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RRC Y v8 Stainless Y Pipe

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I'm after a decent quality RRC v8 Stainless Y pipe - the bit that goes from the cast manifolds back. I'm currently using NTC7320 from Britpart, but the quality is utter carp:


Where each of the pipes merges they are basically squashed in half which must hurt flow, , the slip joints needed welding to stop them leaking and it's starting to rust out even though it's only a couple of years old.

Any suggestions for decent off the shelf stainless ones? ISTR one of the manufacturers did one as part of a sports exhaust package but I can't find it at the moment... :(






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Not fit for purpose, so simply get themtoreplace it, they cannot improve things unless they know there is an issue. Cannot be stainless if it is rusting!

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Sorry - the britpart one wasn't advertised as stainless, and it 'works', but it's just not great. I was after a better one...

Have found a stainless one at Rimmer:


Which looks a bit better, but I'm not sure if anyone on here has tried it yet (I know need4speed bought one, but I don't think his landy is back on the road yet)

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