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brake servo or vac pump

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Lost the servo assistance on my 90.  Had a look at the vac pump and there was nothing going on so swapped it for a new one.  

The old vac pump appears to be broken as the piston is easy to push in and out across the range.  I guess either the seals or valves bust perhaps.

Took it for a quick spin down the lane with the new pump fitted and I have some servo assistance but not enough in my opinion.  Standing on the brakes it will only just lock up on a damp road (insa special tracks so not the grippiest tires on wet tarmac).

I am wondering if the servo is knackered also... but if I test it it seems fine as I can feel the pedal sink an inch or so when I start the engine up.

What do people think, is the new vac pump not 100% or is the servo on the way out.



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