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Green Lanes near Sussex


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Hello Folks.

Im new to this,VERY new.Just got my first Landrover this week (Yes its only a Freelander),although ive driven plenty at work (HM Forces).

Im looking to try out a few realy easy green lanes,i wondered if anyone knows of any in the Sussex area,or surrounding counties?

Remember,they gotta be suitable for a shiney Freelander :D


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Welcome, another Shires member here, follow the link by fridgefreezer, he's the clubs magazine ed, but they have had and do hold good greenlane days. they are well organised and you get to go with people who know what they are doing.

Equally if you join up and let them know you have a shiny freelander, they will be sure to advise of what lanes are suitable.

Equally, they will also ensure that the lanes you drive are the ones that you are allowed too.

Have alot of lane days in Hants and surrounding areas, so theres bound to be something within easy reach.

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You've just missed a ShireLRC green lane day, I'm biased but I'd suggest joining up ;) Ian tries to keep stuff non-scratchy and reasonably sane.

Ive been on the site,and want to join the club,but cant work out how to join?

Unfortunatly im an IT BIFF,so i could be missing something,but all i need is an address of where to send me money!

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If you click on "membership" you have the option to download a printable membership form or fill in a printable page online.

The fee is a very reasonable £10 per year and the address (in case you still can't find it ;) ) is:

Membership Officer

Shire LRC

7 Church Street

Sutton Courtenay


OX14 4AD

United Kingdom

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You should consider joining GLASS as well if you green lane:


We have many local reps who can advise on routes, pub meets, organised weekends and we're fighting at a government level to retain our rights to drive unsurfaced roads (it's got to be worth it just for that alone!).

Like GB MUD said, there's not a lot left in Sussex apart from a handful of byways and UCRs (although would have to check out my old maps from when I used to lane over that way regularly) and they're probably not suitable for you, well unless you get something you don't mind knocking about a bit!

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