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  1. Cant get over how well its blended in, once its painted it will almost look factor. Good effort!👍
  2. Just shout if you change your mind. The printer does all the hard work, i just need to chuck a model together and press go, sacrifice a goat and pray to gods the print doesnt fail!
  3. I could 3d print you a copy in plastic, that could be used to cast a new one? Might need one of the adults to tell me how i model the gear accurately as i don't know anythign about tooth profiles.
  4. Whats involved in shortening the pinion shaft. Can it just be machined down and new splines cut? Useless post, just seen you have already covered it. RTFM Christoph!
  5. I think the thing you need to be careful of, is that typically a vfd is used to control the same voltage and phase input / output. For example 420v 3ph in 420v 3ph out. But you want to go 230 1ph in to 420 3ph out, which is a inverter vfd ( I believe from my googling). So you need to make sure you are buying one that can do this. There may be some trickery to convert 3ph in 3ph out to a 1ph in 3ph out, but its just easier to get the right one in the first place.
  6. Excuse my stupidity, but Isn't it 1.732x 420x 2.8 = 1552w given it's 3 phase?
  7. When I looked into this for a lathe tools still haven't brought, I found some good how too's on youtube.
  8. I don't know a huge amount but I would say your right. It's 0.9hp at what ever speed. 1 hp = 746 watts so your some where around 675watts 3 phase. I'm guessing your using the vfd to go single phase to 3 phase?
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