it can lose speed very quickly on a very slight gradient...seriously hardly noticeable slope...and you rapidly have to drop down through the gears......no real revs....not expecting a screamer but the power seems to be between 800rpm and about 2000 max...then falls flat Throttle stop is ok, can get full throttle and revs fine with no load. It just feels sort of strangled....I know they all do, but this more so. I did a lot of miles in the 110 so know roughly how it should feel. I have 2 thoughts..... or 3 actually! Is the pump a bit retarded?? Retarded ignition gives a bit more bottom end on a petrol...but diesel?? Could the lift pump be not delivering enough diesel?? Or could the injectors need cleaning or replacing...reconditioning. I used the best 4 from a 12j and 19j ( both same part number ) when I first rebuilt the engine a couple of years ago. First one looks a bit sooty but had 2 copper washers ( that was me 😞 ) think the oil on the third one was just from during the strip down....took these pics during the HG change. Any ideas all..... other than put a tdi in...... if it ran like my 110 did I would be entirely happy...doesn't do a lot of miles, minimal towing except a chain harrow and that's in low ratio! Ironically this starts way quicker than the 110 did! that was 10 elephants on the glow plugs and a bit of grinding from the starter...this is 10 elephants and instant start.
  8. OK, all done, had to remove the crank sprocket too. Actually wasn't too bad, lined them up and then shuffled the chain one link at a time to get it spot on.That is with the engine on a stand in the garage...... may be a bit tougher installed!
  9. Happy New year all. I'm having another Doh! moment! Have worked on and owned Landy's for years but at the moment seem to keep needing to shout for help! I am doing a freshen up of a 2.5 petrol engine...... had one years ago in a series and is a particular favourite... will be replacing a 12j in my 90 Was a good runner but the camchain was at it's service limit so today went to do the swop, checked manuals, set timing remove and replace...... but no...not enough slack. Took the original off by removing the cam sprocket, all tensioners and such are removed. Compared chains, both same pitch and number of links, new one very slightly shorter due to lack or wear as expected. But no way can I fit it, tried putting it around the cam sprocket and then bolting it up but there is too little slack to get it square and installed on the cam. I must be missing something blindingly obvious, help please!!
  10. Ta for the reply's all, will check the cylinders, not old but you never know. I thought the springs were correct too, same as series but looking at the WSM made me doubt. Ta Litch but yes I do know it has a transmission brake....... a reminder is always handy tho 🙂
  11. Hi All Have an odd problem with my 1988 90 drum rear brakes. Started really dragging in reverse, tbh thought i needed to do a bit of maintenance on the handbrake but no. Lifted a rear wheel and would happily spin one way but not the other (backwards) So took drum off and had a look, upper spring went from the pin on the backplate to the pin on the shoe by the adjuster. Having a close look at the workshop manual that shows the upper springs join the two shoes so changed it around on both back wheels. Now one of the wheels drags when rotating fowards but is fine in reverse...so reverse of before......ahhhhh. Also seem to have gained a bit of pedal travel but that's the least of my problems at the mo' Any ideas??
  12. It was the earth to the Starter Relay. Odd as it should earth through the loom and it was the only thing not working. But have run a separate earth and all is good now.
  13. Ta for the reply's chaps, yes the red white is connected. But have just realized mine used to be a 19j and has a starter relay. So have more wires to check and could be a dodgy relay.
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