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  1. Welcome... Santana stayed with leaf springs so telling a Defender 90 from a swb Santana should be straightforward (always assuming it hasn't been subject to major alteration!?). Are there not any body /chassis plates to tell you what the vehicle is? In the absence of plates, post some more pics of the vehicle and we might have more of a clue where to start. The numbers and pics you have already put up don't mean much to me but then I don't have much Series/90 axle knowledge or any Santana so that isn't perhaps surprising. 10 spline shafts are known to be the weakest in general, if th
  2. Ifor trailers usually have 'proper' junction boxes under the floor, worth checking for them, and just make sure all is well on the inside.
  3. Yes, saw that.... also saw it come up for sale afterwards so I guess it wasn't so easy to live with?
  4. Me too, but I remember powder being very difficult to use successfully, it was CO2 for electrics, AFFF foam for pretty well everything. Problem is if you have that much heat going on under the bonnet or wherever then pretty soon it becomes a flammable liquids issue, so the foam might actually be the thing? I actually keep a couple of old Halon ones, you can't buy them anymore but they are unbeatable for vehicle fires.
  5. A question I have nearly asked myself a couple of times. I have now found a friend of a friend in Kent. On the reserve front I think they do submit the highest bid to the owner, I did hear of a Β£650 reserve vehicle bought for Β£325.
  6. I like the sound of that one, might be useful where heat could damage nearby plastics. πŸ‘
  7. Amen to that .... that last dash pic reminds me of the heater matrix job I did on the P38 in the 1st Lockdown, seems eons ago now! Got to get some round tuit jelly beans on the go for 2021 😁
  8. .... I'm grateful to Snagger for the explanation , needless to say I'm not, .....and I was wondering....... I am however a Big Yin fan and if I ever hear it again, I know which association will spring to mind first!
  9. Many thanks Soren, I'll have a good look at dlrk (with the aid of Chrome translation!)
  10. Just wondering if there are any Danish members who have come across this? @Soren Frimodt maybe??
  11. My first port of call, .... but mine doesn'r seem to have anything in it, there may be other editions that do I suppose.
  12. Many thanks Arjan, interesting to compare. The green one in the wood yard looks like flat glass...... The black one is exactly the sort of thing I was interested in .... and the van I presume is just a steel panel filling in the aperture I don't suppose there was the volume to warrant pressing a bespoke side. Now all we need is the part number for the black one's back window πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Thanks Arjan, I was beginning to think I had imagined it, .... still haven't found an LR reference tho'. yes but I was thinking more standard (periodish) window seal and a fixed glass. Trouble is it isn't flat,... it has a radius top to bottom, though straight-ish front to back,... I have no experience of the cost of curved glass, hence the query really.
  14. I'll echo that too, Merry Christmas to all, everywhere.πŸŽ„
  15. The time is coming when I get stuck into a major 'refresh' of my 2 door. One of the areas where I will have quite a bit of expense it seems is seals and rubbers. Most would ideally be replaced with new, there is some NOS around at eyewatering prices and some pattern parts are available but not cheap. Side windows in particular need seals and felts and completely sorted out. In recent weeks though, I saw a reference to a one piece fixed rear side window, I think for the Danish? market. I have become quite taken with the idea of simplifying the side windows, probably be quieter as well.
  16. .... opening a door stops mine going down as well.
  17. ... on that note, heres one from Martin Walter !970 ish CF which I observe is very close to the wheelbase of a 127/130, a man with the right skills could graft that on
  18. Seen last night on FB there are 4 Tacr2 6x6 Range Rovers at Lee on Solent, can't find it this morning which is typical of my keyboard skills, probably not really big enough but while you're just dreaming they are probably close enough to go and look at? ex Bembridge and Daedalus.
  19. Just seen someone on another thread ask about an RB44, now there's a contender I haven't seen for a while, Dodge 50 series chassis istr, our regional water board had some with winches and on board air...
  20. I think I prefer 'merry' widows!, should we add a caution to the junior members not to mix their widows and windows???? or doors and drawers for that matter!!
  21. Love the beer keg in the back! Can't help wondering if it's cause or effect
  22. I don't think this sign is going to 'take off' .... the ones that do always have period design and or rare or desirable features. This one doesn't have the iconic green oval, the Leyland sign dates it fairly neatly but it isn't a period that anyone remembers fondly with regard to LR, and its construction/shape/design is unremarkable and fragile. The market for it I suspect is the enthusiast (as have already chipped in above) and that probably limits it to the Β£200 bracket. As above stick it on the bay with a starting price or reserve that you want and see how you get on.
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