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  1. Only pumping water which should have no nefarious bits in!
  2. Hi, my RRC sunroof is working but a bit sticky. What is the insitu maintenance care for the sunroof, if any. I have asked my garage and tried to search, but no indication so far of lubrication etc? Thanks.
  3. My ordinal fobs have broken cases so bo not at tech to a key ring, 1 works fine , the otherflattens its battery in a couple of weeks or less. Bought 1 replacement from Remotekey. Co.uk. Has anyone registered new fobs on the system or has any advice/tips? Has anyone used Autotronics Ltd to repair/ get new cases for fobs?
  4. 391148 RH, 391149 LH, are believed to be the part numbers for the lock barrels which have attached the operating cam plate for the latch. These are listed as obsolete and I cannot find a supplier that has any stock. Can anyone help, 94RRC, Vogue. My RH lock barrel is ok but a detent in the operating cam on the end has broken so the key just turns the lock and not the cam.
  5. I have now looked at LR cat, it appears the lock , barrel and operating disc are all one. The problem now seems to be there locks are obsolete and nobody has them. Does anyone on the forum know of a supplier? Thanks
  6. This refers to the collar at the end of the barrel that connects to the operating rod to the door latch. The collar a flat plastic disc has a detent which fits into a slot on the key barrel. On mine the detent has broken out of the disc/collar
  7. Odd , I thought the fuel pumps were in the tank, my 94 and earlier Classic were both in the tank?
  8. Not sure how you do it on a v8, but why not check TDC and put the plate right/ confirm first?
  9. Please explain the issue, is it a problem with the seat belt or the auto lock?
  10. Take it back to the garage
  11. Why not simply connect a temporary fly lead from the pack to any earth? You could have done that in less time than to ask the question!
  12. At LR Legends, Bicester, this year Bishop were showing an open back RRC in red they had fully restored. Originally resident in France. Did not have a soft top at the show but perhaps that is it, prepared for the UK. Cannot remember whose it was .Checked on Bishops website, theirs is brown, there is a picture of it. The red RRC was restored from bottom up, but it was in as new condition, came from Far East I think.
  13. I would be interested in this as well As I have a set of air springs off a classic and my son has a p38 that need some!
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