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  1. The only way I can see to do it is to create a frame that has an external lip that slots into the hole from the out side. Your window secured internally using a set of over center toggle clamps ( with a rubber foot). https://www.protex.com/toggle-clamps
  2. Not with out a whole world of pain! I moved the engine 100mm forwards on my 88 and ended up with a 45cm rear prop ( off the top of my head). There was couple of inches between the front cross member and front of the 2.25/tdi. I ran around like this for a couple of years before I dropped in the t16. This was with a LT230.
  3. Fridge, i'm pretty sure you used defender gearbox mounts on yours which lifts the box up higher than a series. Jericho Used defender gearbox mounts positioned at the stock series gearbox height, and they stuck out bellow the chassis rail.
  4. R380 without coiler axles sounds like a whole world of pain. I presume your using an LT230, and the engine in the stock location? Make sure your can actually get the front prop to the axle without scalloping the gearbox cross member to extinction. Pro-comp sell wedges. but they aren't great in my opinion.
  5. The stock figure is 200bhp and a similar torque curve to a 3.9 v8, on about 11psi of boost. Mines cranked up to 14.5psi with a larger cooler and 2.5 inch exhaust. Most that have these mods seem to achieve around 225bhp. I do have a t28 turbo in the garage but the pistons and ecu will stop you going much further. If you can get m series pistons or replace with forged and replace the ecu with squirt you could achieve 270 before needing to spend much on the bottom end.
  6. Hi guy's, finally found a spare moment to tap back in. the lwt is still going strong! My setup uses a lt77 with a Sherpa/ sd1 2000 bell housing and pinion which is only 7 inches long. The lt77 seems more than strong enough for the turbo version and it has had a thrashing. I do have an issue with the sychros on 3rd, but I think the problem is I have the wrong pivot on the clutch arm so the clutch always had a hint of drag. For good measure I have an r380 ready to go. I did toy with using an mpi bell housing ( there's enough room as the engine is so short, But I liked the idea of sitting right back. I have a 1.2 transfer and the lt77 is a v8 box. Mpg. If driven sensibly aka keeping up with traffic, crusing 65 you will achieve 35mpg. I recently collected a rapier trailer from Leicester (250 miles round trip) and achieved higher than this. Probably nearer 40. The flat torque curve means you can just leave it in fifth and cruise along. If you think ahead, you dont even need to change gear when overtaking trucks in the slow lane. However if you give it the beans you will be down to the 20's. The open diffs and short wheelbase can make things a little wild when the boost kicks in, and can be a little unpredictable. I'm considering converting the lt230 to rwd. I haven't blown anything yet! The conversion wasn't massively expensive. the expensive parts these days are the bell housings. My engine cost me £90 but was missing the turbo. That cost me £50. I made my own loom for £50. The front property is standard Land Rover and the rear was made for £90. I had to install a swirl pot and injection pumps. The swirl pot was £20 off eBay. The fuel pumps are a cheap defender type low pressure and a jag HP. The most expensive parts were intercooler hose. (The intercooler was £90 off eBay new) and the exhaust was made from parts and probably topped close to £500. But that could have be built using two sections and enough time.
  7. I presume this applies to any chassis modifications. For example, foley doing a 3rd axle extension, even if the rest of the vehicle is original.
  8. Its a poor mans Ibex! It was actaully inspired after seeing your build.
  9. Personally i think the statement is snake oil, if they are to consider a body change as something inspectable, they would have to change the point system to reflect. Something along those lines. I'm getting to old , fat and soft to drive a series anymore. i find i barely drive the Lwt any more but as it was my first car and ive had since i was 16 '(now 32) i can't brind my self to get rid. I had planned this, but if things aren't clean cut i will probably cut my losses and just go down the defender route. ( apologies for pic quality, had to bodge them to upload)
  10. Its been a long time since i've been on here, but i have an itch that needs a scratch. I'm hoping the guys that have experince of Iva's kit cars etc can enlighten me. I understand the points system for radically altered vehicles. But if you preform a body change (in this case putting a series body on a defender chassis without any modications to the chassis) are you still required to submit the vehicle for inspection to check the change is mechanially sound. Something was mentioned on a kit car forum about an amendment in 2015 which means you can no longer change bodies like this. Do you think its bogus, or are they right? I don't hold much hope of an answer from the DVSA. They havent responded before! Thanks in advance Chris
  11. Cheers guys, I feel educated. So if I understand correctly, the viscous in effect replaces the dog clutch (diff lock) on an lt230. Giving the variabilty with load. I don't actually own a bw box, but wanted to understand the theory of how they worked.
  12. Trying to work out how the viscous operates in BW transfer boxes. Does the transfer directly drive the rear wheels and then bring in the front when required, or act as a centre diff like an lt230. Im assuming both rrc and p38 operate the same way. Manual suggests the input and rear drive is linked via the viscous, aka not directly linked. Can any one confirm. Ta muchly.
  13. Early 127 chassis were also stretched 110's.
  14. I believe so, there is a slightly different rear cross, and the rear tub supports stretch further up the chassis.
  15. I recently tested my servo vacuum. The vacuum was still present 4 hours after I had last driven it.
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