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  1. I had one, for a couple of years,... awesome off-road, ... never thought about a camper though, I was hauling timber at the time.
  2. One more for the mix......... LINK
  3. To answer the title, definitely something going on there. .... I had a near miss when I sold a sawmill a while back, I took it to the North of Ireland and recieved a carrier bag of used notes (Stirling) in return. Very careful to find the nearest branch of my own bank in the North before I left and went straight round to deposit same. The teller refused to take it at first on the grounds of insufficient paperwork for the sale (handwritten note). I said that we needed to speak to someone who could authorise the deposit because it was absolutely unreasonable to expect me to walk out of the bank with the bag now that everyone behind me knew about it, it took a couple of minutes to 'consult' but problem solved! The machine there handled about 5 different 'Northern' types of note ( like Scotland they have their own as well as the UK variants) and the result was spot on, I was pleased as I had randomly sampled the bundles rather than a total count.
  4. Timing!,.... I just let three with chipped/naff enamel go! .... can't believe I missed a trick like that
  5. £15K!, ... he could have had a nearly finished Ibex for that, and that would be saleable
  6. If you want to check the pressures are really at the right level there's always this.
  7. Sweet! ...... We used to pay £££'s for pad-eyes to get designed, welded up and NDT'd for lifting stuff offshore but I never saw any that neatly executed.
  8. It'll be a great achievement when you get sorted, .... just have to bear in mind how many things you didn't get distracted by if you had taken the body off route!😉
  9. I feel compelled to leap to Michele's defense and point out it is only 10 years, .... and it was an update.
  10. I picked up the tip for this battery from another forum, but it is so impressive that it should be shared........ Hankook MF31-1000 1000 CCA ! It is the best starting battery ever for a reluctant diesel P38. Delivered next day while I was in Kent from a well-known on-line battery store. It is ambidextrous in that it is flat topped with central terminals and so would suit many other Land-Rovers as well.
  11. Is there a concern that (with the rust damage mentioned), the cast might not survive being dipped? The epoxy route would be safer.
  12. Well I have needed one, but probably only twice in that period. There is no question that in modern cost conscious management decision terms it can't be justified. However, I continue to carry one, for me it is a self reliance thing particularly on a longer trip, often abroad (here's hoping!). I probably also take more trouble with tyres these days, both choosing them and replacing worn/damaged tyres, checking pressures etc. but I still think I would feel 'exposed' without one one board.
  13. Thanks, I looked at that ad but the exchange business put me off,... sourced one from near Dorking which I am going to pick up tomorrow, 127k and no exchange at £500. I have been running around locally here in Kent with no further coolant loss and have now removed the dipstick and extended the tube with hosepipe up in an arc and down into a catch bottle. Remarkably it still runs sweetly enough and shows no further/additional signs of distress. Given the sweet running I am going to try and run it gently home in stages and take the engine with me where I can deal with it properly. To that end I have acquired from a mate a Terex single drum road roller trailer which saves having it in the boot! Hopefully leave Kent tomorrow, pick it up and get started out West on the way home.
  14. .... that takes me back!... 2nd year of university we got hold of a mates MG midget and rebuilt the engine, borrowed lockup, in nose first. three of us standing around looking at the unbolted lump sitting on the mounts pondering how to lift it. We decided to 'try' the weight of it,.. and to our surprise it was relatively easy, comically we hadn't thought it through (well maybe the other two had!) and there wasn't room for three to manoeuvre out so they gave it to me! They were kind enough to run out the other side and help me put it down though.
  15. So ...... after 18 months or so finally went further than the local shops!, ..... Tipperary to S.E. Kent, ...... the Range Rover got us here but also spat out 4 litres of engine oil and drank 2 litres of coolant which I reckon is slightly above average? Crankcase pressure it spitting most of it out of the dipstick vent I knew I had a problem with No.6 , which I thougfht was probably rings but I am forced to doubt the head gasket. I an here for a couple of weeks and puttting out feelers in the first instance for a known good engine,.... any leads appreciated. 2.5 Diesel 2001 late model auto if it makes any odds.
  16. I am thinking fuel pressure even though the codes aren't suggesting it, bad fuel or blocked filter even. But while you have all the intake plumbing hauled out then a squirt of easy start? The fuel in the exhaust may just be from repeated starts. Does the fuel guage work? Is the ECU shutting down?
  17. My first thought was that HfH has competition!!!
  18. ... I hope you made it to Cornwall after all that! Great sense of humour obviously helps (and I hope the Boss has recovered hers!) ... good lesson.
  19. Looks like a great weekend, .... some great pics there btw, I have often come back from Goodwood or wherever and been disappointed with the days photography efforts, but I'd have been chuffed with that lot 👍
  20. I am of the same mind, trouble is the difficulty of no workshop to change them out for the next few weeks. I have emailed the supplier in the meantime.
  21. I used Big Red on the Classic, and outwardly at least it is an improvement, .... although I have a sinking pedal at the moment that I haven't quite sussed. I have since found TRW kits for the P38 and will order some up as and when, but I am just off to the UK and getting stuff delivered will be sooooo much easier by next weekend. I actually have a potentially bigger issue which is the low compression on No.6 which I am fairly sure is causing the high crankcase pressure. .... oil is being forced out of the dipstick vent, I am taking extra oil!
  22. Footnote to this......... just been back under the P38,.... The new Britpart seals are already cracked!!! My fault, but by the time Jeff responded I had ordered a repeat set from DLS, mainly because they really have got the Brexit/EU delivery and prompt dispatch thing properly sorted and I thought if they would do another 3 years I could live with that. Six weeks later they are toast already,... Lesson learned!
  23. Aka H.N.C. (Human Numeric Control) Looks really good under the circs 👍
  24. If it works it can't be knocked 😉, I can hear my late Father chuckling '.... crude can be effective you know...'
  25. Wear tends to be felt at the extremes of turning, where displacement from in-line is most pronounced. Due to the steering geometry the inside wheel always describes a tighter radius than the outside and will therefore 'knock' first. I guess you could jack the car up, much easier to check on a ramp if you know anyone. Generally knocking while turning doesn't have too many possibilities. Check first the condition of the bellows, if that is toast and the joint has shed its grease then there's your answer. Also it is quite a heavy job, requiring much force if the disc hasn't been off before or recently. If the disc is toast then beating seven shades out of it is fine, otherwise it can be quite difficult. Get round everything with a wire brush and plenty of PlusGas beforehand.
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