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  1. Coincidentally I've started to see a yellow Freelander on my commute to Bristol. Who would want a yellow car?!!?? Cheers Blippie
  2. ... and now I'm beginning to doubt that the embossed numbers are significant when trying to determine early/late wheels. Can anyone confirm? Cheers Blippie
  3. Just reread my older post - they are not all "12"'s, the important thing is that it is an embossed number which the others don't have. No idea what the number signifies. Cheers Blippie
  4. There are three types of Freelander 1 wheel. The originals fit the earlier models as described above. Then the alloy wheels were made with little holes around the centre, and the number 12 embossed on one of the spokes. (The holes were for some mounting jig thingie, I'm told.) The later ones still had the 12 embossed on a spoke but lacked the holes. So if you have the later model, you will need one with "12" embossed. For the earliest you need the plain ones. Cheers Blippie
  5. Ohh-err, is there? It's off to the garage for me! Cheers Blippie
  6. Little bird tells me there might be a CT Freebie available in due course... "You didn't hear it from me..." Cheers Blippie
  7. 1 - Andy D..............Inverkip, Scotland 2 - Dan W ..............Southampton, hampshire 3 - Brian W..............Newbridge, Caerphilly, South Wales 4 - V8camel - dorset 98 camel freebie 5 - denviks.......gosport, hants 6 - Steve --------- Croydon, Surrey 7 - Graham......... Llanidloes, Powys 8 - FridgeFreezer - Gosport, Hampshire. 9 - Mark........Horsham, West Sussex 10 - Mark......Hedon, East Yorks 11 - Exmoor Beast (Will)2001-1.8ES...Exmoor obviously 12 - Broon (iain) aberdeen scotland 13 - Stevo............Pencoed, South Wales 14 - Richard...........Kidderminster, Worceste
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