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:P Hiya , just joined and thought id say hello.

Ive got a 2001 FL 1.8 petrol.

Only had the head gasket and water pump blow up so far so i guess im doing fairly well :unsure:

Anyway hiya


oh yeah and it has done some off roading up round the Peak district and i was fairly impressed with it B)

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Love the vid of the freelander racing :o very impresive.

I used to go to a place near Robin Hoods Bay on the North Yorks coast to watch some off road racing . Dont know if it is still held there but it was an impressive site , especially on top of the cliffs :)

Dont think ill be doing anything as extreme as that in mine :rolleyes:

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There used to be an off road site on the cliff above robin hood bay. Don't know if its still there but can remember having fun in a TD90 and 109 Safari a few moons ago.

And welcome to LR4x4 Dazco :)

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