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Do you get any RPM on the gauge when cranking it?

Any smell of fuel - fuel pump running?

When did it last run, and what's changed?

#1 suspect would be crank sensor as if the ECU can't see the engine turning it's not going to do anything.

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Thanks for reply

yes the gauge did move went up to about 2000rpm

the injectors are squirting out when i crack them off and can here pump

it was running then removed engine to do the clutch really wishing idd struggled with the engine in now!

i was thinking crank or camshaft after doing some looking up on here 

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Probably not crank sensor then if it can see RPM, unless you've got two sensor wires swapped during the clutch job?

Not sure what next, do you have a diagnostics reader? They're quite cheap these days and can be handy.

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