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  1. I know! This is a toy. And I do prefer original, mostly. RRC LSDs, HD shafts, disks, wolf rims, 110 2.5 petrol and CVs not withstanding.
  2. Plastic? I was trying to keep it somewhat original, seemed somewhat appropriate. But I do debate whether I should bother, to be honest.
  3. Not impressed with my cable ties. They're okay, but didn't tighten fully. I might try a different type. The type I tried were smooth and they sold back slightly when tightened. Plus the excess sticks out and looks untidy. I think I'll run this excess of and for it back into the buckle. For the outer pipe attachment I slipped some heat shrink tube on first, and used this to hide the trimmed excess.
  4. I found long strings of silicon in the water jackets behind the frost plugs. It was blue, if I recall.
  5. Only (possibly - I may be wrong about this) land rover owners keep vehicles for decades, rather than scraping them when the vehicles are 7 years old.
  6. I thought that a few cars were running these electric blowers as standard? It was why some vehicle systems run on 48v. Or was I dreaming again? With electric water pumps and PAS, one can see a trend.
  7. I bought a chunk of stainless cable ties. I'll try them and see.
  8. Plus, the PDWA rebuild kit arrived today. So that exercise will start Friday evening.
  9. Thanks for that, are there two lines going to the back on the 2a? No! The 2a near side goes via the bell housing X member, doesn't it? And is that a civilian series 3, single line system? The series 3 lightweight were dual lines I think.
  10. Global warming? I'll get my coat.
  11. They look a little bit sooty, don't they? Does that mean the engine is a bit rich?
  12. The Zeus versions look better.
  13. That would work. The question is now: I can get 10 stainless steel cable ties for the price of one "proper" tie. This isn't a concourse rebuild, so I'll just buy the 10 cable ties, I think. Thanks everyone!
  14. Is that what they are called? Knowledge is power. But minimum orders are a killer. Thanks.
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