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  1. Yes, I don't understand chemistry, too close to magic, but I know caustic and ally don't work well. I'll need to look up the acid that doesn't eat ally and does eat steel when I get to the door tops, though. But that's another day.
  2. Thanks! Is there a quick easy to decoke the combustion chamber? Mr muscle?
  3. The valves have a lot of deposits. Is this normal. I took two out, and started to clean, but ran out of time. I think I'll replace the valve with deposits. If they aren't mad money, I might do both.
  4. The crank feels really smooth, mirror like, but the photos don't reflect that, I think there's particles in the light oil I've sprayed on the journals. I hope to get a more experienced opinion on Tuesday. If it were me, I'd stick new shells on, and call it fine. But I'm of Yorkshire Scots descent, so have a tendency to exhibit tight fistedness. I know of this tendency, so try to compensate.
  5. The rocker shaft has significant witness marks where the rockers were. I think I'll replace the rockers and the shaft anyway.
  6. The pads on the rockers show wear. And I'm not convinced by the bushes.
  7. The rocker gear is all a bit marginal, I think.
  8. I also cleaned the cam followers and tappets. I think this one is worn:
  9. I really don't know what's worn out, or what's good for another 50,000 miles.
  10. Takes quite a while to do this. I also broke 2 oil control rings, which are tricky to remove. Piston 3 oil control ring was stuck into the groove.
  11. I cleaned up the conrods and the pistons next:
  12. Etcetera. I remembered to remove the pivot pilot bush. Using an old pinion and some scabby grease. I was surprised when it actually worked. I had to break up the bush to get the pinion to complete the removal.
  13. Though it depends on the manifold used. If you could get a photo of the exhaust manifold where it bolts to the exhaust pipe, that would help.
  14. yes, it should. Ask ACR about their stainless steel versions, Google them, with powerplus as a search term.
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