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  1. Respectfully, I have a different opinion.
  2. What master cylinder would you use for this?
  3. The cold weather makes the underseal really brittle, so a chipping hammer can be used to remove most of the pitch.
  4. be gentle with it, it CAN remove a lot of steel. Pop up photos, so we can comment, and maybe even help!
  5. Hope it's useful information. Post up sooner photos as you got along, it's good to check your work, as we've all made most of the mistakes already!
  6. On a civvy series the body caps extend beyond the crossmember, so a shorter crossmember is beneficial. The lightweight tub has no cappings, so it's even less of an issue.
  7. No. The tub is attached to the 5 brackets. These are inboard from the crossmember ends anyway, so it didn't matter.
  8. Likewise, very interested in this topic. If I was reliant on ebay, what should I buy? Or if I'm raiding a scrapper, what do I need to get? How clever can you get with these? SIM card, start the Device and the car heater fan? Thanks Jezzer, for sharing!
  9. They can have my overdraft, all they want!
  10. They have their uses. But otherwise carp, mine won't tell me what the lottery numbers for tonight are going to be.
  11. Merry Christmas, stay well, stay sane.
  12. The lack of brakes and steering is a very good point, and was discussed beforehand. I was in first, low on tickover. So very low risk of damage, but leaving the car where it was would have been stupid. I'd do it again. It was the right thing to do. It was an older BMW, and I fear it's a write off, but I hope not. Not what you want before Christmas.
  13. We've some serious floods on the roads around here at the moment. I was coming back from dropping off some bits and passed a car that had failed, just off a roundabout, on the road into the town. The driver was in quite a state and the water was rising, so we agreed that I would tow the car out, to a place well above the flood, mostly off the road into the very wide footpath. It's a semi rural part of the road, so the car wasn't obstructing anyone or anything. Obviously I took everything very, very slow, and there were no issues, but did I put myself at risk from a legal perspective?
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