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  1. Gazzar

    Intercoolers and other bits

    That is a dramatic heat loss indeed. Where exactly are you measuring? I'm just curious.
  2. Gazzar

    Does this matter?

    It is do able if you are a competent DIY mechanic, if the cost is an issue.
  3. Gazzar

    "Help, my diff is making a funny noise"

    When was the last time you checked the oil level?
  4. Gazzar

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    Well done, persevere. And thank you for the updates, very helpful. I'm going this route someday on a series station wagon, so this is valuable.
  5. Gazzar

    Series 2a rear axle

    Agreed. That's an "extra" and not essential. Any decent fabricator would repair that in a couple of hours. Find a farm repair workshop and show them. If you remove, strip and clean the axle, so all they have to do is make the new part and weld it in, it should be quite inexpensive. Or just the rot out, paint and carry on, if you aren't using the vehicle for serious off road.
  6. Gazzar

    Snorkel bits

    Good point.
  7. Gazzar

    Td5 looms into a earlier pre 1991 vehicle

    Melted equals heat, so poor connection somewhere. Dab of copper slip on the contracts should sort that. Plus a good earth. But they should not melt, irrespective.
  8. Gazzar

    Does this matter?

    Yes, no, that's the swivel seal. That shouldn't leak, irrespective of the lube. Series swivels run on oil, and, if done properly, don't leak like that.
  9. Gazzar

    1988 90 Brakes

    Were the brakes okay? Originally? Do you do lots of towing heavy trailers? Do you drive a lot in the mountains? If not, keep standard, easier to explain, insure, and if there's an accident, then it's not something you've to worry about. Plus, easier to service in future, as all standard. If you found the brakes poor when in standard form then that's different.
  10. I suspect that mud and rust resistance wasn't in the original design spec. I don't quite like FWH, it's another complication, but I didn't think slectro were all that bad.
  11. Gazzar

    Militant history

    Logistics will find the military reg from the chassis number. And then be able to pull the history, the B card, from that. The B card is often very sketchy. Only showing regiments only, but not detailed servicing. It's £40 to £50 but can be quite quick.
  12. Gazzar

    Forum Get Together

    That's actually a good idea, and drivable in a 109. I'll talk it through with the boss.
  13. Gazzar

    Does this matter?

    That wouldn't bother me, lubrication is good. Especially of flange splines. But lube can only escape to the outside tyre at the swivel seal, or the hub seal between the stub axle and the bearings. If the swivel seal is good, then it must be the hub seal. Simple job, really.
  14. Gazzar

    Does this matter?

    That's the hub seal leaking, isn't it?
  15. Gazzar

    Snorkel bits

    That's a good question. When I saw these in operation on farm tractors that didn't happen, I think there's a sort of cyclone effect that separates the rain. The tractor mushrooms were see-through, but had to be cleaned. Whether the cyclone effect would happen at seventy miles per hour is something I don't know. Zetor pre filter

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