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  1. Agreed, the reservoir on the 109 did creak worryingly when I last used the EziBleed. G.
  2. The compressor was working for sure, Clarke 3hp was running a lot.
  3. I thought that would be the case, I just need to find the time..... I've bled the system now, and aside from a new steel pipe that simply wouldn't seal, all is good. The Sealey system works. It needs an air connector to work, which isn't included, but with the different types available, that's fair enough.
  4. 40 GBP or so, eBay. Quite pleased so far. The job is a bit of a pig, too much corrosion everywhere, for my OCD, but it will get through the MOT. Once the lightweight is finished I will rebuild the 109 with a lot more zinc. G.
  5. CRC1250 plastic pipe clips - fitting?

    The seemed to work. I pushed one into a suitable hole in the chassis, it broke off leaving a sleeve in the chassis, next I just pushed the remaining clip bit into the sleeve. Not too sure it is solid, but is holding the pipe at the moment. G.
  6. Bit of an update. I used the Sealey Vacuum bleed device to drain the system today, it's easier to use than the ezibleed, and is better built, I think. The Gunson stuff always leaves me feeling that if they'd spent an extra couple of quid, then they'd have a much better product, it's good, but the Sealey is better. I did have a bit of a struggle to get the bleed cap over the nipple, but that can be fixed with a bit of silicone grease, a good complaint, if you will. What was interesting, was that half way through the drain process, the fluid had a load of air bubbles for a bit, then the fluid reverted to pure fluid until it ran dry. I wonder if they were in the system all along, or just the vacuum pulled air from the reservoir for a bit... I'll upload pics in a minute.
  7. I'm back.........why is it?

    Women come and go, landrovers are eternal*. Glad you are back in the fold. Keep the faith. * rust aside
  8. CRC1250 plastic pipe clips - fitting?

    I thought that may be the case. They look flimsy. It's the original chassis, I will experiment. Bought spare for that reason. Thanks. G.
  9. Importing a landy from Northern Ireland

    I imported a 109 from NI to GB (admittedly, it had been previously been registered in GB) It was fairly painless, I had the choice of keeping the NI number or the GB number, a quick trip to the DVLA office sorted it all out. There was no hassle over MOT and insurance or anything, which was great as the 109 wasn't exactly road legal, as it was missing a few key components. Now they've closed all the DVLA centres it might be harder....
  10. New Member Logos !!!!!

    Woohooo! Supporting member! Does that make me a pillar? Or a post? Surely, not a plank?
  11. Return of Defender?

    I am acquainted (don't know him well) with a chap that works at JLR, and according to him, the Deafener2 is still happening. He was quite proud that it was going to have a hose down interior. I wonder how the utility companies will view the new model: Western Power Distribution are already using some modern pickup thing, but the Environment Agency still stick with their defenders. If I had the money I'd love to develop a decent utility light truck; I think the market is wide open for a simple vehicle designed for long term use. Nevermind. G.
  12. 109 front brakes

    Could be right, I get confused easily these days.
  13. sheared body mount 110 csw

    Hard to argue with a new galv chassis, when all is said and done. Patch and mend is fine, but do it once and do it right is easier in the long run!
  14. sheared body mount 110 csw

    Yes, that's scary. And it's top of chassis, so indicative of deeper problems. There have been at least two repairs nearby already. I'd be taking that off the road today, goodness knows what the brake lines are like. If you are time poor, but have cash, then I'd re-chassis, if you are time rich, but cash poor, I'd strip it to the chassis, get it blasted and repair it. If you are time and cash poor, your doing something wrong, and should buy a KIA, or a Hyundai, until you have the time or cash to fix it. But please don't drive it. Sorry, not what you want to hear on a Friday night.
  15. 109 front brakes

    Yes, that sound correct, iirc, the green Bible has the "looking at from the front" convention. And they are twin leading shoes, so both cylinders on each back plate are the same. I'm going to do the brake lines on mine next weekend, all in front of me! G.