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  1. Lightning

    Windscreen wiper overhaul

    The motor will most likely be fine, and is easy to change anyway without dismantling everything. Replace both wheel boxes and the drive rack. Use genuine LR parts.
  2. Lightning

    DEFENDER 200tdi turbo failure

    The engine should be fine after the short runaway. This guy was not so lucky! But it shows how long the engine will actually hold together and not blow up.
  3. Lightning

    Centre seat brackets?

    I think the centre seat comes complete and you just bolt it in. That’s what l did with our 90 TD5
  4. Lightning

    Hydraulic assist

    Well he was on here yesterday
  5. Lightning

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    Second for the Osram bulbs, a straight swap and they are a considerable improvement over the originals
  6. Lightning

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    The connection to the glow plug rail had burnt out on my Transit TDCi as well.
  7. Lightning

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    My Ford Transit Connect van had exactly the same issue (1.8tdci) The fault was glow plugs, three of the four were open circuit.
  8. Lightning

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    From the diagram above it looks like they come with a fuel tank.
  9. Lightning

    Hydraulic assist

    I am guessing that he means the clutch. The kit makes it so light that you can press it with one finger. http://www.redbooster.com/
  10. Lightning

    Defender dash

    One way to murder the value of a Land Rover l guess. Unless it’s for a specific purpose as above with Zimlandy’s l wouldn’t go there.
  11. Lightning

    Defender dash

    I think you are pretty much on your own with this, as it’s not something that many people will have ever done. But the steel liner sounds a good idea.
  12. Lightning

    Glue for holding on door seals

    Original parts all the way The OE door seals are a joy to fit, with only your tears at the cost to spoil the moment.
  13. Lightning

    When will it end?

    It is true that Ebay prices for Defenders can be a bit silly. But if you refine the search to “sold” then many are relisted time and time again. Also our local lndy gets very good prices for their stock, as there’s nobody else round here selling them. But it was one of the guys there who told me that at the auctions they can’t buy anything worth selling for under about £5k.
  14. Lightning

    When will it end?

    I turned down a swap with my Lotus Elise for a Ferrari 308 GT4 in 2011 valued at £15,000 The Lotus is now worth about £18,000. The Ferrari? £70,000
  15. Lightning

    When will it end?

    Mad prices for Defenders/Land Rovers My local dealer just sold a derelict 300tdi for £4,000 Chassis gone, doors corroded, bulkhead shot, interior like a rats nest. Running but no MOT requires full restoration l think there’s some crazy buying right now, with people jumping on anything Defender shaped. l mean, there’s thousands out there, they are not rare. I can understand it to a point with TDCi as they are still pretty new. And early series 1 as they are classics. But the older ones, before long they’ll be Ferrari money the way it’s going.

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