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  1. Blanco

    Repair panels

    That'll teach me to look at the forum its posted in!, Sorry for the confusion
  2. Blanco

    Repair panels

    I have seen hinge top corner repairs panels for each side, but if your corrosion goes inboard from there that is much more difficult, I haven't looked at the market lately (someone will be along who has) but the usual solution would be a secondhand bulkhead.
  3. I like the american trucks, but not so much the LHD these days, but you get used to it. ...... it looks great behind the 90, even without the perspective of that photo. just hope the damage is not too far reaching ...
  4. Blanco

    ACE Anti-rollbar quality

    The good ol' 'OEM' minefield! Firstly I think you will find Delphi is considered a quality manufacturer, and may well be one of the OEM manufacturers that supply LR for that part. That said your part almost certainly isn't identical to the one that comes in the LR parts box. LR will specify the part more completely and demand higher QA/QC standards than the mainstream replacement parts suppliers. It is likely to prove very servicable and was probably cheaper than the LR equivilent. My personal experience of anything made in Turkey so far is good.
  5. tap three of the existing, plug with a piece of bolt, grind flush, re-centre and drill new hole?
  6. Blanco

    Disco 2 questions

    And 235/85 tyres generally go with at least +2" lift. There is a good tyre guide around called (I think) 'Will it fit' for the D2. I always reckoned the washer bottle needed some additional stone chip protection, sounds as if it is well tight without so yes, something smaller might be wise.
  7. Blanco

    Welding a water pipe

    A drop of water can be a pain when soldering, but I would have though less so with the partial thickness situation and a MIG. Can one end be undone and dropped down?
  8. Blanco

    P38 - which battery to buy?

    Couple of weeks back I was in the UK with my diesel P38 and the cold weather was testing my existing battery to the limit, I went to Euro car parts as the biggest local entity and bought what they said was the 'correct' Lion brand / own brand battery. As the weather warmed up the problem went away, so the new battery stayed in the boot until today, there was other stuff to do! ..... now I am returning for part two of moving my Mum to a new flat I thought I had better fit it and save carrying it loose. They have given me 663 which has the terminals the wrong way round! !!**&!! 644 and 664 seem to be equivilent? and would be correct, but looking up the supplier sites today, most give the wrong terminal position! Do some P38's have the battery box on the NS? or some different location?
  9. Blanco

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Looks flippin' great on the small screen ..... well done, .... must be great to have it rolling.
  10. Blanco

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    I am sure it lasted longer than that
  11. Blanco

    Boot replacement advice please

    If you are a complete novice then I recommend a couple of hours spent picking through the relevent Classic Car SOUP videos from Shackleton/George on utube, at the end of the day it will depend on how well equipped you are and how much time you can spend on it. The car will be off the road for a little while probably, so a second vehicle would help. Bear in mind that the visible problem is generally only a part of what really needs doing. But we love to see people having a go and can usually help with advice, perhaps start by getting a quote for the work and then judge whether or not you could save a bit doing it for yourself.
  12. Blanco

    Twin Axle vs Tri Axle Trailer ?

    Well FWIW, my experience is that small wheels and tyres are fragile compared to larger wheels and tyres. If the trailers under consideration have the same size then it is more a matter of personal choice, but small tyres are always sensitive to being forced sideways (reversing and turning), there is some evidence to suggest that three axles helps there because they reduce the load per tyre and therefore the stress. Also remember that generally speaking it means the difference between 3 pairs of 8" brakes or 2 pairs of 10" brakes, which doesn't matter at all until something breaks or needs replacing. I think tri-axle is best for high motorway mileage and twins make better general purpose trailers, but 10, 12, and 13 inch wheels can be expensive on tyres. 14 and 16 inch generally last better.
  13. It is a question I have been left pondering too. My P38 came with 'Xenon' bulbs whatever that means, it passed the first inspection in my ownership without comment. For the second I was told to remove the 'HID' bulbs, when I delved into it, the Xenon light kit seemed to be LED bulbs and ballast resistors?? I replaced them with ordinary bulbs which work well enough to be fair. So all these Xenon light kits pushed through ebay are illegal then?
  14. Blanco

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Which washer bottle solution did you go for in the end?
  15. Blanco

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    Somebody else thought so too ..... gone already
  16. Blanco

    Advice required on selling a Series

    Sounds like a regular everyday Land Rover, there are very few 'as original' series out there and yours is in no way unusual. You are very honest about the nature of it, which is more than many. The condition will bereflected in the price and that is all. Sell it complete, it should sell easily enough.
  17. Blanco

    Our discovery has a bladder issue

    Perhaps a photo of your header tank would help clarify your plumbing?
  18. Blanco

    Our discovery has a bladder issue

    Good point about the fuel cooler, must have been a bit early for the brain
  19. Blanco

    Our discovery has a bladder issue

    A bit more info would help the mechanics, it would help to tell us what engine we are considering here? In general though it is a symptom of excess pressure in the system, the source of which, well that depends............
  20. Blanco

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    Had a little look for this this morning, none of the EU stuff gets anywhere near that size, I suspect it's because of the legislation. 5x112mm would be the nearest. I did find this catalog though; http://www.roadque.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Roadque-Updated-Catalogue.pdf page 4 has shows an axle, and page 9 shows the loose hubs... shipping might kill it but no harm in asking.
  21. Blanco

    Forum Get Together

    Not too far from Ireland, ... I'd like that................ Would the S1 be getting a shake down perhaps?
  22. Blanco

    5x6.5 Trailer Hubs

    Knott are certainly fitted to the Ifor, and many other 3.5 ton trailers, but I am not aware of an unbraked hub of that size, worth checking the Knott online shop though. LM's are fitted with two different axles depending whether twin or triple axle format, twins have 10" /250mm brakes, triples have 8" /200mm brakes.
  23. Blanco

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    I do think LR missed out on a big part of the utility market by not pursuing the forward control 'Llama' type thing.
  24. Blanco

    Alternator location

    If I remember it is about halfway down on the left as you stand at the open bonnet. The alternator is a combination unit and quite expensive to replace new, search on here for regulator replacement which is straightforward DIY, and very cheap by comparison, fixes 95% of problems.
  25. Grief! I haven't laid eyes on one for 20 years, I seem to remember that the magneto hates inactivity, whenever I went to mine after a few years idleness it was always a case of stripping that first. Good re-purpose though , .... wish I'd thought of it when I had mine.

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