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  1. Gazzar

    Good dust mask ?

    3m adflo for me. Bloody expensive, but steel in the eye is bad news, and messes up MRI scans.
  2. Gazzar

    Headlights not working

    As the 6 position switch is unique to military vehicles you might have more success asking in the military forum. Having said that..... Do you have 12v (or 24v if FFR) coming into the headlamp stalk? Do you have 12v (or . . . ) coming out of the 6 position switch? G.
  3. Gazzar

    Spare wheel carrier play in joints

    Would brass or bronze washers be better? not too difficult to get made locally. G.
  4. Gazzar

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    That's interesting, and disappointing. I'm trying to get away from the annual waxoil routine, so the search goes on for the apply once, and forget, solution. Can you get line-x for diy application? G.
  5. Gazzar

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    Hammerite is based on sand, I think, so it expands and contracts at a different rate to steel. Landrover chassis flex, the hammerite doesn't, and so it cracks, let's in water. Etc. If you go down the paint route, get as much zinc primer as you can. G.
  6. Gazzar

    Bung for Bulkhead hole?

    If that's the bulkhead on your Landrover, I've bad news for you. Someone's nicked your engine, chassis, gearbox, and some other bits, too. G.
  7. Gazzar

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    Hammerite is a great product - for applying to stone indoors. Don't use it on metal, unless you like welding. I'm going to use the raptor on my chassis, t-wash, raptor primer and then raptor, I think it's the best way to go, from what I've read. G.
  8. Gazzar

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    Plus, losing the series wheel is a show stopper. Not happening.
  9. Gazzar

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    I think there are ways around that. If you use the relay hole as one end of a clamp, you should be able to attach without welding. It's the drag link that bothers me, I get what they are doing, but am slightly worried that is another extra point of failure. Though it's no more than stock series, I suppose, when you consider you lose the steering box to relay arm. I'll think about it.
  10. Gazzar

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    The distance from the axis at the axle, to the drag link, is shorter. Of course. That makes sense. Complex way of achieving what could be done by taking out a swivel pin shim. That would make the steering heavier! G.
  11. Steve Parker has a P38a PAS conversion kit. Not debating the quality, or otherwise, of the kit, but I was curious as to why they went for the steering bar arrangement, rather than using the standard drag link. https://www.steveparkers.com/product/spck339pask2-power-steering-kit-land-rover-series-2a-3/ G.
  12. Gazzar

    Series 3 Petrol, Cuts Out..........

    I agree. If that doesn't help, then one option would be to blank the servo fitting on the manifold and test IF you are comfortable driving the vehicle without a servo.
  13. Gazzar

    Series 3 Petrol, Cuts Out..........

    Is it the braking that stops it? Vacuum? Electrical? Do you have servo brakes?
  14. No, I just get one end right, on the vehicle then lever the cylinder end on.
  15. I assemble off the cylinder and lever on. Levers are friends.

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