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200tdi Brake pipes


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I am struggling to work out what are the correct front steel brake pipes for my 200tdi 90 it's a late 200tdi so lots of bits are crossover  - chassis number LA9333XX

I know I could make them up but the steel ones lasted 25 years so they should do the job for me again if new. My 90 has rear discs and the brake valve which is bolted on the drivers footwell


I need the drivers side front rigid pipe from this valve which runs along the chassis to the chassis bracket and into the flexi and the passenger side one which is the same but runs up and around the engine on the bulkhead




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I think you would be better off making them from Kunifer brake pipe 3/16 diameter with M10 end fittings. 

just the left pipe ntc9726 on rimmer bros website is over 40 quid.you could repipe the complete vehicle for less than that.

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