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  1. Thanks for replys i will have a look at stripping it down and going from there
  2. I work on busses for a living had a Halfords breaker bar over 15 years had a scaffolding bar on it never broke still going strong i broke more snapon/mac tools than i can count but only broke 2 sockets(allen key and torx) in that time i also have 2 snapon battery guns 1/2-3/8 very good bits off kit but expensive and still have to use the bar sometimes to crack the nut off !
  3. Afternoon everyone! hi all i got a 86" n/a diesel 110 with the engine seized managed to get it moving nicely If i turn it over anti clockwise moved freely (6times) but if i go clockwise it gets to the 6 turns it becomes solid any ideas would be appreciated thanks chris
  4. I got a reader only dose landrover models but no codes came up plugged my mates in also came up with no faults so next step I thinking off trying is camshaft and crank sensor
  5. Thanks for reply yes the gauge did move went up to about 2000rpm the injectors are squirting out when i crack them off and can here pump it was running then removed engine to do the clutch really wishing idd struggled with the engine in now! i was thinking crank or camshaft after doing some looking up on here
  6. Morning all i have a td4 f1 it wont start i can get it to start and run on brake cleaner but soon as i stop spraying it cuts out its like the accelerator pedal ain't connected Any help will be appreciated chris
  7. Hi I would really be grateful for the brackets thanks
  8. Hi afternoon well i got a 2002 2.0 td4 swapped it for a van just needed a clutch so removed engine and box replaced clutch and slave cylinder refitted now it wont start got fuel to injectors replaced low fuel pressure sensor as diagnostics said it was faulty spray easy start it runs off that soon as i stop spraying it dies am I missing anything?? any help be very appreciated thanks chris
  9. Hi thanks for reply there the ones ive found just wasn't sure they would fit as it saying 200tdi
  10. Morning all i have finally bought a 110 only took me 25 years to get oneπŸ˜‚ she needs a little work but will look nice its a d reg and has a 2.5 n/a in it my problem is some nice people have removed some parts the main one im struggling with is the altinator/ power steering bracket and im struggling to find one dose anyone know where to find one or a picture off one so i can see what its like any help would be greatfull thanks chris
  11. I finally found it broken white wire to sensor πŸ˜€ Even managed to do turbo hose
  12. Well snow stopped play so gonna have to put up ith it for a little longer its no longer intermittent but on all time now im hoping it just the plugs that have water in them as my diagnostics is saying dynamic control module 😞 im guessing you have to strip half interior out for the retaining clips the d2 needed burning i changed everything on it an still the abs lights were on even did the bypass on shuttle valve
  13. Thanks for replying I will have a look at them the weekend
  14. The father in law has bought it knowing my luck I still be haunted by it
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