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  1. Power mirrors for 110 1984??

    I think you are on your own with that one! I would suggest maybe looking at truck mirrors which are often on arms like a Landy one.
  2. 110 CSW 300Tdi shock absorber advice needed.

    Also to test the shocks properly you need them to be upright (as they are when on the vehicle) lf you test them on their side, or after being on their side, or upside down, they will initially have a large amount of free travel before they do anything.
  3. Buying advice from across the pond

    Those Defender prices in ltaly look very reasonable, l like the look of the first one, it would probably sell for twice that amount here.
  4. Buying advice from across the pond

    Sadly the dealers have picked up on the interest in Defenders in the USA and similar places. Some of the prices are unbelievable....l've seen them at over £40,000. Type "Defender 90 LHD" as an Ebay search and you'll see what l mean!
  5. TD5 Turbo blown - advice please

    600,000km is probably the life of a turbo
  6. Just caught fire. !!

    A badly adjusted handbrake/transmission brake would not cause the cable to melt and set on fire. Although there is a procedure for adjusting it. It's not done by tightening the cable on the adjuster behind the handbrake! l'll bet they disconnected the engine earth and forgot to reconnect it (but why?)
  7. Intercooler TD5

    Wouldn't a leaking or holed intercooler cause reduced turbo boost rather than more?
  8. I was with NFU for years until about four years ago, when they biffed up the renewal price from £400 to £800. Now with Footman James as they do agreed value.
  9. Ten years old and still under warranty? I assume it's a TD5. Mine had a similar noise, and it was the exhaust! A new (genuine LR) system cured the mooing noise. I didn't replace the CAT as LR wanted £900 for one lol. I bought the centre box online (new take off) for £80 and the rear section was £185 from LR.
  10. TD5 Turbo blown - advice please

    How many miles on the engine. Have you changed the oil regularly? TD5 turbos are long lived if looked after. As long as the aux drive belt was still turning it should be OK. It it comes off the dash will light up with warnings and the engine will quickly overheat. But it sounds like you just had turbo failure. I assume you also checked the air filter? On mine the air filter almost collapsed after a heavy rain storm on the motorway (freeway) and if it had come apart the bits may have wrecked the turbo.
  11. Vibrating gear lever....anything to worry about?

    I finally got around to making this adjustment today, and it has stopped the gear lever from rattling. It only took me ten years to get around to it!! And a change of Land Rover, l now have a 110 TD5, the 90 was sold in 2014. I found this old post of mine while searching for instructions on how to adjust the gear lever.
  12. Transition from td5 to Puma.

    I'm not sure ANY Defender was designed to do this! Any more than any other farmer's vehicle
  13. defender heater controls

    Land Rover parts prices are extortionate. since Tata took them over a lot of parts prices have been vastly inflated.
  14. x defend pedal lock not fitting

    Don't fit spacers between the unit and the floor. Fit it flat with one thin washer. Then fit a standard rubber floor mat over the top (cut away to fit around the lock at the rear). You'll find that the mat will stay in place when you use the pedal lock.
  15. Damaged tyre

    Could you put a tube in it?