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Steering column thread


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A while ago I posted asking about the thread on Defender steering columns - the one fitted to my 90 has knackered threads and i need to know which die will cut a new one. Both 1/2" UNF and M14x2mm were suggested but having bought/borrowed the dies it turns out to be neither. The thread is larger than both 1/2" and M14 so does anyone have any other ideas?

The column is out of an '85 110 (but i have no idea whether it was the original) the steering wheel is from a '93 Discovery (part number NTC5043) and the vehicle is an '87 90 if that makes any diffrence.

Short of finding the correct die i'm thinking of putting the wheel onto the splines and then putting a blob of weld on to stop movement - any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Many thanks

Lewis :)

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There's an outside chance it may the same as SIII, Metro, Maestro or Montego : they're all the same - drop into a scrappy and pinch one.

Sorry, maybe i wasnt clear in my original post - its the thread on the steering column that is damaged, and there is no way that this can be changed in situ - to remove it from the donor 110 the drivers wing, bonnet and shock tower had to be removed, then with all the column bolts removed you can just about slide the shaft out of the column

Thanks anyway :)

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