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  1. What a horrible thought! Don't say that, you'll give Gerry nightmares!
  2. That's a great offer. If I fail with the DIY, I'll be looking elsewhere. But, I think I'll be okay, take it slow, clamp the heck out of everything. Use lube.
  3. For the hipster, the estate agent, the coffee shop owner?
  4. I agree, one special bolt will hold it. I'm concerned that the oil will escape out where the missing bolt should have been fitted. That will drop your oil pressure. I'd have a look at your cam shaft, if you are willing to get deeper into the engine. There are inspection plates.
  5. http://www.lr-winches.com/Parts/Winches/Mechanical_Capstan_Winches/ any use? If you've the time, why not? I reckon inflation will go through the roof after this, so spend your money now.
  6. I have a lathe and a face plate 4 jaw chuck. I need a motor that works, though. And I'm contemplating going 3 phase, so won't buy a new motor until I know if I can afford 3 phase. The hole saw arrived today, when I've the 109 wiring tart up out of the way I'll get back to this. Hole saw and router will get me there. I think. Not an iPhone max.
  7. I didn't realise the rockers for different cylinders were different! Sorry. Just noticed on the parts book. Does this help? I wonder how much oil was being lost out that hole?
  8. I bought the cheapo version, it's okay. Not convinced yet.
  9. I've just looked at Amazon, these clocks are £60 plus each. Wow! I didn't pay that for it.
  10. But the journalists represent the target market. JLR aren't interested in hard core off road users. They've not enough of a demographic to pay. (Or so JLR think) They want the aspirational rural market, the market the discovery used to target.
  11. It's worrying. I'm still lurching between terror and scorn. The deaths attributable to Corona are now at 1% of the total deaths for the year, but what it will be like at the end of April if we don't lock down, I don't know. Still. What cost the economic depression that will follow? So hard to weigh these things up, I'd hate to have to.
  12. If you inlist, so you must soldier.
  13. He does get across the sense of adventure that off road driving can impart. And he does admit when he doesn't know something. The baboon pass trip was fun to watch.
  14. Precisely. Not to mention that many commute options may not be available in the future. I can't see our local bus company surviving, if the empty double decker going past the house every hour is anything to judge by.
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