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  1. It's a cooler water condenser thing, in a tight space. So I used 28mm copper to condensate. There'll be a ring main after that, so I think I'll be okay. Probably massive over provision, but it's cheaper to do it right, once, than keep tinkering with it afterwards. As Landrover ownership proves.
  2. Next major task is the workshop pneumatic system. I think I'll replace all the fittings, but the mechanism of the hose reel is good. I aim to start this project in may. Here's a taster.
  3. Standard series ratios. Same part numbers.
  4. I've been using FH Brundle, good prices and delivery is reasonable. Kerb side drop off.
  5. Thank you, that's very helpful, I'm looking for inspiration for the project.
  6. Any chance of a few photos of your snorkel plumbing? Very jealous of the vent panel. Top quality work.
  7. Saw this on Facebook marketplace, anyone know anything about?
  8. Respectfully, I have a different opinion.
  9. What master cylinder would you use for this?
  10. The cold weather makes the underseal really brittle, so a chipping hammer can be used to remove most of the pitch.
  11. be gentle with it, it CAN remove a lot of steel. Pop up photos, so we can comment, and maybe even help!
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