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  1. john elmes

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Ok just did some digging around, and the system looks great and had i have know about this before i installed my stage 3 Ashcroft HP22 (not HP22E) I would have gone for the electronic version. I avoided it as i thought the electronics in a custom vehicle would be a night mare. But i guess a lots changed in 10 years. So back to my problem, where are the connections?
  2. john elmes

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    So is yours a HP22 E from a disco?
  3. john elmes

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Ok i will look at Compushift, never heard of it. So you can recormend this V8 Freak? I was also thinking of ditching the LSE engine loom and ECU i have and going for an updated, tunable engine managment system as well, any experience of that?
  4. john elmes

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Ok next wiring conundrum, gearbox loom, of lack of it! Quick recap, defender build, based on TD5 around 2004 mark, rover V8 EFI 3.9. auto I have a ROW TD5 loom (no ECU), basic. YMC002383. I have a TD5 chassis loom, can’t (find a part number on that) but it had a 4 wire rear tank fuel pump / sender connection and orange bulk head plug TD5 lamp connectors etc. I have all the other loom parts, wings, instruments etc. So I have this on a bench and have plugged everything in, and I’m pretty sure (checked 5 times) I have used all the plugs, so in theory everything is on. My next step was to mate the ZF HP22 auto box loom to the main loom. This is from a classic range rover and I have the gearbox loom to match. I was expecting to find an unused plug in my loom somewhere, which was the gear box loom connector, but there are no connections for this on the main loom or chassis loom. I assumed all defenders had a gear box loom that plugged into the main loom, with the variations for different models? I realise that this HP22 auto box was only fitted to the 50th anniversary by land rover and that loom might be a one off and that I would have to make some modifications to the loom. But I was expecting to find the connections all the gearboxes use, i.e. speed sensor, reverse gear, diff lock etc., either off the chassis loom or off the main loom via a plug. So where is it? My only thought at the moment is that my chassis loom is not matched to the main loom and that, sometimes the gearbox has its own loom and plugs into the main loom and sometimes it comes off the chassis loom directly and I have ended up with a mis matched pair and have neither? My plan was to find a discovery 2 auto box loom as it’s the same gearbox similar year and work out how to connect it to the TD5 loom, but without any starting point, I’m a bit stumped? That does bring me to another point, is there anywhere I can get the Rave stuff so I can look all the wiring from different models, to work this stuff out? I am doing it via Google images at the moment and it takes for ever to find the correct pages as they seem to be mis titled most of the time, plus there is a company who want me to part with my credit card details to view the pages, which I’m not too keen on for scamming reason. When I started this 7 years ago, (no, I’m not that slow, its was taken over by life’s little challenges for 6 years!) I had the Rave stuff in full but now I can’t find it.
  5. Does anyone out there have or have the part number for the shoe ( i think thats what you call the bit that sticks onto the winscreen?) for the range rover classic glare control rear view mirrow, like this one on ebay 153220023945 ? I have a mirror, but need the shoe.
  6. john elmes

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    Update, for anyone else trying to do this. Whilst trawling back through old copies of L/R mags, i found an article in LRM july 2013 (see it does pay to keep all those old copies, tell the wife!) Defender ABS Retro fit. Fitting a TD5 ABS to a ROW (Rest of world) TD5 loom, which is what i have. Anyway, wont bore you all with detail, but it was done and sucessfull, by IRB developments. I just have to beaver away and find out some of these last few wiring details as the article was not that in depth. I also have to work out how to wire in a OBD2 diagnostic socket as i had not thought about the fact that i way need to do some diagnostics or at least reset the ABS ECU.
  7. Very interesting read Keeley75, a lot of my niggling little things to work out, i got from your very detailed build, thanks. I'm also trying to do a similar " as factory as possible" build. One thing i dident see, maybe you can help. As you can tell i am at the figuring out how to mate all the different wiring up. I too have fitted a ZF HP22 auto box, but mine from a classic range rover. I have the gearbox loom, but it has all the older type R/R plugs etc. Did your disco HP22 loom have later plugs and did it plug straight into your loom? Do you have any info on this? Thanks John
  8. john elmes

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    Very usefull, thank you Dailysleaze and to all other inputs.
  9. Hi I've fitted a ZF 4HP22. auto box to my TD5 2006 defender build, with V8 and am now looking at the gearbox oil cooler. I have a good classic range rover gearbox oil cooler, the tube type with fins, fitting each end. Does anyone know if the classic range rover gear box oil cooler pipes are the right length and will fit? Its a classic rangy gearbox and oil cooler, so threads should be ok, its just the length i am worried about before i buy some? Or any other advice / suggestions?
  10. john elmes

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    In hinds sight it would have been better to get an ABS 300tdi loom and strip the ABS stuff out of that in stead of a TD5 ABS loom. Oh well:)
  11. john elmes

    Retro fitting ABS to defender, one wire to go!

    Yes i have traced, through wiring diagrams, the one that goes to the speedo, i think the yellow / pink from memory, but will check. So i am thinking that on the 300 TDi, it takes its speed from the speedo rather than the engine ECU, as on later TD5's My loom is in fact a 2006 defender, but i think they call it third world issue, not available in UK or europe. In effect its a 300tdi loom, (no ecu) but with the later TD5 connectors etc. I did not want the hassle of trying to make an ECU work with my V8 conversion, been there before on another project, so plumped for the none ecu loom. Anyway, going off track now. So i guess the ABS ECU needs the throttle position and speed for traction control, not braking, as you would not be excellerating and braking at the same time. Interesting, a bit more research i think. Thanks all.
  12. Before we start, i am retro fitting ABS to a defender, chassis up build, so don't try and persueded me not to, its too late, 95% of the way there. Ok, i have late TD5 ABS axel's, the actuator, all plumbed in. I have the ABS loom from a TD5 defender, with ECU and so far, worked out all the wiring, dash lights, loom etc etc. But i am fitting this to a 300tdi loom, ie no ECU, and because of this i cant connect one wire, the wire that goes from the ABS loom to the TD5 ECU. Does anyone know what purpose this wire has , and if the ABS will work with out it connected? The wiring diagram does not seem clear on what this wire does, feed information to the Main ECU for control of engine speed / diagnostics or feed information from the main ECU to the braking ECU, or something else? One other question, obviously i am very aware that this is braking and vital it works properly. But i have been told that as a saftey feature, Land rover designed this, that if ABS electrics should fail, the brakes revert back to working as none ABS braking, and therefor no worse that having none ABS brakes in the first place. I'm not using this to short cut the job, just interested if this is true. Can anyone confirm this from facts, not assumptions? Any body go an answer to the wire or point me in the direction of any usefull acticles on this? Thanks Johnny
  13. john elmes

    central locking defender td5

    Hi i am building one loom for my project defender, out of some other defender TD5 looms ( i want none ecu loom , but with ABS, C\L, E\W and alarm etc) and i have a central locking question.. The pink and orange wire for the central locking seem to go in the the area under the passender seat with a white connector on it. I thought the central locking was controled by the green alarm ecu under the dash. Does anybody know what this connects to, as i have wires going to front doors x 2 and rear door and to the alarm ecu? Or is it the link for the second 2 doors on the 110? Thanks

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