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  1. Interested in a lathe when the time comes, I have kept my little Elliot mill which is fine for my needs,... or will be when I have cleaned it up, suffered a bit under the tarp unfortunately.
  2. I am starting to wish I lived in South Wales,.... that is just impossible here. Do let me know if there are any bargains you can't handle Ed! πŸ™„
  3. First tentative steps towards realising this, ..... pallet turned up today from @Ed Poore with 4hp24 box for the P38 and the bellhousing from @smallfry, many thanks to them. Feels like a small beginning of sorts. There is another Jag in the offing too, but days at the moment are given to redoing the patio make it safer so I think it'll be a week at least before I get a chance to go look at that. ...
  4. Memories! .... haven't been to Ford in 40 years, the train used to stop there instead when there was trouble on the Littlehampton line, I shall look them up next time I pass (???? could be a while!) thanks for that, all the time I was around LA I never knew it was there.
  5. Looks really good btw. ..... I expect we'll need GPS more than usual now when navigating border country?
  6. Result! πŸ‘ It really looks made to measure for your press. Can you share the 2nd hand tool emporium or is it a secret, have they got any more?
  7. Well, ... at least you learnt a bit about it in the meantime, ... every cloud, ...
  8. +1 for re-synching, that is a skill you will need from time to time, take care to follow the sequence exactly. Also check you have the EKA code for your car, it is the only solution sometimes. Many remotes display eratic behaviour with the receiver module, take care to get quite close to the vehicle, in some situations I have to put the key right up to the RH rear window for it to work. There is a known issue with the receiver and antenna which I suspect is part of my problem, but while it works I just go on using it. If you search for these problems you will find lots on here .... I also use
  9. I think they are a good option if you are accustomed to or well practiced at stick. At work we had little warming boxes to keep rods in but the oven works just as well for small jobs. I prefer MIG and I have a little spool gun for small rolls of wire. I see these solder rods going about though, like Shackleton used to patch up his aluminium floor and I do wonder if there would be less heat and distortion potential. 2mm is easier than wings and skins perhaps? It's an interesting one, I think there are a few options these days...
  10. Facelift higher spec models had it anyway, lower models had the option.
  11. Size is possibly the main issue, and you may need to consider another set of wheels? if you have 235/60 18's you may find your choice is limited to the all-weather road tyres anyway, changing to smaller wheels would help a lot but then you need to check clearance for brakes in the wheel. Putting taller tyres on your 18's will give you more choice again but then I don't know if Evoques have adjustable steering stops or at what point you run into clearance issues under the wheel arches, taller tyres obviously then affects speedo etc. on road. Use a tyre size comparison calculator on the web
  12. I always thought that was 7500 + 750 = 8250 ???
  13. I will get the bell-housing quicker if it goes to Ed but if that isn't happening then by all means chuck it at John. He lives a few yards from what is now the 'Leaf' hotel so really handy to the A2. If you have a few minutes John is a guy you stop for a cuppa with, always good value. PM me if it looks likely and I'll warn him, his work is on and off at present so he could well be around even during the day.
  14. Gut instinct says that epoxy/epoxy faces in the interleaf zone isn't going to be successful, I would think that hard etch/anti rust and eventual oiling would be a better sliding combination. The top, bottom and sides can get painted with what ever when clean and dry. I remember leather jackets on some series to keep the sand and cr*p out. I think the right primer and oil/maintenance will be be the thing in the interleaf faces.
  15. There is a Facebook page for BMW engine conversions in Land Rovers, really centred on M57 transplants, but it does include M51,.... in among it all there are a few P38's and it will help you understand the compromises and issues associated. The P38 has many small differences in fuel and control systems which make life complicated. most people opt for the manual gearbox to avoid the transmission control issue but can then run into clutch trouble. Check out BeaDy.com for his camper conversion and Rangerovers.pub , Sloth on there has just put an M57 (next generation M51 with common rail and much
  16. Sounds interesting .... shame I don't still live in Kent, .. I do have some panels to collect from a mate in Whitfield , Dover when all this eases up, might come and cadge a cuppa πŸ˜‰
  17. Sorry, idiot comment, realised eventually that you are making the panel rather than the flaps.
  18. My experience of Laser is that it is generally from China .... I personally favour this style HERE, it may be from China as well, but the quality is good.
  19. I think the female unions usually have a single flare, and the male unions have the bobble, the tool would be great, but single size 3/16" tools are available and would save you about 2/3rds of that price, depends what else you are likely to do with it, but 99% of cars use the 3/16" pipe.
  20. I somehow missed this gem the first time! That would of course be brilliant, .... I have to ask tho' ,... what was the jig's original purpose?
  21. Great project thisπŸ‘,....... just looking at your pile of discards I wonder how hard it would be to turn your forms into a mould and 'pour' a couple??
  22. I am sure I have seen it before...... ???
  23. 1995 my Duralit toaster and still going strong, I hope they still make them up to scratch!
  24. Don't remember the ribbed top, but otherwise looks like D1?, someone will know
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