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  1. I've found that it's easy, if you are absolutely obsessive about alignment. Measure the distance all the way around and make sure it's 100% even. If this is impossible, and it can be hard to get this, if you aren't using an engine crane and load leveler, then persevere, you'll find that when it does go on it will be quick. Two studs either side does help.
  2. Roland, at ACR, does a fancy cam. Worth a call?
  3. Can you see out the front? Yes: fine. No: not fine.
  4. I wonder if the series one restoration parts guys would be interested? They use an alloy very close to birmabright.
  5. Nice, though. I wonder what grade stainless they used?
  6. I thought they'd re introduced it later on.
  7. The truck cab back has a bit more structure than a hard top, you might have to do a bit of hacking to make that cat flap window fit. Consider replacing the rust magnet slide series slide tracks with the better plastic option from the series 3 club as an alternative.
  8. Apply plusgas/ favourite release liquid repeatedly beforehand. Ideally over days. As well as above. It all helps.
  9. Monroe gas magnums, good enough for most use. Long enough for Parabolics, and last well enough. Good price.
  10. And, knowing the state of the springs on the 6x6, it will certainly handle. Zero deflection and body roll. You'll need spinal surgery afterwards, but it will go around corners like it was on rails.
  11. Very odd. They were marketed as being orthopedic. I've certainly found them to be incredibly good for long journeys. But then I'm a hunch back that likes series seats.
  12. Interesting, that coincides with the time of the switch to negative earth.
  13. All true, however the technical aids do allow drivers to continue to use their vehicles if infirmity or injury would otherwise preclude safe use. I've a strained neck at the moment, and had to reverse a flatbed trailer a mile down an old rail line yesterday. In a series, with no PAS. My neck would be quite grateful for a safe Wiz bang revere thing right now. As it is, I've to resort to beer to dull the ache.
  14. I am seriously impressed. I'd thought I'd doing exactly that, in steel, once upon a time, but gave up as it was too much work. Plus you can now get the right profile in steel.
  15. There are a few electric cars that are approaching a decade old at this stage. I read recently that the batteries are not degrading at the rate expected. Remember that the charging systems in some of these cars are a lot more sophisticated than in a phone. Active thermal management, coolant circulation and other battery minding techniques are used to keep the magic beans happy. So, valid point, but a ten year life is viable.
  16. Galvanising is a great corrosion prevention technique, but will introduce distortion. And it's not a universal cure, it will eventually fail and rust unless protected. What I plan for my bulkhead, which is in mostly good shape, is to shot blast it, repair, and cover with a layer or two of zinc rich 2k epoxy paint. Then the body colour. I'll get the interior soaked with a decent cavity wax. As the current British Leyland paint protected it for nearly forty years I imagine that this will get me another forty, after which I'll repeat the process. For you? Get a semi decent TDI
  17. Robin hood? I've one of their stainless steel kit cars.
  18. Hope you are right. I'm happy remaining in the 0.1%.
  19. Self park is standard on series 3 models with 2 speed wipers. Permanent feed to the motor, and the switch is in the motor casing. And, yes, it's a Jag part.
  20. Can you use an LT230 as a remote transfer box? It would solve a few problems for you.
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