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  1. I had the same misfire with our 2004 TD5 Defender. One cylinder clearly not firing. There was no oil at the ECU red plug but l changed the injector harness anyway, and it cured the misfire. That was about five months ago and the fault has not recurred. Worth a try, the injector harness is under £30 and is easy to change. And if it does not cure the fault, at least you will know what it isn't.
  2. That's a good result. l was going to suggest you got it checked by a Land Rover Specialist and then get them to do a report.
  3. Well, you paid it so l am guessing somebody else will. Not sure what the going rate is for a restoration project these days.
  4. Look at this on eBay These are what you need, l have them on my 110. They are great because they sit lower than the sill, so are easy to use. l am sure they also do a version for the 90.
  5. The three wire connector is the same as mine. The three speeds will be no resistors, one resistor, and both resistors. So you only need three wires...a common feed, resistor A, and resistor B (which gives A+B)
  6. Most of the sound comes from your front speakers, the rears provide fill in and generally improve the overall effect. Your best bet would be to fit a couple of the LR rear speaker pods that fit in the lower corners at the back. These will take a 5 1/2" two way speaker and will be as good as you need.
  7. Clearly nothing to worry about then! I'll just keep driving it.
  8. Anybody? I did look online and in the forum but found nothing definitive.
  9. If l take the oil filler cap off my 2005 TD5 after a run, there's a fair bit of white smoke comes out. ls this something to worry about?
  10. Yes l fitted one to our 2003 TD5 90 and also our 2005 TD5 110. It makes the clutch noticeably lighter, and easier to drive in traffic.
  11. I have found that Ebay is not generally the best place to sell vehicles, you tend to get low bids as everybody wants it for nothing. Usually the auction seems to stall at the "trade in" value.
  12. Ah, l see. It would l imagine be a bit "lazy" on power delivery with no turbo.
  13. From reading this thread l would go with reconditioned TD5's as already suggested. As you were happy with this engine, it has lasted 300,000+ km in your environment, and it will be much easier to fit (than fitting a different unit) As already said, poor mechanics could soon ruin any engine and it sounds like you can't do much about this, except do the work yourself when you are there. Perhaps bring someone out with you to helpservice the fleet leaving your "bush mechanics" with as little as possible to do. But despite this your TD5's have lasted very well....another reason to fit like for like. With regard to the Land Cruiser, the 4.2 develops around 200bhp, and 430Nm torque at 1800rpm so should not feel "gutless, like a TD5 with no turbo" Could it be poor quality fuel? Maybe the ECU is reigning it in due to that.
  14. The newest TD5's are over ten years old now, and it's getting harder to find a good one, although they are out there. TDCi is better on the motorway but the engine is less economical than TD5. Both engines can be remapped which addresses any performance issues. Overdrive can be fitted to TD5 but it costs over £1500. Also which interior do you prefer? TDCi has less room in the front due to the big dash, and needs aircon due to the lack of vent flaps. I do 15,000 miles per year in my 110 TD5 and it's been pretty reliable. l have driven the TDCi and it seems some are nice and others nasty to drive. Personally l don't like the Ford engine but if you want a Defender less than ten years old it's that or nothing. One other thing....TDCi 2.4 Station Wagons pay £510 road tax while the post 2012 2.2 pay £230. TD5 pre March 2006 it's £290. Post March 2006 it's £510! Make sense of that.