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  1. Very good! Funny how they avoided saying Landrover, but you knew they were thinking it.
  2. That's where I was going wrong! I was focusing on being poor, and succeeding.
  3. I'd be tempted! Couldn't justify it with the current lifestyle, though.
  4. Ineos have deeper pockets at the moment, I suspect.
  5. I think that if you get an early freelander control box it is all built in.
  6. I actually prefer the Slovak defender appearance, slightly, but I think this is a much better design for a utility vehicle.
  7. I wonder if the doors are backwards compatible?
  8. Tree sliders! Nice. I could get used to that shape, it's almost iconic.
  9. It could well be. I'm hoping it's a standard series part. The plug that's there now certainly is. I might look at what I've in the series engine on the shelf.
  10. What's the part numbers for the heater pipe port spigot that goes in this? It's a fine Imperial thread. I can't see any heater stuff in the standard parts book.
  11. The trigger wheel is going to happen soon, it's looking good. I'll soon up the lathe, and see if I can cut an inner hole. I might start it with the hole saw.
  12. I've had to order bolts for the engine mounts, the oil filter and the thermostat. Irritating.
  13. And I've been looking at the plumbing. I think it will work, though I'm not sure if I will be able to get the heater connection via the back of the block. It's a weird thread. Not the same as the spigots on the thermostat housing. I think it's a fine Imperial thread. I think I'll order up the senders from Nige, so I can figure out how to fit them neatly, and looking reasonably OEM. I might have to fit the coolant to the neck of the head and plumb the heater defender style.
  14. I spent the evening painting. And generalised thinking. Lots of zinc and primer. I'm going to vinyl wrap the various tubes, with heat shrink.
  15. Yes, pop a cherry picker on the back and I'm sure the utility companies would love it.
  16. The thermostat housing has arrived. It's interesting. The "closed stat" bypass is different to the series. It looks like the heater matrix is the main route for the bypass, with a minor relief in the series route. The 110 matrix is hot all the time, unlike a series, as it has a diverter for the airflow. This poses a challenge. IF, if, I follow the series plumbing for the heater, then the second port in the housing won't get a decent coolant flow. I think the lightweight plumbing has the heater matrix hot all the time, but I could be wrong. So, I could use port two for the coolant sender, and port one for the heater, and connect the other end of the heater matrix to the port at the back of the head. That should create a loop. The downside of this is the heater, in the cab, is on all the time. Which would be uncomfortable in the heat. I'd like to avoid this, which I think means opening up the tiny hole in the housing, and make it more series like. It might be time for the tungsten die grinders. If I do this, though, the heater matrix will take longer to heat in the winter. If I put a tap in the heater circuit, and close the bypass loop, will the engine blow up? Or will the stat just open quicker? I think I need a white board, I'm not able to visualise this today.
  17. Yes, fun! The donor selection is key. Something with a stand alone ECU, 4 channel/wheel system. Ideally with TC and HDC. Oh, and defender calipers.
  18. As ineos is a petrol chemical business, they would have access to a lot of expertise in plastics. Radcliffe is a defender owner, so he's no doubt very aware of the galvanic rust potential (sorry) of a steel/alloy sandwich. I expect most of the vulnerable panels to be plastic. I'm actually quite excited about this.
  19. Good. It's on the list for my next project. A spouse friendly 1968 V8 109 SW.
  20. Time to start exploring the ABS retrofit concept, isn't it?
  21. Yes. Back in the day......... Investing all the money in one small luxury niche of the motor industry that very susceptible to economic downturn. Good thing they learned that lesson. Isn't it?
  22. Thanks! My aim is a truck that can cruise at slow motorway speeds, at acceptable economy. It's on 7.50 R 16 tyres, and I'd got RRC diffs, so it should have the legs..... I've also ordered new core plugs, I'm not happy with the set I fitted earlier, they were too easy to fit.....
  23. Mostly true, but a lot of it was a sincere belief that the Rover car side of the business was the place to focus on, and the investment in jet powered cars was the right thing to do. The dirty utility Landrover was not important, or even wanted. And we all know how that worked out, don't we, Mr McGovern?
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