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great start to 2007

Exmoor Beast

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Went to start to 110, clutch down, flick starter and as usual the ole girl fired first time. Then I let the clutch up.

Stall. eh??? must have the wheel against the kirb or something... try again same thing.

Gear lever will go into reverse, sort of, but nowhere else.

Transfer stuck in neutral.

dropping clutch just stalls it.

Not what I needed, I am moving into our new house in an hours time and the Disco is busted as well (serious water leak from water pump gasket) :(

looks like I had better get some invoices out to clients....

Will :)

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Yesterday morning I checked the oil in my Disco which I do weekly as I do about 1000 miles a week.

it took 1.5lt of oil for the first time ever its needed topping up and couldn't see any leaks :huh:

booked if for a service next week

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