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  1. I'll start planning the job now. Thanks.
  2. Looks like the lightweight build will be postponed for a bit.... Thanks, I'll do some research on the damper and get shopping.
  3. With the engine off, and on a flat surface, chock the front wheels, jack up one rear wheel. Put in gear and see how much play you have in the wheel, by rotating it back and forward.
  4. I think the damper will be the first thing to try. What's involved in changing that? And can it wait until I do the timing belt, this winter?
  5. Cracked injectors, it just ran rougher, but with the knock.Took off fan belt, no difference. A fair degree of play in the water pump, but that's for another day. How would I test the damper? I might the the spare injectors done, and maybe the spare IP pump. Thanks, all. I'm green laning tomorrow, the wise of the club will help, I hope.
  6. Good afternoon, Please tell me this isn't main bearing time? My TDI has developed a very loud knock from the lower end of the engine. The stethoscope suggests that it's nearer the water pump, than the crankshaft. Disco timing chest, defender induction system. This sounds goes away once above tickover, gone under power. Oil change had no effect, but the oil was done August last year, so that shouldn't be an issue. It's a loud knock, mechanical, I've attached a .wav file, audio, but I don't know if it helps. Help? My recording 1.wav
  7. I've never tried it. I'm good at fiddly repairs, but I'd be reluctant to take that on. You'd need very good long needle nose pliers, patience, access, and probably long strong fingers.
  8. If it was on UK plates before, it should be very easy. Get insurance on the UK plate, get an MOT on the UK plate, order the form from the DVLA, and fill it in. Send off, and you should get a V5 quite quickly. I've reimported 2 cars from the EU, back in the day of local DVLA offices, and it was a 20 minute job at the desk, but it should be the same, just in the post.
  9. I totally understood that. And agree. But I reserve the right to ignore the outcome and call for a re-vote, because it's obvious that the people who voted against me didn't understand what they were voting for.
  10. New thread in tools and fabrication section? "Ross gets his skates on!"
  11. Whereabouts in Bristol? I work in the centre, but I use public transport.
  12. So, unless I knew enough to get the distance from the injector to the valve right, I'm better off with single point? Sounds good to me. Another dumb question, do/can the ms and speeduino systems take a crank position reading from the ring gear on the flywheel? For some reason I'm not sure about the crank sensor being exposed at the front of the engine. If the ECU has a crank position, does it need a cam position sensor? Sorry, going off topic.
  13. What are the pros and cons with using a single throttle body, versus having 4 injectors in the manifold? Aside from the simplicity? I presume it is placed where the carb currently sits? I'm more familiar with diesel, so think one injector per cylinder, so I'd like to learn if the single throttle body is easier, and the nature of the compromise, if any.
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