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  1. No key. Nothing for the paint to grab. Etch printer?
  2. That's right, circumstances, I think, meant it didn't happen. But next time you are passing, I'd be delighted to take it from you.
  3. I've had mine for over a decade, still don't have a fan, or a decent air filter.
  4. Gazzar


    I doubt it, it might take a lot of engineering.
  5. Replace both, the other one isn't far behind.
  6. I think that if I were to be looking at a new truck them the Foers Ibex would be on my list, rather than this or the Slovak defender.
  7. could you solder blobs of lead to the steel prior to dipping!!!?!?
  8. It's a good idea. I'll make up something similar in concept for my TDI. Thanks.
  9. This! Better than the defender one I've got, comes out the side of the wing.
  10. What's the bracket going through the wing from? Looks tidy. It's a job I want to do to mine, as I do occasionally go wading.
  11. It's the size of the spangle. Modern processes result in a smaller spangle, so you don't get the large "leaves" in the finish. Or so I'm told.
  12. It's a good test, but can accelerate wear unless the air is clean, so I can understand why people are reluctant to try it.
  13. You are NOT helping. But, in honesty, I've not enough time for my current projects. An Ibex won't happen for me.
  14. I'm developing a serious liking for one of these. It will pass, no doubt.
  15. If there's no obvious corrosion on the part, then keep it. Replace nyloc bolts as a matter of course. Use zinc based paint to protect steel, ensure you've removed all rust and paint before applying to a well keyed surface. Cover with top coat of your choice. Avoid hammerite for any steel, it's great for stone, though. Apply a wax corrosion product on top. I prefer Bilt Hambler dynax, but there's loads out there.
  16. I'm happy with the chaos, but understand that that there are people who struggle with it. In other words. I ain't bothered.
  17. Welcome. It's fun! Except for the wire brush bristles that lodge in your skin. Oh. And the sore knuckles. That's not fun.
  18. That's very smart, actually. That's how farmers buy tractors; whatever the local dealer has, sells.
  19. They've reliable, but they may not be the best on communicating, as some of their contractors don't do public facing tracking.
  20. www.speedshift.co.uk Add a day to their times, driver shortage everywhere.
  21. Yes. Solar activity is down played. Still. Hydrocarbons are too useful as chemicals to be wasted on energy production (or stupid plastic toys) if there are viable alternatives.
  22. Where's the fun in that? Might as well buy a Toyota!
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