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  1. I use Gunsons Ezibleed which is very similar, works really well, you don't need much pressure for most systems about 10psi is plenty. Cheap and cheerful, I have a larger one, but cleaning it out is a pain, so generally just use the Ezibleed.
  2. Forgive a mere mortal wot hasn't had a V8 now for many a long year......... Apparently Rave does reference it somewhere:... saw a reference to section 19 somewhere? In the Rave manual, it shows a picture of two engine coolant temperature sensors, but in the description, it just talks about one (my guess it is talking about the one with the single bullet connector. It says it should measure 28k ohms at -30 degrees C, 300 ohms at 85 degrees C, and 90 ohms at 130 degrees C.What is the other sensor for (the one with a two prong connector)? Found the above comment Here Also found This and This too, on the basis that the sindle pin sensor is AMR1425, 'green' which I think is correct.
  3. Found this for you, ... any good? Table
  4. Wow, .... good spot,..... perhaps we'll get an update in part 2?
  5. Just watched the 'Workshop Walkthrough', great stuff But expected to see the RR somewhere in one corner or other?? Is it still around??
  6. As SF says, it wouldn't be very straightforward, there are a few old threads on here on the subject of going the other way which a few did back in the day, readinng those would give you an understanding of what is involved in reverse. Couple of Ozzy suppliers do kits for round headlights, but I have never seen them over here, and you need to be sure that using them would be legal and safe. Replacement units in good nick must be readily available now that so many D2's are rusting, simplest solution is to swap them like for like ??
  7. Well thanks lads, a new ad blocker has worked pretty well, I guess whatever I had before had fallen over for some reason, but not realising that I thought that the basis of the system had altered.
  8. Usually following an emailed or pop up link on the laptop, I can't follow that sort of thing on a phone app, as far as I can see I remain signed in all the time.
  9. As we don't have any children in the same timezone to ask the question of at this time of day, I just thought I would ask the lads here who know about stuff what has happened to YT in the last couple of weeks, can't seem to avoid the ads at all, ... I do follow some machining and LR type stuff, not to mention George or Binky, but it seems the ad scene has changed, is there any way round it or do we have to live with ads for hearing aids and other rubbish before we can cut to the chase??
  10. Front axle I reckon would be 102mm difference (very close), rear 122mm as above, I found the 'Track' dimensions widely published and seemingly in agreement, happy to revise it though. Offsets again widely published for the D1 wheels and D2 wheels, I didn't realise they were different until I started this...... 33 and 57. I have combined the two figures to arrive at a theoretical value, of course that may well be a bit different from real life.
  11. So spurred on by Ross's memory, I have come up with the following hopefully correct figures, noted here as much so that I know where to find them later, and they might be useful to others? D1 'Track' (ie standard wheel centres on the road) 1486mm D2 'Track' (widest at the rear by 20mm) 1560mm D1 standard offest 33mm so D1 axle width to Wheel mount surface 1552mm D2 standard offset 57mm so D2 axle width to WMS 1674mm Delta D1-D2 actually 122mm! Standard bodywork width RRC and D1 is 1813mm or 72in so on the face of it any standard D2 wheel and tyre combo seems as if it should just about be OK, (1560 + 235 = 1795) but I know that D2's had plastic arches added, I suppose some models had wider optional wheels and tyres?
  12. I have heard that V8 starters respond well to basic cleaning / maintenance and are much easier to remove/refit that the Td5.
  13. Wow,.... that's twice what I was expecting!
  14. My RRC is fitted with D1 axles and roll bars, and as purchased has 30mm spacers/pcd reducers, allowing 5x120 wheels to be fitted, currently got my winter tyre set from my old D2, (I have a set of black 22" going cheap if anyone is interested). When I get to that point in the build I am considering D2 axles,..... leaving aside for the moment whether you consider that worthwhile or not I was just hunting around for the actual precise difference between the WMS widths so that I could judge wheel options and offsets to stay within the standard wings. I can find lots of threads and comments that say that they are wider but nothing in the way of measurements......... anyone got the numbers please?
  15. Blanco


    I assumed the Iso-whatsit alcopop came in a can as well, ..... I meant one of each
  16. Blanco


    I went through the handbook once and found how to turn it off, but it didn't last past a flat battery, I'll have to drag it out again and have another shufty, thanks. Not sure why it sometimes goes the other way though. Thanks FF, .... it is great to know what we should do ..... just dealing with essentials at the moment but as soon as normal cashflow is resumed I will invest in a couple of cans and perhaps even indulge in some preventative maintenance
  17. Blanco


    Interesting you mention that, my mirror dip usually goes the wrong way (ie it goes up ..... ) but not all the time, I always assumed it was something to do with the fact that the 2nd hand unit I fitted only had 12 wires instead of 14, but now I wonder if the becm might be damp??? Not that I'll be tempted to open it up unless I have to!
  18. If you are buying a 2001 car and you aren't already LR orientated then the key thing is (!) service history............... check out the record first, it may have had these problems already and had them attended to in which case it could be a decent buy, by 2001 many of the issues were known and being attended to. If it has a local independant garage on the service history maybe make a call or pay a visit and see if the mechanic remembers the vehicle. I wouldn't reject it just on the basis of this thread, I had one (2000) for nearly 15 years and although it had a few of the issues mentioned here all of them were DIY fixes and there are some excellent sites/threads dealing with all of the usual stuff. I remember my Td5 very fondly and I would have another very readily , in fact the current P38 with its BMW M51 engine (widely reknowned as a good unit) gives me cause for grief than the Td5 ever did. At the end of the day buying any vehicle has a degree of risk or luck wrapped up in it and I don't see the Td5's as below average at all.
  19. Letters are A= 10, B=11,C=12 etc. HTSH
  20. Yep 6mm, I am running with the relay out again (I presume) because of the slow leak on the reservoir. I am going to run a whole new pipe to that to try and cure it once and for all. I see the viair quotes a 100% duty cycle, but I don't think it would fit in the box. I am sure that the trouble stems from the rigid small end of the con rod/piston assembly of the OE compressor, that generates too much movement and heat in the plastic piston ring. Any leak leads to an increase in the duty cycle that the compressor just can't handle, particularly if you want to make use of the low setting more than once in a blue moon to let the wife in and out more easily. I love it when it works but it is trying my patience .
  21. Sounds like more specialised knowledge than I have, but one thing to try which works in some cases is to touch the disconnected + and - battery leads together, it resets quite a bit on a P38 and I think a Td5 as well. Good luck with it anyhow..
  22. Just looking again at the bolting, and thinking of trouble that the BMW conversions have with the starter it might be an idea to consider studs or welding the bolts there depending on your material?
  23. Great stuff, worth waiting for! I am pleased to see the vw engine make an appearance, I am surprised that it isn't more popular in LR's as it is so readily available, I am sure the 5 cylinder would even haul a 110 along at reasonable speed. Where did you find the detail of the engine pattern? Might be good to post the source on here to encourage vw thinking? .....looking forward to the next bit.
  24. its not leaking yet ??? (sorry, couldn't resist )
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