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Series propshaft seal inside locking collar.


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I asked the questions because I felt the answers would guide my search.
My experience in searching for parts answers (mainly for Series 2 / 2As) is that the Parts Listings can vary as much, or more than, the vehicles. If someone says 'I can't find this information in my Parts List', it's not at all unusual to find they are looking in the 'wrong' list. The information is available, just not where they were looking.

That said, I can't find any mention of "the seal that's inside the threaded collar that seals the splines on the propshaft".
I've gone from 1948 S1, through S2/S2A, to S3 in the British Leyland era (June 1988. RTC 9841 CE), and not found this part.
Just to emphasise, the older lists did not picture every part, but smaller items were included in the text lists that went with every page of line drawings. Where they exist I have checked the text lists.

I note in passing that propshafts were not sold 'in parts'. If the sliding joint is worn you buy a complete shaft, so it's possible the sealing washer was intended to last the life of the shaft (sliding joint). If you feel the sliding joint has further life in it, it looks as though you will have to improvise, pehaps with a seal stamped out of leather sheet, or 'string' impregnated with tallow.
O rings are tempting, but I'm not convinced O rings are suitable where the housing isn't designed specifically for them.


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That's interesting!

I agree that o rings wouldn't work.

The seal surface is quite pitted, so the seal doesn't have to be great.

  i think I'll take your idea of rope, and run with it.

I'll also fit a gaiter.

Thanks David.

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