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  1. But the journalists represent the target market. JLR aren't interested in hard core off road users. They've not enough of a demographic to pay. (Or so JLR think) They want the aspirational rural market, the market the discovery used to target.
  2. It's worrying. I'm still lurching between terror and scorn. The deaths attributable to Corona are now at 1% of the total deaths for the year, but what it will be like at the end of April if we don't lock down, I don't know. Still. What cost the economic depression that will follow? So hard to weigh these things up, I'd hate to have to.
  3. If you inlist, so you must soldier.
  4. He does get across the sense of adventure that off road driving can impart. And he does admit when he doesn't know something. The baboon pass trip was fun to watch.
  5. Precisely. Not to mention that many commute options may not be available in the future. I can't see our local bus company surviving, if the empty double decker going past the house every hour is anything to judge by.
  6. These are 10 spline inner, 24 slim outer (lightweight flanges) in EN26 ish steel. Yes, pricey, but not unbelievable.
  7. When he fitted the true tracs. Eagle eyes!
  8. We'll bow, take off our shoes at the door, queue inside the lines at stations. Make amazing devices of high quality. We're all "Turning Japanese!" Konichiwa
  9. That's very tempting. The locally made alternative isn't as slick. But it's made just up the road. And cheaper. https://www.smart-screen.co.uk/ but clumsier. You've to switch on, then off, to get the intermittent wipe. I'm torn.
  10. Littelfuse have none in stock. They need a bulk order to manufacture. So I'm looking at the Smart range, instead. They're based near Abergavenny. I've asked them what they recommend.
  11. I think that's what I needed. I've bought a new head unit, a Pioneer. When that comes I'll treat I to see if the memory goes whilst starting. If not, I'll not need this unit. I'll report back.
  12. Acetone ATF mix, repeat, repeat. Etc. Then heat it, to burn the rust, mapp torch? Whack it with a hammer, to create a micro gap. More mix. For a week.
  13. Does anyone know of a UK to stockist for these? I can only find in quantities of 80. Which costs more than I have.
  14. It's quartz, so shouldn't, but I presume the closer the input is to a steady 12v the better?
  15. Is it worth putting a voltage stabiliser in this "thing"? Then I can use it to supply the clock.
  16. I do worry about the state control, there's always abuses. But I think, and hope, that the current lot are "freedom" types, target than "control" types. Though, once they get a taste of power, they might get addicted. Hope not, don't fancy the alternative.
  17. Jesus, that's awful! What's the TV like? Once that's okay, no one will notice.
  18. Crappy crimped connectors would need to be replaced, but probably a good piece of kit.
  19. Another job I'm going to do during the event. Cheaper than original:
  20. Against my natural instinct to pinch pennies, I might open an account. I wonder if eldest has an account as an EE student?
  21. I think I'll be better served by making a device. Maybe an enclosure with connections that sits in the line.
  22. Oh, that's getting complicated! I'll think that through.
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