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  1. That's useful, thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. The cost of the wire wouldn't bother me, it's the cost of another different bottle of gas that would worry me. I use a co2 argon mix at the moment, would that work?
  3. Interesting. Even with mild steel MIG wire gluying it together?
  4. I'm very tempted to mild steel MIG some stainless steel bits together. If I can get the right grade stainless bits.
  5. I'd love to learn to TIG. Not enough time, I'm afraid.
  6. No, don't, or not especially stupid. I thought the same.
  7. Have a look at what Joe did fitted his 88, on the swb V8 thread. Not bad.
  8. I'd get the type that has a substantial plastic bumper on it. Otherwise it will rattle like a cattle trailer. Actually, could you run a security wire through the four hasps, and one lock at the end?
  9. I'd agree, I've not been impressed with any of the of the shelf systems I've seen, and am quite tempted to make my own next time.
  10. Yes, and I wouldn't buy one of those new either.
  11. I would really struggle with an unreliable vehicle. Can't be dealing with that.
  12. The concern would be, assuming it met any emissions standards, quality of construction. I've heard reports of poor manufacturing quality from the sub continent.
  13. Your Landrover is up side down. Or the bolt head isn't in the recess in the axle.
  14. Gazzar

    MOD Sales

    Never heard anything bad about them. They didn't recondition that engine, the MOD did, so it's as good as the guy who reconditioned it and the guy who prepared it for storage all those years ago.
  15. Jealous, you've a choice of window open or closed. Mine are stuck, I've to park away from the rain.
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