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  1. just caught up with this, top work looks brillant. Are you taking orders ๐Ÿ˜ now get back to those axles ๐Ÿคฃ
  2. Does your workshop have its own gravitational force yet? Nice to see what works and doesnt, keep it up!
  3. Proper 6x6 envy now. Whats the plated weight of a 6WD TGB. I'm guessing its over my microscopic 3.5t license? Eagerly watching this progress๐Ÿ‘ Doe anyone know its kept... i may have to steal his axles. Just out of interest how easy is it to source volvo parts? I don't seem to beable to find 2nd hand parts let alone new.
  4. unless mo ventures that way, Im probably the closest. (hemel hempstead). Would give me an excuse to take the bike out for a blast!
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've got to replace the cam seals, and water pump (cambelt driven) so i think i will use the opportunity to replace the lifters and give it a general spruce up. I'll take a few pics when i do, i lost most my conversion photos to photobucket.
  6. Guys, Looking for some advice. Its not the norm, but the rover t16 in the lightweight has got an intermittent sticking valve. Some days fine, otherdays sounds like a type writer. Can it really be cured without stripping the head down ( with additives etc) or is it just a pipe dream, and i just accept i need to get the spanners out. Its a modern style dohc with hydrualic tappets, if you havent seen this engine in the flesh. Cheers Chris
  7. There ended up being a bit of a barny on Facebook . The guy claimed it was being sold as display purposes etc. Nothing in the Add said that. Looking at the company site, they have been trying to sell it since june/july last year. Built in 3 weeks... No Sh#t! You can tell. All the focus on "blinging it up". Literal demonstation of polishing a turd.
  8. You'll give HFH a run for his money. Loving this build!
  9. Are you narrowing the rear, or just clocking it for better prop alignment? Whats the plan with the front, are you flipping the case of cutting each side off the housing and swapping over? I guessing no ones tried to lighten te these axle by removing the inner tube. probably more hassel than its worth. i did wonder as an alternative to flipping the case upside down if you coud cut the diff pan off, machine the front face to take the diff, and weld a new pan on the old back.
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