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  1. I'm going to get some food, then retighten all bolts, zinc spray exposed steel, prime, and maybe even spray the main engine. I might have to take the timing cover off again, I've no key in the crank key way for the pulley.
  2. Mines only got 130k miles, and not doing much since lockdown. So I've a while yet to get the SW built. It is showing an abs error at the moment, so mechanicing needed soon.
  3. Well, it ended up being hicote "blue". I'll see what it looks like when I start shooting paint this weekend. Tis only the filter canister, mind.
  4. I'll drive mine until the station wagon had been built and tested. No more modern cars, bar I obtain so much money I can give it away.
  5. That's what I like about my Volvo, no one expects it to leave them for dust at the lights. Google polestar, that's the blue I am going for.
  6. Castor angle should provide self centre.
  7. That's the coarser thread version, presumably for alloy castings. Also on the various metric alloy thermostat housing sandwich blocks (2495 petrol, number 11 below):
  8. I'm going to do the oil filter in Volvo blue, if I can get it in the local motor factor.
  9. The rest of the evening was painting and paint prep. Oh, and making a cover for the distributor aperature. I used a big chunk of alloy.
  10. I've replaced the core plugs. They were difficult enough to remove, but still a bit too loose. So, glad to have done the job.
  11. Ah. Difficult, that. I've gone on a very reluctant health drive to postpone that type of problem as much as I can. I hope it's worth it.
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