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  1. I have a 94RRC registered September 1994. Every time is goes for MOT in the last few years it fails emission. Had a new cat about 4 years ago , but it eventually scrapes through after tweaking. As the p38 was on sale at the same time , I wonder whether the levels the mot station are given by DVLA system for the reg are confused by the fact there were 2 very different Range Rover versions? Does anyone have the emissions listing for the RRC and the P38? or any other comments? Thankyou
  2. The simplest solutions are the best, hit it! lol
  3. Googled the part number and there seem to be some on eBay (from Sevenoaks,Kent) and also from the states
  4. Should have said radio 3 & 4........!
  5. Radio 2 coverage is not brilliant throughout the country, I find it often has weak areas these days. Living near Watford, for instance, there is a weak spot between junctions 18 and 19. Reading 3 and 4 no issues, in fact often retunes itself to 3. London and regional stations such as Heart no problem. If only one station very unlikely to be radio. I have a RRC94.
  6. (94RRC) The ABS and probably saved us from serious injury a couple of times. It was amazing how it worked as it did not seem possible in the incidents. The only downside is I had to remove it when the WABCO Master cylinder failed , there are no replacements available and no one services them.
  7. Lucas is not genuine anymore, company name bought by the Chinese or other company , could be anyone producing the parts.
  8. On my classic the ignition amp was fitted with the coil on the original distributor
  9. I eventually had to give in and fit coils to my. 94RRC
  10. My son works for an established Land Rover independent garage. He tells me ACE is an option for RRs. However experience is they last about 3 years and the seals are not replaceable. So replacement is the only option. However take a lot of time and effort to replace depending on model. So labour costs can be quite high. Expensive, they usually recommend to customer to fit standard antiroll bar
  11. Perhaps it looks bodged because the prev. owner fitted it?
  12. What vehicle is it fitted to (yours!)?
  13. What actually is it and what does it do?
  14. Not fit for purpose, so simply get themtoreplace it, they cannot improve things unless they know there is an issue. Cannot be stainless if it is rusting!
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