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Best way to clean a fuel tank/lines

Orgasmic Farmer

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Well it is starting to pee me off now. Everytime I go more than a mile in the Disco it is sucking junk into the fuel line and grinding to a halt. Cant blow it clear without resorting to an airline, after which its fine again for a short while. The strain on the system has already seen the end of one lift pump and I fear for this one as I have no more spares (Heaven forbid I have to buy one).

So I have aquired a spare tank (plastic for 200tdi disco by the way) from a mate doing a bob so am going to give this one a clean before changing it for mine. I know mine will come out as I had removed it to do the boot floor which is when the carp got in there no doubt (read the warning here peeps). So assuming the lines are blown clear whats the best way of chleaning a tank and are there any hints for making suyre the system is clean before reassembly?

Cheers for any input


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Well I currently have it all apart on the bench. I have removed the sedimenter and cleaned the snot from that and blown comp air through all the lines. The pick up unit in the tank was quite dirty with a few large black lumps in it. I am guessing they are the main cause of my problem. I have taken it apart and cleaned it all thoroughly. I have yet to remove the tank and swill it out. I am wondering what mileage there is in doing so since I hope the problem was the muck in the plastic pickup bowl. I may give it a go without draining tank. It is not such a tough job to do in future if I haven't cured it but as the tank is quite full I can't be bothered to siphon it all out....

I will keep you informed.

BTW am I right in thinking the main deisel draw is the pipe into the centre of the pickup unit and the return/secondary draw is the pipe to the side of the unit with the rubber valve on the bottow? I forgot to note the right order on removal DOH! :blush:

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