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  1. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Yes, and the new rear X member that was 1/4 inch out despite using a jig booked on to the old one. Thank goodness for ratchet straps!
  2. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Well done. Good result, that. Good to hear. G.
  3. Ratio is different. 4.7 on a Landrover and 3.54 on most early coil spring JLR products. Rest is interchangeable. G.
  4. Non event. 500 miles round trip, with trailer. Topped up the tank twice, from half way. Two points of interest 1) the lh swivel is pressurising, and blew off the hub cap. The replacement had a chisel through it to prevent recurrence. Why? 2) the rocker cover is pressurising, TDI 200, cyclone to air filter disconnected as haven't fitted a proper filter yet. Rings? Also, I need to fix the heater. It's very cold. G.
  5. No, a friend's 88. He's moving house. 250 miles trip Severn to the North sea, and the sameback empty for tomorrow. The TDI never missed a beat. A thoroughly enjoyable day.
  6. So far so good. Lost a hub end cap? Though I have a spare.
  7. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    Is this a job for rocol anti scuff paste?
  8. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Not bad! The engine in my series had 240k when it went in, and I was thinking of doing a similar job to it when I do the rebuild in a few years time. G.
  9. Hopefully I won't have to test them this weekend (500 mile round trip, with a SWB on the trailer for half of it), but it's good to hear positive reviews. Really looking forward to the trip, to be honest. Open road, simple vehicle, slow enough to see the world, and it's driving my series. Bliss.
  10. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    lovely work, what miles was on the engine? G.
  11. Main shaft nut retaining lock plate

    Thanks David, I recall the torque was much more than this. Something from the 2a manual? Perhaps too much? G.
  12. Main shaft nut retaining lock plate

    No, it's cool. It's fair to question. The socket was a home made filed to fit deep socket, it fits nicely. The nut was torqued to and then some, so the lock tabs lined up. Serious strain on the breaker bar. I'm wondering if it was too tight? I'm dismantling another box at the moment, a series 2a factory recon box, and the main nut was not nearly as tight, once the tabs were folded back the nut came off by hand. I'll check it in a couple of weeks time, after 500 miles. Thanks, G.
  13. Main shaft nut retaining lock plate

    My question was more around what caused that lock tab plate to fail! The nut was not very tight either. I suppose the concern is that I torqued that correctly and still it failed. Interesting on the price of the overdrive, though. I've now got two spare. G.
  14. Series transfer box serial number location

    Sorted, forgot it was already in the other thread. Brain no worky. G.