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    transfer box's

    hello. i have done this literally a month ago. they boxes are exactly identical apart from a couple of things. 1. you will need to change the little speedo cable drive in the tx box, just slots out and in quite easy. 2. the handbrake drum and handbrake cable are different, you'll need to use your 300 tdi handbrake assembley or modify the cable where it attaches to the handbrake (which is what i did). hope this helps. apart from that its childsplay.
  2. if you still want the cool running i just used to take the thermostat out and remove the innerds of it so i was just left with the casing of the thermostat and put that in as it still lets the pressure build up, but cools things down nicely
  3. doing my 2 inch lift kit at the weekend and getting my 235/85/16's fitted - ive searched but cant find any pics of any disco 1's with this setup. has anyone got any pics of any 5 door disco's with the above setup?? Many thanks.
  4. I remember when a fella came into work and wanted a set of glow plugs for his 300 tdi, no poblem i said - went and got them off the shelf, came back and he says " ive taken the old ones out already, is it ok if i just match them up to make sure they are the same?" no problem i say. So he pulls a bag out from his pocket and pulls one out, has a look and says "hmm they arent the same mate, look" - to which i turn around and look, and inform him that he's removed his injectors and not his glow plugs...... the look on his face......
  5. you checking the auto box level on the dipstick whilst the car is running yeah??? if you arent it will read higher than the true level...
  6. GS isnt anything to really shout about im afraid. Just the usual leccy windows, central locking etc etc some trim differences and i think air con was an option.
  7. wrcwrc

    which battery

    Personally i'd just go for the biggest BOSCH battery you can fit in there. Cant really go wrong unless you are putting too much load on it without the engine running etc
  8. just need to raise the rear off my 200 tdi up by 1.5 in - are spacers a good alternative to springs? just look easier/cheaper as its only a basic off roader.. good places to buy them?? thanks guys.
  9. seal up the rear windows and rear sunroof the best you can! garuntee that is the cause of it going in the first place.
  10. erm - i'll get me hat shall i? they are 235/85's....... just realised sorry to lead you on a wild goose chase - will they be ok ? lol
  11. doh really??? so the 265/85's im gonna have no chance with???? not even on a bit of a lift? they are cheap, near and great condition, and bfg's too!
  12. wow that is quite a difference, thats a really good page cheers. well i spose all i can do is see how it goes - im hoping they will go on stock suspension, if i get real problems, i'll have to get some 1" lift springs on i guess.
  13. yeah ive got a 5 door she's got 235/70's on at the mo, but was only gonna go for the 225/70's as they were good off road tyres going cheap. but im gonna go for the 265/85's and see how i get on, dont mind a bit of trimming. just hope the steering effects arent massive. end of the day could always go for a small 1 inch lift? another thing i was thinking aswell is that most older disco's have 205/80's on, so surely the 85 size tyre isnt going to make massive difference over those?
  14. So obviously a spring lift is best avoided for me....i am happy with that. do you think im going to be ok with the 235/85's? Like you said, need to cut arches for them (especially without a spring lift). I would like a little lift off the tyres, but what are the modifications going to be if i go for them? Major cutting of arches etc? Where are they going to foul? Its either that or i just stick to the 225/70's and dont get and lift at all and just deal with it? I'd prefer the 85's, but am cautious about the work needed - could someone go into it in slightly more detail? Thanks again.
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