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  1. OK, all done, had to remove the crank sprocket too. Actually wasn't too bad, lined them up and then shuffled the chain one link at a time to get it spot on.That is with the engine on a stand in the garage...... may be a bit tougher installed!
  2. Happy New year all. I'm having another Doh! moment! Have worked on and owned Landy's for years but at the moment seem to keep needing to shout for help! I am doing a freshen up of a 2.5 petrol engine...... had one years ago in a series and is a particular favourite... will be replacing a 12j in my 90 Was a good runner but the camchain was at it's service limit so today went to do the swop, checked manuals, set timing remove and replace...... but no...not enough slack. Took the original off by removing the cam sprocket, all tensioners and such are removed. Compared chains, both same pitch and number of links, new one very slightly shorter due to lack or wear as expected. But no way can I fit it, tried putting it around the cam sprocket and then bolting it up but there is too little slack to get it square and installed on the cam. I must be missing something blindingly obvious, help please!!
  3. Ta for the reply's all, will check the cylinders, not old but you never know. I thought the springs were correct too, same as series but looking at the WSM made me doubt. Ta Litch but yes I do know it has a transmission brake....... a reminder is always handy tho 🙂
  4. Hi All Have an odd problem with my 1988 90 drum rear brakes. Started really dragging in reverse, tbh thought i needed to do a bit of maintenance on the handbrake but no. Lifted a rear wheel and would happily spin one way but not the other (backwards) So took drum off and had a look, upper spring went from the pin on the backplate to the pin on the shoe by the adjuster. Having a close look at the workshop manual that shows the upper springs join the two shoes so changed it around on both back wheels. Now one of the wheels drags when rotating fowards but is fine in reverse...so reverse of before......ahhhhh. Also seem to have gained a bit of pedal travel but that's the least of my problems at the mo' Any ideas??
  5. It was the earth to the Starter Relay. Odd as it should earth through the loom and it was the only thing not working. But have run a separate earth and all is good now.
  6. Ta for the reply's chaps, yes the red white is connected. But have just realized mine used to be a 19j and has a starter relay. So have more wires to check and could be a dodgy relay.
  7. Hi All I have just replaced the bulkhead on my 12j powered 90. This of course resulted in removing pretty much all the wiring. All is now back together after a few months (slow I know... ) Everything seems to be working except when I fully turn the key....no starter action...just a click from the brake warning relay. Battery is fully charged and the hefty cables from the ignition switch all seem to be in place. My first move I guess is to jump from battery to starter to see if that hasn't seized ...haven't done that yet. Anything else I should look out for? Only found this at close of play yesterday and cannot check it out till next weekend.... just having an early shout out :-)
  8. Many thanks All, seal replaced today with pump insitu and no leaks Big job tho' (for me!) and setting up the timing is way more difficult when the engine is installed, ended up taking pictures end on to make sure it was all lining up!
  9. Thanks Les, have found a supplier for the seal. now too. Wish I had done it when I replaced the belt when the engine was sitting on the garage floor! Oh well.
  10. Found the size 14-3-12 but now where to get one?? Actually that must be wrong.......would be 1mm around!!!
  11. Ah perfect.....if a bit irritating as I have just replaced the belt and could have done it then......the joys of an unknown engine! Anyone know where I can get the seal and what size pls?
  12. Thanks for the helpful advice all, left the Landy for the week with diesel cleaner syringed through the bleed port. Charged battery, connected to Wife's Jeep with jump leads and a very slow turn over, swapped to Daughters jump leads and fired on the 3 try, running on the 4th. Yay.............. Probably would have fired last week with the different jump leads.......oh well.......should have noticed really. After a little while settled down nicely....quiet (for a 12j) and the smoke cleared quickly. But all is not great sadly...... Have a steady drip of diesel from the timing case........I suppose this means the front seal on the diesel pump??? I guess to sort this is a pump rebuild?????? The lift pump is new and doesn't seem to be dumping diesel into the sump so don't think that's the cause...which is a pity as that would be a simple fix.
  13. Thanks for all the info, didn't have much time on sunday but squirted some diesel and cleaner into the pump bleed port, turned it over and had bubbles at the port and fluid coming from the pipes at the injectors, but the pump appears to be empty at the bleed port again now....does this move me on at all?
  14. Hi All, many thanks for the swift reply's Basically yes, leaks from solenoid if loosened, have done a bit of manual pumping but mostly on the starter, filter primed really quickly so I guess the lift pump is Ok (ir's new but!!!!) Had it jumped across to another car so it has had a lot of cranking! No diesel seems to be getting beyond the pump so yes, I think the pump is gummed up as it may well have been left for a while empty. I have syringed diesel in through the bleed port yesterday in the vain hope that it may loosen up but not optimistic! Any way to ungum other than sent to a specialist! Towing not really an option sadly as we are in a busy estate and the nimby's would moan.....
  15. Wondering if anyone can help. Have rebuilt a 2.5 nad on a very good recon bottom end.But cannot get it to run! Basically can bleed to the filter no probs (in fact a lot of pressure there) but cannot get anything from the bleed on the top of the injector pump.Seems to be getting to the pump and the solenoid (which I have tested and works) as I get diesel bleeding if I loosen either.One suggestion I found was to blank the return (tbh there was a lot more diesel in there than expected) but that doesn't seem to have helped.The pump is apparently OK and was with the bottom end which still had the hone marks on the bores and piston rings that gapped pretty much as new, therefore assuming the pump is similarly good...but realistically is an unknown.Any ideas anyone?
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