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  1. All sorted after a frustrating evening but then what else should i expect from a land rover many thanks for all you help guys, Matt
  2. Many thanks for the reply i have already done everything, mine is back on the road, i just need to wip the wiper motor off and sort the gear out when it arrives. Sadly i didn't have the luxury of modifying bulkhead prior to galv as i bought the bulkhead from a well known supplier of galvanised bulkheads and it wasn't untill it was bolted to my chassis and we started swapping bits we noticed the problem.
  3. Thanks James and Ralph gear will be ordered tomorrow and hopefully the saga will soon be over!
  4. Hi Ralph, I just wondered that as i have just found this page https://britishparts.co.uk/t/land-rover/defender/wiper-system?page=2 Presumably the two different cables are just different lengths? But if i can just fit the later gear it could be a easier/cheaper fix other than the having to dismantle the end of the dash board again! Lol
  5. When you say match the drive gear? Does that mean fit a td5 motor? I cant see how i can do that as they are in a totally different place in a td5 that wouldn' t work with my dash board?. As a td5 motor couldn' t go where the 300 does as surely a td5 motor and wheel boxes need a td5 cable and that wouldnt be long enough? I am wondering if anything can be done to make the 300tdi wheel boxes fit better in later bulkhead
  6. Sorry guys to resurect this thread but i am still having issues! I fitted td5 wiper boxes and drilled the dash support bracket to take the drive tube between the boxes. I fitted my 300tdi wiper motor and drive cable i looked at it and it all seemed to mesh and work correctly. I finished building the truck and have been out today on shakedown and have wiper issues, When i activate wipers they go from tye park position to just past 90 degrees vertical they don't go as far as they should, any body have any ideas? My thoughts are 1) is there something i can alter in th
  7. Hi David, You could have done if i had written it all in one go but i am afraid i did bits at a time and chucked all the bits of paper away as i went Matt
  8. Its a bit of a pain in the backside but i have just done my 130 and i made a list of everything i cut off or undid and went to my local nut and bolt place, i used stainless for anything not important but used what i term proper bolts for things like the towbar. I did look at buying a restoration nut and bolt kit i seem to remember it being about 90 quid i cam honestly saying paying pound notes at the local place i havent given them 40 quid and every nut and bolt i have used has been new!
  9. Thanks all for the reply, I have the seat box from a 130 dc post 2007 so it has all the right mountings, however, I believe from pictures I have seen on the net that lost 2007 there is indeed a difference in the brackets between a csw and dc that lock the seats down into position. This job will not be a bodge hence me asking the question if needs be we will just source a complete set of DC second row seats. I would not even consider bodging a seat install the consequences are not worth thinking about
  10. Morning all, Does anyone know if 110 csw middle row seats will fit a double cab please? Thanks Matt
  11. And that's solved the problem Thanks very very much two bits ordered
  12. Thanks both, Item number 19 is listed on that diagram and i think thats the bit i need for the new doors the channel the stay rolls in, my donor doors seem to have the channel welded in m6 new doors have two tapped holes and no channel, like wise my old parts manual for older vehicles doesnt number the bit this diagram does I forgot to take pics today while sweltering.
  13. That looks like the same as my book for the earlier model i will get a picture of inside new and old door tomorrow and try and show what i mean
  14. Hi all, Would anyone be able to post a picture of the parts book for a 2nd row door but from the later puma defenders please? My parts book only goes upto 2006 MY I bought one piece second row doors and because the online parts seller said compatible with earlier door internals i thought the job was a good un 90% does swap over but it looks like i need brackets to bolt to the doors behind the card for the check strap. I only have a tablet so a bit nervous about online links incase i download summat to big, Many thanks Matt Ps not forgotten to update dash bo
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