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  1. That's interesting! I agree that o rings wouldn't work. The seal surface is quite pitted, so the seal doesn't have to be great. i think I'll take your idea of rope, and run with it. I'll also fit a gaiter. Thanks David.
  2. Sleeving shafts in ally should be best practice, I'd have thought. But I'm not an engineer.
  3. All the same principle. But rear 88 early series 3. Rover 1, half tonne. Originally FFR, but being rebuilt as a GS.
  4. The original series 1 did have permanent four wheel drive, didn't it? There was an issue with the cost and availability of the tracta-joints in the front axle, so they switched to selectable and UJs.
  5. It's the middle gear on the intermediate shaft, that's very like the 1 tonne.
  6. It's excellent work. Is the lt230 derived from the series 1 tonne transfer box? It looks kind of familiar...
  7. The parts book won't show me the number for the seal that's inside the threaded collar that seals the splines on the propshaft. Does anyone know?
  8. How rough should they be? These feel, well, slightly furry, not smooth, like before. But not rough. When I drag a fingernail, it's noticeable, but only just.
  9. I think I've honed the cylinders. If it's an easy job that takes about two minutes per cylinder, I think I'm there. Before: During: After:
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