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  1. Ok a bit more detail. the Sprintex super charger is from an original upgrade fitted by DPR (Dennis Priddle) who did a super charger upgrade to well healed classic range rover 3.9 and 4.2 owners in the 80's /90's. He did do a few 4.6's but that never worked quite so well, Dennis thought the charger was at its limit on the 4.2 and started to lose its performance on the 4.6. I know as i was around at the time when a customer had a 4.2 converted and another customer had a 4.6 conversion, both on range rovers and the 4.2 was the better out of the two. Anyway, i have a couple of these kits, fitted to the pre surpentine V8, with all the various components, which includes a very simple piggy back control modual. This connects to the main engine EFI loom with 4 wires and allows you to increase fuel supply by way of a small screw which is turned by screw driver on front of the box. If you dont add the feuling, you can get pinking under high rpm. Its a basic, but i guess for its time, effective solution, it does work. The idea compression ratio for the conversion was 8.3.1, which is pretty close to the standard 4.2 compression ratio. On his 3.9 conversions, Dennis modified the heads to bring the compression ratio to 8.3.1. On the DPR super charge conversion, the charger is on the dizzy side of the engine, like this not on the top, and just fits in a defender engine bay. I have to say i was really looking for an off the shelf, well proven solution, that's available now. I am also going to use the Compushift, aftermarket setup to control my ZFHP- 24 auto box. So a soulution that works with this would be good. So two different opinions there of mega squirt. Think i'll wait a bit to see if any other members have any thing to add. Thanks for input so far.
  2. I'm putting a 4.2 classic range rover V8 into a new build defender. I have a old V8 loom from the LSE but no ECU. I am thinking of improving the set up with a new engine managment setup, with new loom and ecu etc. Reasons for this are, the old loom is.... well, very old, i would need to get hold of a standard used 4.2 ECU, and they seem to be around £400 on their own off ebay, the existing LSE loom seems to have loads of stuff on it i don't need, like aircon stuff etc. But the main reasons are, i want to be able to add extra fueling as I'm fitting a Sprintex super charger and given that the old system is getting on for 20 years old, i would have thought a new system would be greatly improved, least that's what they all say on the websites, but are they? From what i can see, there are a few to chose from, Mega squirt, Lloyd specialist V8 people, RPI engineering. Anybody got any experience with any of these or others? I could always use the old LSE system and and just figure out how the piggy back sprintex ecu, fits into the LSE engine loom? Oh and i'm not mud bathing in this one, so the waterproof side doesn't matter really.
  3. Thanks for that Raife, probably saved me a lot of time searching for the part number. Seems odd that its not avaible? Oh well better start looking for the "slug"!.
  4. Does anyone out there have or have the part number for the shoe / mounting peg / bracket, the bit that sticks onto the windscreen, for the range rover classic anti glare control rear view mirror, like this one on ebay 153220023945 ? I have a mirror, but need the shoe and i can not find the part number of one anywhere.
  5. Ok, new to this site and had'nt noticed there were seperate forums for defenders and range rovers etc, know now. This is proving to be difficult, looked at all those links and cant find anything in the search or index, that match's windscreen, let alone "rear view mirror windscreen mount". is it under Body or interior trim or what?
  6. Does anyone out there have or have the part number for the shoe ( i think thats what you call the bit that sticks onto the winscreen?) for the range rover classic anti glare control rear view mirrow, like this one on ebay 153220023945 ? I have a mirror, but need the shoe. Thanks John
  7. Looked over the forum and cant find one, anyone know where i can access one?
  8. Hello HFH. Another member sujested you migh be able to help / advice. I'm building a defender TD5 / 90, , ROW TD5 main and aux looms, 3.9 V8 supercharged, (Dennis Priddle Sprintex and all the kit and the piggy back fueling modual) HP22 auto box,  classic R/R engine loom with ECU.

    I'm at the stage of the build with figuering out how to connect the R/R loom to the rest of the TD5 electrics. I think its only 4 or 5 wires for the engine to run. But the loom is shabby, and i'm thinking of putting in a HP22E in stead of the HP22 now that there is compushift to make that work properly, and programable. I've also heard that there are far better soultions for engine managment than the old hot wire Rover set up, especially as i need to add extra fuel in when the super chargers cracking up.

    I've had a quick look a mega squirt. How would that mate to compushift or if i stuck to my HP22 (which is a ashcroft) mate to that? Never put in an auto before , only driven them, but i do know you have to do it right to avoid the stalling etc.

    So looking for a replacemnt loom / managment system  i guess, that will mate to eother the HP22 or the HP22E.

    Any advice?


  9. Evening all. Can anybody help me with getting the land rover wiring diagrams for defenders / discoveries etc. I have just spend 1.5 hours of wasted time trying to find , open , down load any and still not got anywhere. I tried the links on a previous thread to down load Rave files. I've done that twice now , but cant find for the life of me any wiring or anything that will open. My pc keeps saying PDF cant be opened? Is it me or the files? I am tryinmg to find some wiring diagrams for 300defender tdi engine loom, disco l and ll auto box loom, classic range rover loom amoungst other things. Got a headack now!
  10. no classic had a cable going to the chassis mounted transducer. i actually found all the plugs on my loom in the end. I dident look at the engine part loom ,which is a 300tdi and it turns out this goes all the way back to drivers seat box and passes the gear box on the way. As i am building this from parts and never took it apart, only much older 90's, its amazing how long these stupid little things can take.
  11. I am looking for NAS style rear step for a defender 90 with detachable tow hitch, anybody seen this around or know if this is available anywhere?
  12. Ahh, that helps a lot. I can see that the main loom runs over the top of the gearbox and into the drivers seat box. i thought it ran around the edge of the chassis, as i havent actuall offered it up yet. So my speed tranducer and reverse switch might be on the main loom, where i was'nt expecting or looking for it, i'll look later. Thanks for pic. I'm near Bristol, south west, where are you? So is your HP22E mated to a TD5 diesel?
  13. Ok just did some digging around, and the system looks great and had i have know about this before i installed my stage 3 Ashcroft HP22 (not HP22E) I would have gone for the electronic version. I avoided it as i thought the electronics in a custom vehicle would be a night mare. But i guess a lots changed in 10 years. So back to my problem, where are the connections?
  14. So is yours a HP22 E from a disco?
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