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  1. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    For your hinges, i think the answer is yes, but pop a few photos on the website so we ca all see. Oh, and this looks like a vehicle thread, I think it deserves it's own thread on the projects or vehicles sub forum!
  2. Turbo upgrade

    Ditto, very interested!
  3. Finally found a bolt with the same thread. Half inch has 14 threads, so 1/4 unf it is. Thank you. G.
  4. ABS control unit - standalone? P38a

    Perfect. Thank you. G.
  5. Quick question, how integrated is the abs/HDC/TC system in the P38? Would it operate independently, or does it need the bcm and the like to be on the bus? I need a stand alone system for a project. G.
  6. Isuzu 4JJ1 swap for 300tdi?

    It should transplant, so. But you'll need the ECU. You also need to know if the ECU needs to believe if it has the rest of the control units on the canbus beside it. You might also need transponders and keys, it depends on the level of anti theft smarts in the Isuzu system. More research, I suggest. Unfortunately, there is no mega squirt for diesels, otherwise I'd be putting in Volvo d5 engines to my trucks. Plus, you'd have the usual hassles of maintaining a non standard install. But, if the ECU is standalone, why not? Keep us posted, I love to see unusual work like this.
  7. 200tdi lift pump

    Out of curiosity, what fails in the mechanical lift pumps? I'd have thought this was solid old school technology with repair ability built in. After all, these have been fitted to thousands of series engines for decades.
  8. 200Tdi Cooling System

    Should be fine, I cooked mine a while back, refilled and no further trouble. Tough enough these old diesels.
  9. S2a or 3 gearbox?

    Seems reasonable to me. Mindyou I get the impression she'd be happier if I didn't spend any time on Landrovers. Maybe I should take up drinking and playing golf? G.
  10. Isuzu 4JJ1 swap for 300tdi?

    I know nothing about your dmax engine, is it common rail injection? If so you might have to keep the fuel system. Unless the engine is based on something with mechanical injection that you can still get, it would be difficult to make something up, getting the timing would be fun. M&D engineering do conversion kits for a lot of engines, they may be able to help you with the adaptors. I'm curious as to why the current engine keeps failing, though. It's not a common problem. Can you tell us more about its history? G.
  11. S2a or 3 gearbox?

    Oh, and you be amazed what can be done to an old bulkhead....
  12. S2a or 3 gearbox?

    Try EAC for gears, or genuine from one of the more experienced suppliers. Gary.
  13. S2a or 3 gearbox?

    Which gear is the whine in? To be honest once you've opened it then the best approach is to change all the bearings and detent springs, plus all worn gears. No doubt you know to avoid cheap pattern parts, and buy your bearings from a bearing supplier. The cheap pattern parts are a much lower specification (speed, load and accuracy) than required. G.
  14. S2a or 3 gearbox?

    Sensible approach. Guilty of the same mindset at the moment!
  15. Precisely! Absent a thread measuring set, how would I determine the thread?