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110 1987 rear screen heater wiring color ?


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hello all , 


does anybody know the right electrical diagram for my 1987 110 2.5NA  , i have a landrover shopmanual , with a diagram for the wiring and switches , but these use a different color as i find in my car .

the switch has a thick black/wit , thinner black/with and a green/red wire  , also the voltage sensing relay has brown/white wires on it .... and the relay i think is for the rear screen has black/white , black , and white/red .....

also rather strangely the warning light panel has no integrated bulb for the screen heater (it's a bulbholder were you can put 2 little spade terminals on)


all the diagrams i find use different colors 😞 


thanks , gerben

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Black white is +ve feed to the element. Brown is battery perm live, white is an ignition switched live. White/red is starter solenoid - probably used by the relay to make sure the element isn't on when engine is cranking. What fault are you trying to fix?

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