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Yorkshire Off Road Club Challenge - 29th October 2017

Dave W

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Twice a year we run a challenge event that aims to bring challenge back towards where it started - road legal vehicles, possibly equipped with a winch and a crew doing their best to navigate, cope with whatever terrain they come across and complete special tasks along the way.

The event will consist of over 20 orienteering punches that will be graded into three categories according to their difficulty. Similarly, entries will be divided into three classes based on the vehicle's capabilities and competitors will only be allowed to attempt punches at or below their vehicle class.

The status of this event means that all drivers will need to hold an MSA license (None Race Clubmans) . For those who do not already have a license, please bring a completed form to signing on. We will have some forms available although it's easier and saves time if you can bring them with you. Navigators need only a club membership card unless the crew intend to swap drivers.

The three vehicle classes will be as follows:

Class 1 is for vehicles not fitted with a winch, essentially our normal trials vehicles class.
Class 2 are vehicles fitted with a single winch.
Class 3 are vehicles with more than one winch and will also require basic rollover protection.

More details and online booking are available on our web site...

We can also be contacted via Facebook...

Or post here :)

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Due to circumstances outside our control, this event has now been postponed by 2 weeks and will now run on the 29th October and not the 15th. Apologies for the last minute change, any booked competitors who can't make the new date will be refunded in full.

If an admin can alter the date on the original post, that'd be handy :)

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