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chrome paint for faded headlight


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One of the headlights on the series 3 has gone yellow inside due to sitting and facing the sun ( I think).  MOT isnt due for 6 months so no rush, I was wondering if the chrome mirrored paint that you can buy is as good as it looks and could be sprayed on to make the lamp usable , I have a bit of an issue throwing things away when they can be repaired so was thinking it may be worth a go , any thoughts on this please. Thanks,


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Its it a sealed beam unit?  If so its a sealed glass unit - in effect the bulb - so no access.

If its a steel unit the reflector usually rusts and the thing will disintegrate if handled.  If it doesn't you may be able to prise the reflector and the glass apart, clean and re-assemble - but have a look at the price of new ones before you do.


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Thanks for the reply , it does appear sealed , however its not the actual bulb , the bulb  goes in via the back , (Halogen I think) ,  its not my everyday vehicle any longer so theres no rush  and I suppose theres no harm in trying to carefully prise it open if its dead anyway so when I get a chance ill give it a go , ive nothing to lose really, As you say the bowl of the fitting really is thin so its likely to crack , maybe gentle heat may help. Ill let you know.


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