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  1. Discochris


    Hi I would really be grateful for the brackets thanks
  2. Discochris

    Non starter

    Hi afternoon well i got a 2002 2.0 td4 swapped it for a van just needed a clutch so removed engine and box replaced clutch and slave cylinder refitted now it wont start got fuel to injectors replaced low fuel pressure sensor as diagnostics said it was faulty spray easy start it runs off that soon as i stop spraying it dies am I missing anything?? any help be very appreciated thanks chris
  3. Discochris


    Hi thanks for reply there the ones ive found just wasn't sure they would fit as it saying 200tdi
  4. Discochris


    Morning all i have finally bought a 110 only took me 25 years to get oneπŸ˜‚ she needs a little work but will look nice its a d reg and has a 2.5 n/a in it my problem is some nice people have removed some parts the main one im struggling with is the altinator/ power steering bracket and im struggling to find one dose anyone know where to find one or a picture off one so i can see what its like any help would be greatfull thanks chris
  5. Discochris

    Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    I finally found it broken white wire to sensor πŸ˜€ Even managed to do turbo hose
  6. Discochris

    Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    Well snow stopped play so gonna have to put up ith it for a little longer its no longer intermittent but on all time now im hoping it just the plugs that have water in them as my diagnostics is saying dynamic control module 😞 im guessing you have to strip half interior out for the retaining clips the d2 needed burning i changed everything on it an still the abs lights were on even did the bypass on shuttle valve
  7. Discochris

    Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    Thanks for replying I will have a look at them the weekend
  8. Discochris

    Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    My diagnostics is landrover only
  9. Discochris

    Td5 discovery price

    The father in law has bought it knowing my luck I still be haunted by it
  10. Discochris

    Discovery3 Xmas tree dash

    Hi all I'm wondering if any one come across this fault on a tdv6 d3 all started after driving in snow suspension drops all special settings turn off(hdc)park brake fault has a Amber p on dash abs lights on and seams sluggish also no speedo so plugged diagnostic in says left hand rear speed sensor faulty so changed it came up no faults but still doing it seams to do it when we turn any help would be very help full i gave up on my td5 cuz off the abs problems now this playing up 😑 Thanks chris
  11. Discochris

    Td5 discovery price

    rear 1/4 section replaced rhink front needs attention
  12. Discochris

    Td5 discovery price

    Hi all my td5 has finaly got better of me so in stead of chucking more money at it ive bought a tdv6 It has no mot but ive spent loads on it up rated discs head gasket done with proper dowls new starter motor new hub on rear new hub for front still in box this should get rid off 3 amigos de cat exhaust psi tuning chip egr delete plus more it a 99 t plate with 162k so my question is what price should i sell it for thanks chris
  13. Discochris

    Wiper less

    Thanks I found the wire where it broke
  14. Discochris

    Wiper less

    Hi all Well I was driving other day rain started typical bank holiday went to put wipers on and nothing So checked fuse an it was blown changed it and it popped staight away so sat waited for rain to stop an drove home quick So started trying to eliminate what it could be in plugged the stalk still popped so I thought must be motor got replacement off working truck fitted today still blowing fuse so not motor I guessing it's wiring now but carnt find what colours are any where dose any one out there know please Thanks Chris It's a 97 p reg v8 disco
  15. Discochris

    Help v8 trouble

    quick update it runs sounds lovley so I went back up unit with a list of checks and worked through them slowly checking everything out blow me hold staring me in the face was the problem i hadn't earthed the coil so quickly bolted to bulkhead she fired up im happy now finally see light in end of the tunnel

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