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P38 Plastic Sill Cover Fixings


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Just in the process of doing some long overdue jobs on the Range Rover, and in the course of fitting a replacement door shell, I removed the wing and to get the wing off I removed the sill cover. I didn't realise it at the time but instead of just the 1 clip which was left on the car I could see was wrecked, they had all broken small tabs off which renders them useless. New clips (BTR7915 qty 6) come to well over £30 plus delivery! Looking at my sill covers there is no easy direct riveting type repair option.

I see plastic rivets as an option so were early sill covers different?  Has anyone been there and got a clever dodge/bodge they can pass on please???


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I think the plastic goes brittle with age even if you got some off undamaged, I might break them trying to fit them but thanks for the offer.

Its a two part clip, a metal slide goes over the lower vertical sill seam and it houses the male plastic half which faces laterally outward. The female part clips to webs inside the sill cover and allow the sill cover to be clipped in from the side. Pulling out new clips to remove the sill cover might be all right but old ones apparently  not. The only way you might remove them whole is to pull the metal clip part downward off the seam, the sill cover might stretch to allow that. Even then it would be a pfaff to separate the two halves and get the female parts off the sill cover, you are still chancing breaking the little tabs. 

Safest thing is to try and remove your own sill covers downward and put them back the same way if you ever need to.

 Having slept on it I am going to make little L brackets to join the seam to the lower inner edge, the S/S self tappers might be more visible than the fancy clips but I'll be able to remove them any time and they will be over £30 cheaper, not to mention quicker!

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