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Central Locking Question

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I have just purchased a 2014 110 CSW in fairly basic configuration.

The vehicle has the winter pack i.e heated windscreen and seats and pretty much nowt else.

Now I am aware that there are after market fitments and also Landrovers own option if need be so not the question of can I fit or what kit should I use.

I have searched the forum ( I think ) and can’t find the answer I am looking for.

I have been told conflicting information from a few sources ( Those who deal in Landrovers etc ) that it is not possible to integrate the central locking into the vehicles own

alarm / immobiliser due to,the fact that I have the later type alarm / immobiliser system ( Fords own I am informed not the 10as ) fitted from 2014 to 2016.

And there again I have been told by another Landrover Specialist that they will fit the central locking and thereafter take the vehicle to their local Landrover dealership 

who will flash the ECU - Alarm/ Immobiliser unit with the correct patch with everything thereafter working as it would have been as a factory fitted option.

To say that I am now confused is an understatement. Has anyone experienced this issues or could possibly add any advice.

I have owned Landrovers for years in different shapes and forms but this is my first foray in Puma / Defender ownership. I am aware that Landrover factory builds were  erratic

at best and things were added / deleted with abandon, often with parts / wiring options fitted to the vehicle that were not connected  and left tucked away.

Any advice or assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

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I believe the alarm ECU needs to be “told” that central locking has been added. So after fitting the kit you’d need to get it reprogrammed.

l wouldn’t bother with CL on a 90, but on the 110 it’s worthwhile making the effort to fit it.


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This was what I was hoping would be the case but so far no one seems to be able to confirm it.

I have a Landrover dealership not 5 miles away from me, unfortunately with the current situation, I cannot even get to ask the question.

They are still working, albeit behind closed doors, However, having tried to speak to them, I am asked if I am an essential worker then they hang up the phone.

Only want confirmation either way.

In the grand scheme of things I realise that it isn’t that important just now ( and I fully appreciate and understand ) so I shall just have to wait!

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I'm fitting the hawk central locking kit in my 110 Puma as we speak, 2 doors done, 3 to go :) Good and cheap solution if you want to install it yourself. It's a 2008 Puma so can't really help with the integration of the alarm..

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